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Hello and Welcome-
A lot has happened since our last newsletter. The best thing is, that we've officially moved into our new studio. It's been a very busy month, getting moved & organized, but now that we have, I couldn't be happier with the new digs. We've gone from working in a windowless nook, to having a view like this to welcome us everyday! You can read and see more about our new studio & much more in my blog updates listed below.
But what 'cha say? Shall we proceed?
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Feline Quote for February-
"But cats to me are strange, so strange I cannot sleep if one is near."  WH Davies
Meet our New Advertisers
We've got THREE new 1st-time advertisers this month & I know you'll love checking out their sites!
 "Handbag of the Month" Gallery-
I love seeing the creative & beautiful handbags you all are making from StudioKat Designs patterns! It seems everyone is enjoying our"Handbag of the Month" contest, so jump right in & check out these pics, all received in August, & then cast a vote for your favorite. The owner of the handbag receiving the most votes at the end of the month wins a $20.00 SKD gift certificate. 
Lina Martel of Union City, CA was the lucky winner in our January 2010 Handbag Contest. Click here to see her winning entry, a traffic-stopping set of Cordicella's which has also won a permanent place of honor on our website! 
Come on! Join in on the FUN! 
To enter the"Handbag of the Month" contest, just attach your jpg or gif image to an email and send it to:
      And HERE are the fabulous entries for this month...
This silky Harmony Handbag was constructed with love by Val Keown of New Zealand. It has kind of an oriental feel.
Judy Bishop of Howell MI made this SideKick out of pre-embellished fabric for a friend. She says that her friend was so impressed by how the purse seems small, yet carries so much!
Carol Patterson of Waynesburg, PA made 5 Boho Baguettes & one PortaPockets Insert for various daughters & grandaughters for Christmas. (Here's the whole group minus one) She described the process as like working a well-done puzzle & she enjoyed every step. (Thanks Carol!) This horse-motif Boho Baguette is the one Carol liked best. It was made from a pillow panel & I agree, it's wonderful!
This beautiful Lollapalooza was created from tapestry bearing lighthouse images. Deb Titus of Vineyard Haven, MA very cleverly lined her wonderful creation with a seagull print! Wouldn't this be a fun bag to carry?
Lisa Garner of Maricopa, AZ whipped up this Wild West motif Mezza Luna for her daughter for Christmas. A self-described "horse person", Lisa used tapestry for the front, & a solid brown suede for the back, but here's the best part! The bag handle is made with key chains that look like the snaffle bits & rope that she uses for her horses! What in ingenious touch! Great job Lisa!
This terrific Trifecta is headed for Hawaii on a fun vacation! Pat Lewis of Rockford, IL is absolutely thrilled with her bag. She said she was apprehensive at the lengthy instructions, but found that they were easy to follow. The beaded pin which Pat is employing as a button for her bag front is a smart choice, as the back of the bag is beautiful as well!. Love it!  
And what about this stunning Boho Baguette from Barbara Mitchell of Jasper, TX? She explained that she had originally intended to use the floral print on the bag exterior, but that her friend suggested using the solid instead, and embellishing her exterior with a flower or two from the lining. (Here's a closeup.) I'd say that friend deserves a pat on the back because the final result is just awesome!
Darlee Byron of Vancouver, BC, Canada was encouraged to enter her totally 'GREEN' Lollapalooza from many of her friends. Made totally from recycled denims, as well as some buttons & labels from some favorite jeans, & a couple of giant snaps, Darlee also added a mock pocket flap to her bag front & back. While the tough denim was a challenge to work with, she maintains the resulting bag was definitely worth it, and I agree!
OK, ready to vote now?
Just click on the link below to cast your vote.
Only one vote per day, per email address is allowed.
    and come back next month to see who the winner is! 
Blog with us!-  A Work in Progress
You can enjoy an insider's scoop to what's happening behind the scenes at StudioKat Designs, by signing up for our blog, "A Work In Progress". If you're new to our blog, or if you missed any of the posts from January, don't worry, they are all listed below. 
Bobbin Around the Web- EmbellishmentVillage
Welcome to Embellishment Village, where if it's not embellished, it's not finished. I know lots of you guys live in areas without much access to cool fibers and trims. This little site might be just what the doctor order for you! Choose from beads, sequins, charms and much MUCH more! You may also enjoy the video demos!
CAT Video of the Month- How to wrap a cat
Thanks to alert reader, Marie Bunyan of ShowLow, AZ who sent in this wonderful video that details "How to wrap a cat"! It features what has to be the most laid-back tuxedo cat on earth, because I do not recommend trying this at home without formal length gaunlet gloves! Click here to marvel at this cat's personality!
Website Spotlite- The Perfect Pressing Board
Do you have "pressing issues"? If you answered yes, I may have just the answer for you. Check out this great video by Sharon Schamber, that describes in detail how to make a "Perfect Pressing Board". (Don't forget to turn your speakers up).
Need a smile today? Look no further.
Just click here to try this one for a laugh!
(graciously provided by Judi Graf of Tyler, Texas!)
