IAHF List- Please read the valuable article by Dave Morris below my comments. I'll Be Out of the Country for 2, possibly 3 weeks leaving Monday Feb 18th, most likely returning March 6th unless I extend my stay abroad, but you can still contact me via jham@iahf.com while I'm away and you can still buy sulfur while I'm away- I've got someone who is very reliable to run www.sulfurforhealth.com while I'm travelling. I've got 2 drums of sulfur (110 lbs) coming by UPS the day I leave. My friend who will be doing the shipping will handle your orders while I'm away, but I'll be in touch with him and can see from my paypal account what orders have come in.

We intend to have a healing center called the Holmes/Andal Healing Center named after my grandfather, and her grandmother where we can use our Naturopathic skills to really help impoverished people in this third world country, and every day we pray that people will help us achieve our dream.  I've felt inspired by many to undertake this project, but one person in particular who has inspired me (aside from LP Holmes,MD (my grandfather who I discussed in a previous alert) is Arthur Blessitt, a man who is in the Guiness book of World Records for carrying an 8' cross, on foot, all over the world as his own way of shining a light into the darkness.

Our healing center will include organic gardens that will showcase the pioneering agricultural ideas of Maynard Murray, MD author of Sea Energy Agriculture which I mentioned in this recent previous alert where I also discussed a book about Murray written by Charles Walters of Acres USA called Fertility from the Ocean Deep. In these books (which I encourage you to read) you will learn about the world's best fertilizer (Sea 90) which contains all 90 trace minerals found in sea water. I told you how you can grow wheatgrass (the vegetable that absorbs more trace minerals than any other plant- it is power packed with immune boosting nutrition to help you derail NWO genocide, and along with ingesting my sulfur, is another great way to counteract all the toxic heavy metals being sprayed on us via chemtrails!

To understand better why I'm looking to "Get Outa Dodge" Please read the very well written article by Dave Morris below, and please go to his website to see the comments I've posted which provide more info than even he has.

We can all expect the Chemtrail assault to get much worse in the days ahead as the NWO makes their move to enslave humanity via implanted chips and microwave radiation.

A growing number of people have been placing 10 lb, and larger orders realizing that my sulfur will have huge barter value, just like silver coins, ammo, heirloom seeds, and toilet paper also will going forward... buying my sulfur is one of the best investments you can make because very soon the FRN is going to be WORTHLESS as the Obamination puts the screws to us all with his evil policies. I have a meeting on Sunday with the Church Council and Pastors of Trinity Church here in Point Roberts. Its by the grace of God that my lobbying skills have gotten me this far, but I also want to thank all of you for your heartfelt prayers because without all of your love and support, I never would have gotten this meeting.

I had to eat some humble pie to get it, I even "turned the other cheek" by visiting all the pastors who I have labelled "apostates" to give them gifts of sulfur and coconut honey from the Philippines, in an effort to bring them to the table. This seems to be working. We catch more flies with honey than with vinegar.....

If you want 10 lbs of sulfur, I'll sell it to you for the bargain basement price of just $320. (an $80 dollar savings) and I'll give you free shipping (to the US) even though the USPO have jacked the rates up on us yet again. You can buy that via this link. If you want between 1-4 pounds, and or wish to sign up for monthly autoshipping, you do that at this other paypal link.  Theres a lot of valuable food for thought in the article below. Please forward this alert after removing the unsub link at the bottom.

Was George Orwell Was An Optimist?

