(Middle:  Dr. Katherine D. Marvel, Columbia University & NASA Goddard Institute for Space Studies)
IAHF List:
Once in a while, someone who is a cog in the military industrial pharmaceutical complex WAKES UP and REBELS against it by HELPING us spread the word of what is really going on! As an example, see this video statement by Gwen Olsen, author of Confessions of an Rx Drug Pusher who once was a pharmaceutical sales rep, but finally realized she was killing people! She got out of it, and now warns people about the immense dangers of pharmaceutical drugs! After pushing Rx drugs for 15 years, the catalyst that finally snapped her out of it was her niece committing suicide due to being on numerous psych meds.
People who work at NASA are cogs in the military industrial complex juggernaut in which the right hand doesn't know what the left hand is doing, because everything is compartmentalized. I am focusing this alert on Dr. Marvel, but also on the need for all of us to think for ourselves when it comes to the obvious need to detoxify ourselves in the face of chemtrail insanity and not be led by useful idiots who have sold their souls by getting involved with criminal organizations like NASA in which they have no idea of what they're even involved with.
At the TED Conference in Vancouver, Dr. Marvel spoke against the idea of geoengineering which other speakers spoke favorably about, so that part of things was good. However she also misleads people by calling "climate change" "real", which as I showed in this previous alert is absurd, so even though she is (indirectly and without realizing what she is doing) is going against one part of NASA's evil agenda to spray us all with smart dust intended to "bore into lung tissue to execute various pathological missions", she is still supporting it just by adding to the propaganda that so called "climate change" is "real."
I just sent an email to Dr. Marvel at NASA in an attempt to awaken her as to what she is really involved with. I'm sure she has no idea that she is working for a government entity that is directly involved with committing genocide by fostering the poisoning of humanity with chemtrails in an attempt to hijack our natural biology to turn us into non reproducing cyborgs.
I'm sure she has no awareness whatsoever of the leaked NASA document "Future Strategic Issues/ Fuure Warfare- CIRCA 2025" by Dennis M. Bushnell, Senior Scientist NASA Langley Research Center" in which we learn of NASA's direct involvement with spraying us all with "Smart Dust" intended to hijack our natural biology and turn it synthetic.
So I emailed her to tell her about this. She might not read my email, or might ignore it, but I tried anyway because you never know where you might succeed in planting a seed of awareness.
After all, she and all the other "useful idiots" employed by NASA are just as much at risk of having their natural biology hijacked and turned synthetic as the rest of us. They're not bad people, they just don't realize what they're involved with and would have no way of knowing unless someone tries to wake them up! We all need to deal in volume by forwarding this information to everyone within our sphere of influence!
When I read Dane Wiggington's website, it saddens me that he says nothing whatsoever about detoxification. He also misleads people into believing that we can "stop" geoengineering "via lawsuits".
(How? The shadow government which is orchestrating the spraying controls all the courts, and all the governments in the world. We're not going to stop this spraying via lawsuits, but we're NOT POWERLESS to DETOXIFY ourselves!
If we fail to make this effort to detox, we run a hugely increased risk of getting Alzheimer's disease from all the aluminum we're breathing in, see this analysis by neurosurgeon Russell Blaylock MD who warns us about this!
We also run the risk of getting cancer from the barium and all the other heavy metals being sprayed! By drinking sulfur water twice a day we can create the optimal ph of 7.35-7.4 to create the proper internal environment necessary to kill cancer cells! Otto Warburg, Nobel prize in Physiology 1931 discovered that cancer cells are anaerobic, they can't live in the presence of oxygen!
We also run the risk of developing full blown Morgellon's disease with open skin lesions and parasites crawling around inside our bodies wrecking havoc on our health! Do yourself a favor to protect yourself: drink sulfur water twice a day, and methodically take the steps discssed here to specifically detox your bowel, then your liver and gallbladder, your kidneys and your blood!
You don't want to end up with full blown Morgellons like the person who created this very educational youtube channel which shows video evidence of the ruling elite's efforts to hijack our natural biology to turn it synthetic.
To protect yourself drink sulfur water twice a day, and being a process of detoxing all your organs of elimination by starting with the bowel. To do that you will need Intestinal Formula #1, Intestinal Formula #2, and Super Food Plus. You can easily learn the simple protocol needed to jettison your long held mucoid plaque which blocks you from properly absorbing the nutrients from food and supplements (which weakens your immune system) by reading this!