4th of July Contest: You Can Win This GAMMO "Big Cat" 1250 Velocity Air Rifle With 1250 .177 caliber Hunting Pellets
You Can ALSO Win 10 lbs of Sulfur, and 5 FREE Bottles of Silver 100, world's best ionic silver, you can ALSO win a FREE NEBULIZER & Complete Instructions on How to Nebulize Different Medicinals, including Sulfur, Mg Chloride, Iodine, Etc.
IAHF List: As the Obamination and his satanic band of psycho killers attempts to microchip us all biologically via the nanofibers being sprayed on us via geoengineering, sometimes it gives me a damn good feeling to just put the world on hold, grab my GAMMO Big Cat Air Rifle, Break the Barrel open, load a .177 hunting pellet into the chamber, open the front door of my house, stick the barrel outside aimed towards the plastic bottle on top of the foam archery target on my porch railing, and squeeze off a round!!!
"THWACK!!!" Sometimes I replace the plastic bottle with a glass bottle or a metal can, but always the result is the same, a SOUL SATISFYING feeling of REPRIEVE from concerns about UN Agenda 21, Codex, and the fact that the communist, jihadist, closeted gay TRAITOR currently illegally occupying the White House seeks to take all of our guns away, while simultaneously equipping the Department of Homeland Security with 1.6 Billion Rounds of Hollowpoint Ammo that enters leaving a normal sized bullet holes, but comes out making a hole the size of a dinner plate after ripping out your lungs and all your internal organs....
I certainly have some "real" guns here, but its not legal to set up a rifle range for them in my hard the way I can with my Gammo "Big Cat" air rifle, so until the shit hits the fan, I'm doing a lot of my target practice with the Big Cat, with occassional trips to a nearby gravel pit where I can take target practice with my real guns.
I'm almost done doing herbalist Richard Schulze's 30 Day Detox, thoroughly cleaning my organs of elimination, my bowels, liver/gallbladder, kidneys/bladder, and then my blood. I'm finishing up the kidney part of it now, and will finish in the coming week! Already, I feel a tremendous surge of energy from doing this amazing cleanse!
I recommend this excellent herbal/dietary program for anyone seeking to monkeywrench the Bioappi, and who seeks to make themselves as healthy as possible!
My sulfur works much better as a result of this program!
As I've told you, I need to get offshore to a safer location because if I'm still here when TSHTF, I might not be around long due to being on the red list of people to be executed just prior to martial law, so I won't be around to provide leadership against the N.W.O.
So I've designed a contest that will serve as a win/win in which one very lucky person amongst you has a shot at winning the following things:
1. 10 lbs of FREE Sulfur with FREE Shipping! (A $320 value at $32/ lb, and you can re-sell it at $40/ lb and make some money!
2. Half a dozen FREE bottles of the world's best Ionic Silver, Silver 100  This awesome product far outperforms every colloidal silver product on the market due to its smaller particle size, and its patented delivery system (its complexed with citrate ions for enhanced bioavailability). Moreover, I will show you how you can NEBULIZE it to mist it into your lungs! I have seen unsolicited testimonials Jay Newman, the owner of the company has received from people from all walks of life, including nurses working in hospitals where this product was the only thing that worked against antibiotic resistant staph infections that antibiotics couldn't even begin to cure! I have used it to heal a lung infection caused by chemtrails.
3. A FREE Nebulizer, just like the same one I use here to mist all different medicinals including sulfur, Silver 100, Magnesium Chloride, Glutathione, and others deep into my lungs the better to monkeywrench the Bioappi!  (This Nebulizer has a 5 year warranty.)
4. A GAMMO Big Cat 1250 Air Rifle, Just like the one I use to protect my chickens from predators and use for target practice in my yard!
(The combined value of these products is: $320. (10 lbs of Sulfur) + $199.99 (Gammo Air Rifle with Scope), + 6 Bottles of Silver 100 @$39.95 ea, nearly $240., Nebulizer $40. Combined total of FREE GIFTS: $799.99.
A) Be a US Citizen living either in the USA or abroad.
1. Buy 10 lbs of sulfur at the discounted price of $32/ lb with FREE shipping! (By entering the contest you have a shot at getting an ADDITIONAL 10 lbs of Sulfur FREE, along with the other gifts discussed above!!!
2. Write a 2000 (or more) word essay telling me the following things:
A) What freedom means to you, and what you personally are doing to defend freedom in America today.
B) What you have been doing to awaken sleeping people regarding the danger of chemtrails, UN Agenda 21, and other measures we're fighting as we seek to remain free!
C) Any thoughts you may have as to the best ways to protect against being biologically microchipped via the nanofibers being sprayed on us via chemtrails!
(If you can't afford to buy the 10 lbs, but still want to enter, instead of buying the 10 lbs, alternatively, you can do the following: email me a glowing testimonial about how much my sulfur has helped or has been helping you and include a before and after photo showing the improvement of your cellular health as gauged through the skin of your face after taking sulfur twice a day for 6 months. Sign a release agreeing to let me use the testimonial on my website to help sell sulfur. The photos must be taken without makeup, using a flash digital camera. You must also write the 2000 word essay discussed above!
The contest ends by July 12th, 8 days from now! If you have any questions about the contest, or about Sulfur for Health, you can call me at 1-800-333-2553 H&W Toll Free North America, or you can email me at jham@iahf.com