IAHF List: The map at the top of the page shows red zones where the ruling elite intends to remove all people from the land via the "Wild Lands" project via UN Agenda 21 which is all about population control and societal control. The fires in Northern California which have been caused by Direct Energy Weapons (lasers) is part of that genocide initiative inherent in UN Agenda 21 and the Wild Lands Project which the USMCA threatens to push us deeper into!
At the end of this newsletter is a form letter via which you can easily oppose the USMCTA, (US Mexico Canada Trade Agreement) after carefully reviewing this analysis please use it to contact your Senators and Congressmen and please help alert friends and family so we can all defend our freedom!
While we're all distracted- focused on our southern border, a major sovereignty destroying scam is being quietly foisted off on us with a slew of mainstream media spin intended to blind us to the sovereignty destroying reality of the USMCA
(US Canada Mexico Trade Agreement) which is much worse than NAFTA and which threatens to destroy America and force us into a North American Union Collectivist Dictatorship modelled after the EU Which is a collectivist dictatorship.
If you value your access to dietary supplements, if you value all of the freedoms enshrined in the US Constitution, if you want to continue living in America (and don't want to live in a North American Union), you must oppose the sovereignty destroying USMCA (US Mexico Canada Trade Agreement). (see complete text of this monstrous 1809 page scam at this link! Its 100 pages longer than NAFTA and even MORE devious from a sovereignty destroying perspective!)
See this accurate detailed assessment. Chapter 30 creates a new international bureaucracy between the US, Canada and Mexico called the "Free Trade Commission" which oversees a slew of subcommittees that threaten to rule over every aspect of our lives, subordinating us to a slew of Unconstitutional International Agreements and to the United Nations! 
Congress won't have any ability to influence the decisions made by this international bureaucracy which threatens to be a carbon copy of the unelected "European Commission" which makes all the laws in Europe that the farcical so called "European Parliament" merely rubberstamps!

USMCA May Be Voted on in Lame Duck!

The United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement (USMCA) could possibly be passed in the lame duck session late this December before the next Congress begins in 2019! There is no time to waste as both Republicans and Democrats are supporting it.
Democrats are in favor of its new progressive chapters on the environment, labor, and LGBTQ workplace discrimination ideals, while many Republicans also favor congressional approval of the USMCA agreement based on their approval of “free trade” agreements in general. Although most political pundits have been telling us that there won’t be a USMCA vote until after the new Congress meets in January, eleven Republican senators wrote a letter to President Trump on November 20th urging a vote on the USMCA in the lame-duck session before the Democrats take control of the House. 
As if the USMCA wasn’t bad enough the way it is currently (stripping Americans of sovereignty), Democrats wish to add more regulations to it and strengthen the enforcement methods. This alarming demand could happen as Congress is able to make some changes in the implementing legislation for the USMCA that the Trump administration will be proposing. However, Congress will not be able to make any changes in the USMCA agreement itself. In accordance with the Trade Promotion Authority law, all they will get is an up or down vote. The New American writer Christian Gomez states: 
Although the governments of Mexico and Canada regard the USMCA as a treaty under international law — just as they both did with the original 1994 NAFTA — the United States considers both trade deals as “executive agreements,” thus forgoing the constitutional requirement of a two-thirds vote in the Senate (67 Senators) for ratification. As an executive agreement under “fast track,” or Trade Promotion Authority (TPA), no amendments will be allowed to the text of the agreement, debate will be limited, and only a simple majority will be needed to pass it. 
What’s the main reason we must act fast in educating the American people on the USMCA? No one in Congress has revealed the globalist plot of the USMCA and how the “Free Trade Commission” is parallel to the European Commission of the European Union. Furthermore this is only the beginning of “trade deals” ahead. Remember that the USMCA text is similar to that of the Trans-Pacific Partnership? It is just a blueprint for more sovereignty-destroying deals. 
Trade can be done without these many-paged deals. But the USMCA isn’t about trade. It is all about the establishment of regional and world government. This dangerous deal would in effect ratify the Law of the Sea Treaty -without any Senate vote on it. U.S. law would also be subordinated to the United Nations and the USMCA would create a supranational, trilateral Free Trade Commission. If you appreciate American liberty and independence, it’s time to take action today! 
Call on Congress and President Trump to stop the USMCA and get us out of NAFTA: 
Follow up by emailing them and urge them to preserve our national sovereignty and prevent the formation of the North American Union by voting NO on the USMCA trade agreement. 
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