Media Release
Tuesday December 3rd 2019
A new poll has prompted LGBTI equality advocates to call for a review of existing discrimination exemptions allowing religious organisations to discriminate against employees.
A YouGov Galaxy survey published today by News Limited and commissioned by the Centre of Independent Studies has revealed that 64% of respondents do not support religious organisations being allowed to refuse employment on grounds of religion.
Spokesperson for national LGBTI advocacy group just.equal, Rodney Croome, said this figure, which is higher than the marriage equality Yes vote, shows Australians want an end to special legal privileges for religious organisations, including those proposed in the Federal Government's Religious Discrimination Bill.
"Faith-based schools, hospitals, welfare agencies and aged care facilities in receipt of government funding should adhere to the same basic discrimination standards as other organisations, including when it comes to hiring and firing."
"In my home state of Tasmania faith-based organisations are prohibited from discriminating on the basis of sexuality, marital status and other grounds and the same standard should apply nationally."
"All Australians deserve the same opportunities in life regardless of the religious beliefs of others."
Mr Croome welcomed the Federal Government's decision not to table its Religious Discrimination Bill until next year.
"The longer the debate goes on, the more Australians realise that the Government's Bill will encourage discrimination rather than reduce it." 
Mr Croome said the CIS survey results echoes a just.equal survey commissioned from YouGov Galaxy in 2018, which found that 78% of Australians believe that religious schools should not be entitled to taxpayer funding if they discriminate against LGBTI teachers and students. 
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