Undocumented Illegal Aliens, Many Carrying Diseases                         Peter Sutherland- The Man Who Will Be in Charge of
Are Being Flooded into the USA from Central America                         The UN's Takeover of America.... The Stage is being set
by Globalist Obama to Better Assist the UN Take Us Over
This Flood of Refugees Will Lead to UN "Peacekeepers"
On US Soil, And The Whole Thing is Being Orchestrated.
In this Alert, you will learn what is happening, why its
happening, and HOW you CAN PROTECT YOURSELF!!
IAHF List: Its summer, and I live in Point Roberts WA WA, a beach resort on an inland arm of the Pacific called the Straight of Georgia. Right now Point Roberts is chock full of people from both sides of the US Canadian border who are enjoying the sunny weather at their beachfront cottages.
They're having picnics, and barbecues, and laughing with neighbors, and as I type this, most of them are utterly oblivious to the fact that we're being very actively set up for martial law via the vast influx of undocumented illegal aliens currently being dumped in Phoenix Arizona by the Obaminations's Department of Homeland Security, and by ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement.)
Many of these illegal alien children who the Obamination has been actively encouraging to come here are vectors of disease including HIV, malaria, typhus, pneumonia, and others. Far from being quarantined, they're being literally DUMPED on Phoenix, from which they are making their way to cities nationwide, putting ALL of our health in jeopardity, courtesy of our communist usurper, the closeted gay jihadist illegal alien traitor currently occupying the high office of our Presidency along with his pre-op transexual so called "wife" who is actually a man, our first "Drag Queen." 
At the end of this article you will learn several things you can do to safeguard your health, and to protect yourself, but you must act quickly! Summer Sale Ends At End of First Week in July!
The Obamination is nothing but a tool of the Bilderberg Group, and the UN who inserted him on us, and its evident to me that martial law is getting much closer. To get a much better idea of why I am telling you this, please read this article titled "Unloading Disease Carrying Immigrants in Large US Cities a Perfect Storm for Pandemic Disease Outbreak"
The Obamination is not just doing this to create future Democratic voters, he's doing it as a means of furthering the UN Agenda 21 culling of the human herd and as a means of bringing UN Peacekeepers onto US soil to help with the "humanitarian crisis" that he is DELIBERATELY creating, he's setting the stage for gun confiscation and martial law and all of us are in danger, and must take steps to protect our health, because we can only expect the chemtrailing to worsen once the UN Troops are brought in to corral us into FEMA camps.
I love it when guerilla investigative journalists armed with camcorders totally nail such arch criminals as the obese, highly pompous sack of human excrement known as Peter Sutherland.
This evil Bilderberg/UN bastard was ambushed on the streets of Copenhagen while out for a stroll by some tremendous Canadian activists armed with camcorders. You need to know who this piece of crap is, because he will be overseeing martial law soon in America. So read this article, and be sure to watch the guerilla vid at the end, its excellent! Be sure to forward this very widely, we must know our enemy!!
I give these courageous Canadian activists credit for really nailing this bastard and his evil genocidal agenda, you can sure see his non transparency, this man is as big a sociopath as the Obamination is! I was impressed by how polite the Canadians activists were with Sutherland and the jerk accompanying him. They were truly professional pains in his ass, and I couldn't help but laugh at the way they confronted him!
How many of you grasp the reality of the times in which we're living? I know, what I'm saying seems quite surreal as you and your family plan on renting that vacation cottage or cabin, and as you make plans for a nice relaxing getaway, many of you are probably dismissing my concerns with a cavalier wave of the hand as the paranoid rantings of a "mad man."
I assure you, I'm not a "mad man" when I talk about this stuff. I've had attempts made on my life for attempting to expose and stop it. I'm on the red list of people to be executed just prior to martial law so that I won't be around during it to provide leadership against the N.W.O.
I had an FBI visit when I used to live in Florida, and a visit from Federal Marshalls right here in Point Roberts where I live now. I made friends with these robot functionaries who were decent people, just cogs in a machine that they didn't understand until I explained how they were being used.
The FBI man was sicked on me due to my efforts in the late 90s to push for congressional oversight on the UN's Codex scam to ban our access to high potency vitamins and minerals and to the most effective products sold in health food stores.
He drew a gun on me at my office door where he did not shake hands with me after flashing a badge, instead, he dropped back into a well oiled defensive crouch with both hands on his outstretched weapon, aimed directly at my chest, as he methodically scanned the rooftop for snipers, looking left to right, right to left, just like he'd been trained at the FBI Academy.
I almost bust a gut laughing in his face as I told him to put the gun away, and come on in and have some green tea and tell me why the FBI was so damned interested in me!
I will tell the fully story of what happened in this incident, by phone, in person to anyone who has the foresight to grasp what is going on right now, and sees the wisdom of buying 10 or 20 lbs of sulfur from me while you still can... and while I am still offering my summer special to throw in this free Nebulizer, along with instructions on how you can nebulize sulfur, iodine, glutathione, and magnesium sulfate directly into your lungs as one more way to protect yourself from the planned genocide via chemtrails and other means including the wild fires likely to be set this summer by arsonists in California as the N.W.O makes their move on that ill fated state which is being massively attacked by chemtrails that have turned off the rainfall to the largest vegetable growing region in the whole USA, the San Joaquin Valley.
You support me, and my efforts to get offshore where I'll be safer than I am on North American soil,ts to get offshore where I'll be safer than I am on North American soil, and I'll help you all I can with my extensive contacts and information about how to live free in an unfree world, but you must ACT NOW, my summer special with FREE SHIPPING ON 10 or 20 lbs, and THIS FREE NEBULIZER (5 year warranty) plus instructions on how to nebulize sulfur and other natural medicinals will only last til the FIRST WEEK IN JULY!!
Questions? 1-800-333-2553 H&W Pacific.... please forward widely!! Theres safety in numbers, by forwarding this, and by reposting it to your website, the life you save...... could be... your own!!