Welcome to this week’s Survive The Coming Collapse newsletter, brought to you by Jeff Anderson’s “Collapse Survival Secrets”, a collection of 250 tips, tricks, and techniques to survive and thrive in a collapse situation.  You may know 90% of these already, but one of the other 25 could be the one that makes the difference for you.  To learn more, go >HERE<.
Survival Diva here, excited David has decided to share my novel, Implant, with you. Each week, a new chapter will be available for you to read on the forum.
I’m looking forward to hearing your feedback and discussing what’s at the heart of the book—our eroding freedom and why it’s so important to take a stand.  As a quick lead-in, Implant is about a plan for mandatory RFID chip implants in humans, the secret functionality that the designer slipped in, and how a small group of people connected to the project figure out what’s going on and try to stop it.  With RFID implants in the news and the recent urban legend going around about how ObamaCare was going to mandate implants, this is truly a timely and important subject.  You can start reading Implant by going >HERE<
I thought it would be interesting to share a bit of personal backstory on how the book came about, because as with so many novels, there’s a story behind the story. To do that, I need to travel back to the Alaska-Canadian Highway. For those who aren’t familiar with the ALCAN, it’s a 2,800 adventure that runs from Canada to Alaska filled with breathtaking mountain vistas and lakes of glacier runoff, many of which are a brilliant, surreal turquoise that I’ve only seen in the Alaskan tundra.
The ALCAN is made up of stops and starts of asphalt, gravel, and frost heaves; a thin ribbon of road borrowed from the wilderness and wildlife that are the permanent residents of millions of undeveloped acres.
Built during world war two, the ALCAN  was cut into the surrounding mountains with switch-back curves, where nothing was meant to be a straight line, so should our men come under attacked from above, their convoys  would not be decimated.
But even with all of the incredible beauty and the grizzly’s, black bear,  moose and caribou, the road stretches on forever, and as a passenger on this drive,  I had plenty of time to stew about a disturbing meeting I’d attended only the week before.
Cellular managers from across the country had been invited to Chicago for what was called a “planning committee”. It turned out we were brought together to brainstorm how cellular would be used if and when commerce made a 100% transition to cashless transactions and what I heard over the next several days changed my life forever.
As a Christian, I knew what was being promoted had Orwellian overtones that were beyond frightening. That night, I opened my hotel room’s nightstand, grabbed the Gideon Bible, and read Revelation until dawn. It was all there, pointing to a future that left little choice but to take a stand and fight against what was planned.
With this planning committee meeting still fresh in my mind, I began writing down the beginnings of Implant on a legal notepad, and soon the characters started to come to life. In the book, Dr. Rosen has invented an RFID Implant for pets and livestock that is hijacked for implantation into humans and he turns to a group of trusted friends and co-workers to fight against the evil planned for the world; a controlled, cashless society and the Implant that would bring even the strongest to their knees.
My personal awakening was born with that planning committee meeting, and faith helped me interpret what the future held…unless people took a stand to stop it. But it doesn’t take Christianity to see the erosions to our privacy, nor does it matter what side of the political fence we’re on to know the county has come to a fork in the road. What gives me hope is that never before have the far left and the far right come together towards a common goal; taking back our country, where we can live in freedom, able to make our own choices.
We’re Making Inroads
People ARE paying attention to data aggrigation efforts at all levels. On one hand, data aggrigation allow for a more taylored and individual web browsing, web shopping, and brick-and-mortar shopping experience, but data aggrigation gets REAL creepy in a hurry when individuals lose control of their data and in the instances when evil people gain control of the data.
Recently, I interviewed Katherine Albrecht about her fight against Radio Frequency Identification (RFID), the Veri Chip, and her battle to uphold privacy rights. Through media blitz’s, picketing, and pressuring decision makers, she and others were able to stop the VeriChip from being implanted into 200 Alzheimer’s patients—without their informed consent, and in some cases, without their loved one’s blessings.
We Still Have A Ways To Go 
We have an uphill battle on many fronts. But, I believe the battle can be won if we continue to watchdog, stay vocal, and hold our officials accountable.
As a recent example, Katherine Albrecht is fighting against a San Antonio Texas school program mandate that forces its students to wear RFID tags that will track their every move. This isn’t the only school program that stepped on privacy rights. A school in the Lower Merion School District in Pennsylvania sent students home with school-issued laptops. What wasn’t shared with students or parents centered on a software program that had been installed in the laptops which allowed the computer’s webcam to send images to the school every 15 seconds.
Camera installations at traffic lights are increasing in the U.S. and if we don’t put a stop to this trend, we may suffer the same fate as those living in Briton. Briton now has 4.2million closed circuit TV cameras there, one per every 14 people. It’s estimated that each person in the country is caught on camera an average of 300 times each day.  In this case, and in most cases with data, the cameras are just a tool that can be used for good or for evil, depending on who is in control of them, who gains control of them, or who hacks into them.
(David’s Notes: 