Few Manhattanites leash-train their cats, and even fewer walk them. But Court Hassinger, and Radar, a svelte, brown, amber-eyed Abyssinian, are just a little different. Click here for the full story from the NY Times. And if you'd like to see other pictures of this unusual pair, click here.
Video of the Month-
In honor of that fact that the Winter games is this month, here's an entertaining video that combines skiing with music! It was provided by alert reader, Linda Campbell of Spartanburg, SC and after you watch it you will be amazed AND I think you will also agree, that this guy has WAY too much time on his hands! Click here to watch!
Blog of the Month- CraftyNest.Com
If you like decorating or crafting, then you will enjoy checking out this site, dedicated to 're-purposing' your throwaway items. There's lots of fun tutorials, like these, for a crafting tool organizer, a modular bookcase, or T-shirt totes
Quote of the Month- 
Here is the test to find whether your mission on Earth is finished: if you're alive, it isn't.
Richard Bach
Your Cat Might Own You IF- you kiss your cat on the lips!
Surf HERE for Neat Info- Gold Medal Resource on the Olympics
  Get all of your Olympic information here at the official site of the Olympic Movement. See details on upcoming Olympic Games (including the 2010 Winter Games in Vancouver that begin Feb 12th), read athlete statistics, follow the activities of the International Olympic Committee, or relive highlights of past Olympics with photos & videos!
New Word of the Month- Alponium (ăl-pō'nē-əm)
a. (n.) (chemical symbol: Ap) A gaseous material identified by the initial blast of odor upon opening a can of dog food.
Love Handbags?- Moop Bags
If you don’t know about Moop bags, then prepare to fall in love with gorgeous lines, quality fabrics and design that embodies practical simplicity. Wendy (the creator) started making Moop bags just over two years ago as a kind of a personal experiment, not sure where it would take her and soon found herself quiting her day job, eventually hiring staff and slowly but surely expanding and growing her business. All of Moop’s bags are handmade to order and like Wendy’s approach to business are focused on the craft, quality and attention to the details that matter. My personal faves are the Messenger, & the Clutch.
Did You Know?-
The Star-Spangled Banner became the US national anthem in 1931. Prior to that, it was My Country ‘Tis of Thee," which had the same melody as Britian's national anthem God Save the Queen, which is based on music written by John Bull in 1619. Bull's melody has been used more than any song in national anthems.
A Cool Internet Activity-Beat the Clock with Fun Fill-in Games
Got a few minutes? Try out one of the fun fill-in games on this site. Examples include Name that Sitcom, Opening Lyrics, Disney Animated Movies, and 6+Olympic Golds (to mention just a few). Fill in as many blanks as you can in the time allotted. Once you get the hang of it, you may be inspired to create your own game. Then share the fun by directing your friends to it in an e-mail, from your blog, or from your FaceBook page.
Laugh Lines-
The first-grader was talking about the recent fire in his school. "I knew it was going to happen," he said. "We've been practicing for it all year!"
Thanks to sharp web-surfer, Darla Elsken of Pittsburgh, PA for letting us know about this cool site with interesting info, seventeen pieces of interesting info (to be exact) about one of our favorite topics... CATS!  
If you're a parent of a teen, the phrase 'Give me $20' (for gas, the mall, etc.) is probably all too familiar. While your teen may be great at spending all those $20 handouts, he or she may not understand the basics of sound money management. That's where this site comes in, providing tips for educating teens on budgeting, spending, saving, and more. It includes calculators to help them reach spending goals, information about credit, an advice blog, a list of resources, a money terms glossary, and even some fun money games!
Question of the Month-
When you open a bag of cotton balls, is the top one meant to be thrown away?
Real Life Funnies- NEW!  'Get Out of the Car!'
Life can really be funny, can't it? And that's the premise behind this new feature, debuting this month. This particular article was sent in by Kathryn Maxwell, who cleverly dedused that it would be perfect for this newsletter. Good catch Kathryn! Read and enjoy by clicking here.
Monthly Trivia-
Today is February 5th, the 36th day of 2010. (There's 329 days remaining in the year.)
It was also on this day in 1962, that Ringo Starr first played drums for the Beatles in a little club in Liverpool. He was filling in for Pete Best, who was sick at the time, and the rest as they say, is history.
It's also known as Weatherperson's Day, commemorating the birth of America's 1st weatherman, John Jefferies in Boston in 1744.
And speaking of birthdays, Hammerin' Hank Aaron is celebrating his 76th today, as is Roger Staubach, Hall of Fame quarterback. They share their special day with Nascar auto racer, Darrell Waltrip, and Bobby Brown, who sings, dances, but may be best known as the 'bad boy' husband of Whitney Houston.
And if today is also YOUR birthday, here's a great, big 'Happy Birthday to You'  from StudioKat Designs, and if today isn't your birthday, you can celebrate the day anyway, by checking out the history behind what was without question, the most influential rock group in our lifetime, the Beatles.
Well, that's it for now, so until next month, remember!
Sewing Forever, Housework Whenever!
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