IAHF List: Yesterday I posted this complete deconstructon of the ZIKA SCAM to the IAHF list. In it I mentioned a drawing whereby I will give away FREE SULFUR and other detox products to those who HELP ME disseminate the TRUTH about the ZIKA SCAM so we can help people detoxify from toxic NALED pesticide spraying!! (Questions? After reading this whole alert please Call me at 1-800-333-2553 H&W Pacific)
Yesterday Judd Allison, who lives and works in the Wynwood section of Miami thats being sprayed, organized a demonstration against NALED, the mindlessly TOXIC insecticide being sprayed over the 10 square mile section of Miami that includes Wynwood where the CDC claims a "ZIKA OUTBREAK" has occurred!
Miami's "7 News" covered Judd's Anti Zika Scam demonstration, but predictably SPUN the story AGAINST the demonstrators who are quite correctly PROTESTING the spraying of toxic NALED pesticide which causes babies to be born with shrunken brains, they VERY THING being wrongly blamed on the HARMLESS Zika Virus!
Please see the video footage of Judd's demonstration and the horribly biased 7 News Story HERE!
Below it you will find several comments I've made in an attempt to educate people so they'll realize that when a ZIKA VACCINE comes out, they'll be FOOLS to take that shot!
Please JOIN ME in posting comments following the News 7 spun story which attacks the Anti NALED Demonstrators!
We need to encourage the people of Miami (and everywhere) to open their eyes to see my information here where I've totally deconstructed the ZIKA SCAM!
(With the New England Journal of Medicine lying through their teeth the way they are to gin up this phony so called "Zika pandemic", you can bet that unless we work together to rip the lid off this scam, a lot MORE parts of the country will START BEING SPRAYED WITH NALED and other organophosphate pesticides, and it will only be a matter of time before the THOUGHT POLICE try to FORCE a MANDATORY "Zika Vaccine Shot" on the masses that will be intended to KILL people!
We need to educate everyone in Miami, especially Wynwood, to things they can do to detoxify themselves so that pregnent women there won't get Microcephaly which is being caused by the spraying of NALED!! So please go here the the News 7 Article and join me in posting comments!
Please see this FACT SHEET on NALED from the NO SPRAY COALITION in NYC. The No Spray Coalition has sued the City of New York over the spraying of Malathion (another very toxic organophosphate pesticide sprayed "to kill mosquitoes".
We also need to work together to awaken everyone within our sphere of influence to the reality of Geoengineering and Transhumanism! We can use this situation in Miami to do this if a bunch of you will just help me post comments as you'll see I've started doing here!!
Keep in mind the magnitude of the genocidal SCAM being perpetrated against the people of the world here! The Zika virus poses no threat to ANYONE! There is zero evidence that it has EVER caused Microcephaly, while there is an ABUNDANCE of evidence that NALED and other organophosphate pesticides which have been massively sprayed all over NE Brazil where the supposed "outbreak" first occurred!
Please see my complete deconstruction of the scam that I sent out yesterday HERE!
After absorbing that info, please join me in posting comments HERE following Miami News 7s highly predicable spin AGAINST Judd Allison's Anti Zika Demonstration!
I can't do this work effectively without help from more of you! I have 10 fingers in 10 holes in a hemmorhaging dike! If you post comments following the News 7 spin piece, please email me at jham@iahf.com so I can see, and make sure your comments urge people to read this, and to sign up for the IAHF list here! Back me up! I'm being attacked on line! Show me that you've reposted this alert to your website! Invite me onto your radio show as a guest so we can discuss this on air!
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There is SAFETY IN NUMBERS!! As I said in the alert I sent out yesterday,  and in THIS alert we need to encourage more people to WAKE UP to the fact that our DNA is being hijacked and our internal organs are under attack via the Morgellons microorganisms that we've all been inhaling and we need to DETOX!!
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We can't allow ourselves to get all divided up along superfluous "left" and "right", that just plays into the hands of the Oligarchy who have rigged all elections as discussed in depthy in this
6 part series by Bev Harris about the rigged electronic voting machines! We need to conduct exit polls to catch the fraud being perpetrated via the rigged voting machines!
We are at war right now against the military industrial complex which is spraying us with Toxic pesticides like NALED, as well as others as they gin up this phony ZIKA "pandemic" in order to manufacture consent for a so called "vaccine" to be forced on us for population control purposes for "ZIKA"
Bill Gates, the Rockefellers and other eugenicists are trying to kill us here via this phony ZIKA "pandemic" via the spraying of toxic pesticides over Miami and other places, via the dispersal of Genetically engineered mosquitoes, and via massive spraying of toxic aerosolized heavy metals, toxic chemicals including ethylene dibromide, mycoplasma, and weaponized parasites like calembola and others intended to hijack our natural biology and turn it synthetic, so lets WAKE UP more people to help them SEE the SCAM!!