The following new stormtrooper helmets by artists including Anish Kapoor and Dan Baldwin are part of 'Art Wars Rogue One Edition' and will go on sale at this evening's Private View event at at Regent's Park's Le Dame Gallery hosted by Art Below and curated by Ben Moore. 
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Le Dame Gallery, Meliá White House Albany St, Regent's Park, NW1 3UP

Private View: 8th December, 6-9pm
Opening times: Saturday 10 & Sunday 11 December, 11am - 5pm

The exhibition will raise funds to benefit two charities, Missing People and the Missing Tom Fund. The Missing Tom Fund was set up by the family of Thomas Moore who disappeared in 2003 aged 31 years old. His friends and family have not heard from him since then. Now 12 years on, with the support of the Missing People Charity his family continue to search for Tom.  The Art Wars Rogue 1 exhibition takes place in the week of Tom Moore’s 43rd birthday.

‘untitled', 2016
Mixed Media on Stormtrooper helmet
310 x 310 x 325 mm


‘Storm’, 2016
Acrylic with varnish and gold leaf interior
Stormtrooper helmet
310 x 310 x 325 mm


Dan Baldwin says the following about his work 'Storm'
its titled STORM ..more about the feeling of  nature, the power of nature, a return to the origins of the dark vs light, force, the sun, moon, the good vs bad, the symbolism of what a storm trooper stands for, the human aspect beneath the helmet and symbol of war, conflict. .
the interior is gold leaf, as its a  iconic statement to wear one, or to takeon the role of stormtrooper.


‘Law of the Jungle’, 2016
Mixed Media on fibreglass Stormtrooper helmet
310 x 310 x 325 mm

Agnetha Sjogren says the following about her work 'Law of the Jungle'  
This helmet is based on the Vintage Comic books 'Tarzan, Apornas son; No.2 & No.23' printed in 1976 and 'Tarzan; No.8' printed in 1979.
The Vibrant colours and paper were the reason I chose to use the Swedish version of the comic. Each strip is relevant and has a reason for being used, for example; on the nose Tarzan is reading a letter from some villians about his missing wife and child. 
'The Law of the Jungle' is an expression that means 'every man for himself' 'survival of the fittest' - I believe that the definition of this is very relevant in the state of the world we live in today.

‘Force of Nature’, 2016
Ink and tea with Acrylic
Stormtrooper helmet
310 x 310 x 325 mm


Carne Griffiths says the following about her work 'Force of Nature'  
I wanted to create an organic free flowing design which played with positive negative space, dark and light and achieved some kind of balance, the thing with the Star Wars series is that it connects to a universal question about understanding rights and wrongs, good and bad and the notion that there are other forces out there at work - for me, nature is this force, all powerful and unchangeable.

'Shooting Star', 2016
Acrylic, Enamel, Pencil and cement on fibreglass stormtrooper helmet shell
310 x 310 x 460 mm


In our world of chaos and disorder Donovan’s Shooting star helmet is intended to evoke heavenly bodies, purity and good luck.  Ultimately the idea behind it being we all can dream big. 
'GOATY', 2016
Household gloss on stormtrooper helmet
310 x 310 x 460 mm
‘The Empire Strikes Back’
Queen Themed Edition, 2016
Spray paint on canvas
60” x 48”
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Art Wars Background
The inaugural Art Wars exhibition was held at the renowned Saatchi Gallery in London in October 2013. It included Stormtrooper helmet artworks by internationally acclaimed artists including Damien Hirst, Jake and Dinos Chapman, D*Face, David Bailey, Alison Jackson, Antony Micallef, Mat Collishaw, Yinka Shonibare MBE, Joana Vasconcelos and Mr Brainwash. Since then Art Wars has featured at The Other Art Fair, The Moniker Art Fair, travelled to Sweden, Dubai, Las Vegas and the LA Art Show.





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