Dental Embezzlement News
Issue #28 -- October 2014
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Oct 11
Southern Association of Orthodontists, Nassau Bahamas
Nov 15
Dalhousie University, Halifax NS
Nov 18
Patterson Dental, Miami FL
Nov 19
Patterson Dental, Fort Lauderdale, FL
Nov 20
Patterson Dental, Stuart, FL
Dec 3
American Association of Orthodontists webinar (AAO members only)
Dec 4
Paragon Management, Washington DC
Dec 6
ITI Study Club, Kennesaw GA
Dec 9
American Association of Orthodontists webinar (AAO members only)

Jan 25
Carestream Oral Surgery Summit, Atlanta, GA
Jan 29
topsFest, Atlanta GA
Feb 12
American Academy of Dental Group Practice, Las Vegas NV
Feb 20
Ortho2 User Group Meeting, Scottsdale AZ
Mar 5
Pacific Dental Conference, Vancouver, BC
Apr 9
New Orleans Dental Conference, New Orleans, LA
Apr 14
Fox River Dental Society, Geneva, IL
May 8
American Association of Endodontists, Seattle WA
Sept 11
Northeastern Society of Orthodontists, Providence RI
Nov 5
ADA Annual Meeting, Washington DC
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Double Certified?
Our CEO David Harris, who already holds the Certified Fraud Examiner designation, just received notification from the American Association of Certified Public Accountants that he has been awarded the AICPA’s Certified In Financial Forensics (CFF) designation. Now we just have to figure out how to fit all of his post-nominals on his business cards.

Prosperident's Mission
 “We eliminate uncertainty for dentists with embezzlement concerns and maximize financial and emotional recovery for victims.”

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We've recently made extensive updates to our popular How to Beat Embezzlement in Your Practice guide.
This guide is based on the knowledge we have acquired in investigating hundreds of dental embezzlement matters each year and is chock-full of simple, practical steps that you can take to thwart embezzlers in your practice.
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How Thriving Dentists Can Avoid Becoming a Victim of Embezzlement -- Gary Takacs interviews David Harris
Gary Takacs is definitely one of the brightest lights in dentistry today.  He is a coach, in-demand speaker, and the CEO of the Takacs Learning Center.
Gary's "Thriving Dentist Show" series of interviews is one of the best sources anywhere for dental knowledge, and he is certainly one of the best interviewers around.  Go here to listen to Gary interview David. 
Our most popular article ever -- What I Learned About Embezzlement by Playing Chess With My Son
While this isn’t the way that most articles about dental office embezzlement start, playing chess with my son taught me something important about embezzlement.
For his age, he is a decent player. He has a well-developed sense of strategy, which allows him to routinely defeat his peers. However, he has never beaten me (although I confess that he came close once last summer). My perfect record isn’t because I am smarter than he is (objectively, the reverse is probably true) or because his strategies are deficient. I attribute my success to having the perspective and wisdom of an adult, which allows me to study his moves and discern (and counter) his strategy.
A Note From Our CEO:
The Myth Of Prevention
I continue to see articles published with titles like "Four Things You Can Do To Stop Embezzlement In Your Practice" -- in fact I saw a new one online a couple of weeks ago. 

Many of these articles are written by someone working in the dental field but without the daily contact with embezzlement that we have.  So they write from "intuition" and recapitulate what others have written.  While these authors have the very best of intentions, they consistently make a couple of errors.
First, they assume that what controls other types of crime will also work for embezzlement.  So people fall into what we refer to as the "hard target fallacy" where they assume that if we make it hard for a prospective thief to steal, they won't try.  This works really well, for example in deterring house burglars, because an alarm (or even the sticker that says that you have an alarm) is normally all that is needed is to convince a burglar to rob someone else instead of you. However, embezzlement is different; unlike most economic crime where the thief is able to choose his or her victim, for embezzlers the victim is pre-ordained -- it's the doctor.   So the notion that we can redirect an embezzler to an alternate victim is misguided.
Second, many pundits underestimate the motivation and creativity of embezzlers.  People embezzle to address a perceived need; sometimes it is financial, and other times it is an emotional need that causes them to steal. 
In either case, it is a powerful motivation, and we shouldn't expect a few minor obstacles to steer an embezzler toward honesty.  And as for creativity -- we have been at this for over 25 years and have seen hundreds of embezzlement methodologies employed, and we still encounter new ones on a regular basis.  So picture your dental practice has having hundreds of embezzlement "doors".  Thinking that locking four (or ten or fifty) of them will solve your embezzlement problem unfortunately is wishful thinking.
I'm not suggesting that there is nothing that you can do; on the contrary, there are plenty of steps that you can take that will make embezzlement easier to spot, minimize its damage and facilitate the investigative process.  Our How to Beat Embezzlement in Your Practice guide offered through our web store gives you some simple and practical tools to gain the upper hand on those who might steal from you.
If you do have embezzlement concerns in your office, please feel free to reach out to us and we will be happy to help.

David Harris, MBA CMA CFE CFF
Chief Executive Officer
Prosperident -- The world's largest dental investigation embezzlement firm