Media Release
Wednesday April 19th 2023
Equality advocates are mourning the death of Fr Bob Maguire who was a staunch defender of LGBTIQA+ equality.
Fr Bob's death at age 88 was announced today.
Just.Equal Australia spokesperson and former national director of Australian Marriage Equality, Rodney Croome, said,
"Fr Bob Maguire was a brave and tireless advocate for LGBTIQA+ equality and he will be greatly missed."
"He stood up for the recognition of same-sex relationships and against anti-gay and anti-trans prejudice when few other public leaders were willing to do the same."
"He was a strong supporter of giving LGBTIQA+ people a voice to explain why equality and inclusion are so important."
"At a personal level I found my conversations with Fr Bob a source of great inspiration that kept me going during tough times."
"Fr Bob was always true to his Christian values of love and inclusion regardless of the fears and prejudices of others."
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