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As seen in the graph shown below, In the late 1950s Big Pharma intentionally demineralized our soil robbing us of all trace minerals especially the two most important: sulfur and magnesium. This show direct link between the demineralization of our soil and the huge rise in degenerative disease caused by it. This enabled Big Pharma to exponentially increase their profits in the late 50s, early 60s, but this trend continues to the present day for anyone who hasn't learned to detoxify themselves.
Can you remember your dreams? Are you dreaming in color? If not, you are sulfur deficient, your cognition is impaired, your energy level isn't what it could be, you are under preventable stress and you are not flushing the toxins out of your body in the way we all need to thwart the biological attack we've all come under via chemtrails and other means. It is very easy to correct this problem, and very easy to detoxify yourself via ingesting sulfur water twice a day, and by systematically detoxing your organs of elimination.
All of us have come under an unprecedented level of biological attack. We're all breathing in weaponized parasites via chemtrails ("geoengineering") that are causing cognitive decline, a huge rise in early onset Alzheimers, cancer, and other degenerative diseases. We can counteract all of this by detoxifying our cells: sulfur makes cell membranes more porous, more permeable allowing an optimal amount of oxygen to flood in, pushing toxins out, and it binds with and removes all the toxic heavy metals such as aluminum and barium that we're breathing in from the chemtrails. Neurosurgeon Russell Blaylock, MD warns us of the cogntive decline and rise in Alzheimer's disease being caused by chemtrails. 
The second photo shown above illustrates damage being done to our brains by chemtrails, and the photo on the right shows a woman with open skin lesions that won't heal caused by eggs from weaponized parasites hatching inside her body. When people don't take steps to detoxify themselves, these parasites can hijack our natural biology, turning it synthetic so we can be controlled as non reproducing cyborgs. You can learn a lot more about this from the videos at this link that was put up by a woman who has full blown Morgellons disease who is doing a lot to warn us of the danger we're all in!
In the Georgia Guidestones, the ruling elite have openly announced their intention to kill off 90% of us. Via Agenda 21, (now called Agenda 2030) their intention is to push us off the land, to force us into so called "Smart" cities where the intention is to control every aspect of our lives. (At this link see the "Special Report Agenda 21- How to Stop It")
Are you protecting yourself by ingesting sulfur water twice a day? Are you taking these
additional steps to detoxify your organs of elimination?
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