IAHF List: Today in the sauna at Winskill Aquatics Center, in Tsawwassen BC, Canada, I got into a culture war with a mindless, brain dead Obamatron who attempted, unsuccessfully, to stifle me, but I couldn't contain myself, and had no desire to accomodate her evil Obamatronic robotic politically correct minset, so I had great fun harshing her mellow til she stormed out in anger after a psychological war of words was exchanged in which I did my best to penetrate her pathetic Marxist N.W.O brainwashing.
She had the nerve to complain about me to the equally Obamatronic lifeguard supervisor who had the nerve to attempt to stifle me, so I told her to wind in her neck, that it didn't matter what side of the border I'm on, I have the GOD given UNALIENABLE RIGHT to Freedom of Speech. I informed this lifeguard that I have NO USE for Canadian brainwashing, or for any individuals anywhere who worship the false idol of the Obamination, who is a gay, communist, a cross between Adolph Hitler and Stalin who the world would be much better off without!
I told the lifeguard that she had no right to attempt to censor me, any more than this irate patron did, and she too walked away muttering to herself, which is fine!
All around the world, people who worship the false idol of the Obamination, and by default, his evil shadow government stringpullers, have no clue about how they are unwittingly ASSISTING in the shadow government's efforts to ENSLAVE US all.
Whenever I'm out there fighting  the culture war, invariably, some ultra "PC" person will call me a "right wing whacko racist" (Their  mindless, kneejerk response to solid facts, and solid info that their feeble brainwashed minds can't process, you can almost see the smoke coming out of their ears as their eyes glaze over in non comprehending moronicness, the ultimate thickness of drooling idiocy.
For some reason that I'm not entirely sure of, the level of idiocy and blind loyalty to the Obamination is much higher in heavily Marxist Canada, a country where people are taxed as badly as they are in Sweden, a nation of sheep like slaves who are rapidly loosing touch with any concept of freedom, and it really makes me sad to see this so I do what I can to try to offset it any time I'm "Over the line", which is often due to living in Point Roberts WA, a suburb of Vancouver BC.
Friends- I will never forget the day in which I met my friend Sue Ford, aka "Brice Taylor". I was in North Carolina at a "Preparedness Expo" at which you could purchase everything necessary to equip your militia unit. There were black ops spooks all over the place monitoring everyone and everything. There were constitutional speakers including Lindsay Williams, Brice Taylor, and many others. You could buy weapons, ammunition, first aid kits, night vision goggles, tents, sleeping bags.... ham radios.... everything necessary to do battle against our would be overseers....
In the midst of this maelstrom of activity was the bravest human being I have ever met, my friend Sue Ford, who wrote this book under the pen name Brice Taylor: Thanks for the Memories- The Truth Has Set Me Free, about the CIA's MKULTRA Mind Control Program, how she was forced into it from early childhood, and how she later escaped with major help from our Lord Jesus Christ.
Laugh if you want.... go ahead you secular humanist Obamatrons, but this is all of our future unless we transcend superfluous political labels of "RIGHT" and "LEFT", unless we move past these meaningless labels of "Republican and Democrat" and join together in a spirit of love and comraderie to throw off this yoke of oppression.
As the dollar continues to be destroyed as 2014 draws near, so does martial law. I urge everyone on the IAHF list to purchase survival foods such as SPIZ, and tell Randy Ice John Hammell sent you.... Along with the world's best sulfur which you will need to stop the Bioapi from chipping you from the inside out, I encourage all of you to stockpile foods such as SPIZ>> so that you can survive when the fit hits the shan.....
I don't recomment this product lightly folks, Randy is a genius, he formulated this specifically for CHET "THE JET" BLANTONT "THE JET" BLANTON, the man who holds the world's record for the most back to back to back triathlons..... and his only food while running these races was SPIZ....
Do I have a ton of Spiz stockpiled, buried in caches along with caches containing cash, ammo, gold, weapons??? What do YOU think?
Do I have multiple contingency plans for where I'll go and what I'll do when TSHTF?

What do YOU think??????
Do you have enough organic sulfur to last you and your family for 5 years?
Don't you think you should ponder what you are going to do to avoid being chipped from the inside out?
Along with doing everything humanly possible to detox the heavy metals, nano fibers, mycoplasma, dessicated red blood cells, ethylene dibromide, and other evil crap being sprayed on us by chemtrails, I strongly recommend that any of you who can afford it consider purchasing a Tesla device that I am now selling which you can learn about here.
This device fixed a pinched nerve in my right shoulder that nothing else would fix in just one session of an hour. It has tungston electrodes inside it, and what resembles a lightening bolt jumps between them producing a very high voltage.

You wrap a very thick cable that this juice flows through around your injured body part and flip the switch. Your whole body then twitches like Frankenstein, and it feels really good, kinda like having a powerful orgasm!
I hope anyone who can afford one on the IAHF LIST will, and then invite friends, family, neighbors to start using it in order to raise the voltage of all of your cells.
If enough of us do this, use sulfur, take other measures to detox, and stock up on weapons, ammo, survival food, and put together contingency plans for when the satanic Obamination and his shadow gummint string pullers pull the chain and flush whats left fo the dollar in their zeal to kill as many of us as possible, America may yet survive!
Will the collapse happen in 2014?? Dunno, but it sure as hell could, and if it does, I'm outa here, and if I'm outa here, where you gonna get your sulfur, eh?
Do yourselves a favor. Stock up now. Get it while the gettin' is good, and do all you can to warn your family, friends, neighbor, coworkers about the Bioapi so they can join us in monkeywrenching it....
See this about nano aerosols and the havoc they're playing on our health....his about nano aerosols and the havoc they're playing on our health....
Have any ideas you'd like to share about monkeywrenching the sonova bitch? I'm all ears! YOU have reached the underground. PLEASE urge friends to join the IAHF LIST because there is safety in numbers! We're all in this together.... the elite have announced their intention to kill off most of us...
see this from NASA, then pick up the phone and call everyone you know to warn them... this is not some joke people, this is real life.>>>>warn them... this is not some joke people, this is real life.>>>>
Please let me know any ideas to share with the others on this list about how to monkeywrench the Bioapi.... all of us have fibers growing inside our bodies right now form this covert effort to chip us from the inside out, take the red wine spit test if you don't believe it....
Are you a Christian? We are forbidden to allow ourselves to be chipped.
We can prevent it. We must learn how to barter, see this about alternative currency systems...
Wanna move to a safe haven? See this previous alert....
For a Christmas gift, please forward this information to everyone you know.... you could not give them anything more valuable than this information, just remember to delete the unsub link from the bottom first before snowballing this. Please let me know if you repost it to your website... we can win! Hell, the victory has ALREADY been won as you will find if you read my previous alert...
Merry Christmas!!
Happy New Year!!
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Isn't it high time we defeated the world's biggest investment industry and drove those buggers off the planet? Well now we can using Tesla technology and sulfur which works synergistically with it! Using this combo, I've not only been monkeywrenching the Bioapi, enching the Bioapi, but I've even been healing damaged nerves from when a tree fell on me in a tornado in 1972 40 years ago so that I can have children!!
This is what makes me the biggest threat in the world to UN AGENDA 21, and its why I'm on the red list of people to be executed just before martial law..... you can help me to get outa dodge and survive by buying my sulfur TODAY!!!