East Coast Pilot News 17th June 2017
  Dear Subscriber
  A short newsletter this time as we reach mid-summer, with weather to match on the East Coast for a change!
  This seems a quiet year so far, both for book updates and local navigation news items, so we don't have a great deal to pass on this time. Remember that these very occasional emails are intended as a reminder to keep an eye on our website, where News and changes to the book text are added as soon as we can verify the information.
News Items
   If you like to take short cuts through windfarms (I suspect not many people do), note there is a large 'object' now marked with a wreck buoy within the boundaries of the Kentish Flats windfarm. I would have thought it would have been removed by now, but it seems not.
   Further north, advice has been added to the Ore entrance chartlet in the light of experience, suggesting a straight line from the Haven buoy to the Weir buoy will give better water than going too near the Oxley.
Book Updates
   Latest updates on the website give revised contact details at two clubs - Lowestoft Cruising Club and Strood YC - and for the Waterside Marina at Brightlingsea, which is now managed by the Harbour Trust; you now need to contact the Brightlingsea HM if you want to use the marina. Some of the facilities details have been updated for St.Katharine Dock in London, following the major refit there.
  The website short-cut to recent updates, remember, is via the Summary by Date page, from where you can quickly reach each individual update or download the details of the latest batch.
Out and About
  Garth and I should both be cruising off in different directions during the coming weeks, with current plans taking both of us away from the East Coast this time, although as ever that is dependant upon the weather! As I write, the temperature has just hit 30 degrees outside, so I really must get on board and cast off.
   Whatever your plans, we hope they include some enjoyable time on and by the water. Keep a weather eye on our website, and do let us know if you come across any changed details that we should know about.
 Kind regards,
 Dick Holness
 Co-author and webmaster
 East Coast Pilot. 
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Header photo taken by Dick Holness - approaching the Thames Barrier,
inbound for London.
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