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With the first half of the year filled with restructuring, reinvesting, balancing portfolios, we are so grateful to have closed 2023 strong, with several new clients and so many exciting and meaningful roles.  Our client base has always been referral based, we are very grateful for the continued support and opportunity to engage as a trusted advisor with our clients.

We realize there’s a sizable number of people in search of their next opportunity, we have some tips on improving your odds of success. And, we’re carving out a couple hours a week to offer coaching services. It may surprise you to learn that just 1 in 5 prospective hires, on a good day, are capable of telling their story, marketing and positioning themselves in a compelling way.  You simply don’t move forward in a competitive job market if you lack those skills.  

We expect 2024 to continue to be a highly competitive year with more candidates in the market and at the same time, companies doubling down on Performance Culture even as the economy strengthens.

The new year continues to bring ‘too early for prime time’ AI to recruiting, it’s comical but also very brand damaging to the industry and to the brands who opt for this approach.  There’s also been some interesting ‘features’ in professional recruiting tools that we think you should know about if you entertain new opportunities, see our blog on Recruiting Trends.

As we start the year, we’re delighted to be working in Lifescience, Climate Change, FinTech, Food Technology, Consumer Products, Autonomy, AI and Machine Learning.  We’re continuing to build teams as well as land executive talent for our clients across development, sales, marketing and administrative functions.  It’s been very rewarding to engage in organizational design and creation of employment branding, benefits and HR fundamentals as well.

Here’s to a great 2024, we are bullish on what the year holds in store!
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