We’re to the point where the data collection centers are aggregating traffic cams, security cameras, emails, phone calls, credit card purchases, affinity card purchases, web browsing habits, medical records, grocery habits, web searches, utility usage, thermal scans, facial baseline monitoring, RFID tracking, and more.  It has become SO cheap to transmit and store data, that data centers can easily afford to keep every single piece of digital data that they can find on everyone they possibly can…whether they have a current reason to use it or not.
Attempts to usurp this data collection causes the equivalent of a shadow…which draws attention to you in and of itself.  True privacy in this area is an incredibly difficult and expensive proposition that, unfortunately, isn’t worth the effort for most people.  Keep in mind that I’m a HUGE proponent of privacy, but it’s almost impossible to interact in society and not have the majority of your habits recorded for digital eternity.
Just one example with firearms.  You may think that you’re staying under the radar by buying firearms from private parties so that you don’t have to fill out a form with a dealer.  That’s great, but are you doing the same thing with your ammo, targets, range fees, and other accessories?  Do you buy a gun for cash and then use your loyalty card when you buy $500 of ammo and other accessories? Do you ever pay cash in a store that has internet connected security cameras inside or traffic cams outside?  Are you EVER texting or emailing about shooting?  Do you go to shooting websites or watch shooting TV shows on cable or satellite TV?
You get the point—we live in a brave new world where true privacy is an illusion and attempting to do things privately simply to protect your family gives you some of the same profile characteristics as someone who has evil intent and can actually make it look like you do have something to hide.
Personally, our family has chosen to live a life that leaves a minimal, but still present digital trail. We drive where there are traffic cams, buy things online, use email, use search engines, use the banking system, and do other activities that are trackable.  I don’t like it, but frankly, I don’t want to drop out of society and live like a hermit and we’re not independently wealthy, so we can’t have an attorney do everything for us so we can stay invisible.  The good news is that 99% of the people around us have similar activities and leave similar digital trails.
As to preparedness related purchased, the line between being a live off the land tree hugging, buy local hippie and a prepper is very thin, if it exists at all.  The driving forces are sometimes different, but the two groups overlap in their desire to be semi-independent and have the ability to live in a sustainable way, regardless of how they’re living currently.
We’re in a VERY odd time when various levels of government are promoting preparedness through FEMA, off grid power through IRS tax breaks, alternative fuels through fuel tax incentives, civilian 3 gun shoots by sponsoring full time military competitive shooters, raising your own animals through property tax deductions, community gardens and walkable communities through tax credits and at the same time DHS is saying that people who do any of those government encouraged activities are potential domestic terrorists.  It’s creating a LOT of false positives in data centers and fusion centers around the country and hopefully they’ll tighten things up so that upstanding families and 70 year old widows with gardens and some freeze dried food stop being lumped in with the shoe bomber or some other nut who is striving to create pain and chaos.
I’m not sure when it happened for me, but I finally said, “Screw it…I’m just going to live my life the way I want to and let the chips fall where they may.”  Granted, that works for me, because I’m a law abiding citizen.  I have been a first responder in one capacity or another for the last decade.  I also have regular (non-confrontational :) interaction with the ATF, I currently have 7 IDs in my wallet from various government entities that required background checks to one degree or another and don’t screw around when it comes to the law.  If there ever comes a time when there is a knock at MY door, there will have been a few million knocks on other doors beforehand.
That doesn’t mean that I’m careless or reckless by any means…what it means is that I have separated privacy into 2 components:  commercial and government.  I limit commercial data aggrigation by limiting loyalty cards, rotating through which credit card I use, paying cash occasionally, understanding that anything I say on my cell phone, by text, by email, or on the web will be referenceable FOREVER, and connecting to the internet through rotating VPNs whenever I’m away from home and most of the time when I am at home.  At the end of the day, it makes it harder for any individual commercial entity to form an accurate picture of me, but since most of that data, and more, funnels to NSA servers, I’ve accepted a level of transparency with the NSA that I’d rather not have.
Do I WANT more privacy from the government?  Yes.  But I couldn’t exactly continue my business, this website, or my relationships with people from multiple government entities.  I also wouldn’t have the mechinism to help as many people become more self reliant and prepard as I can now.
Where do RFID chips, like what Implant is about, come into play?  Well, RFID chips are a tremendous tracking and inventory management tool.  When they get pinged with a burst of energy at a particular radio frequency, they transmit a low power signal with identification data about the individual chip or diagnostic data.  A friend of mine uses them spread throughout shipments of sushi and other frozen foods–periodically they get pinged and they “reply” with their current temperature.  It allows shippers to passively monitor every square meter of a temperature sensitive shipment incredibly easily and cost effectively.
They’re also in many credit cards for ID theft purposes, in passports for ID purposes and as an anti-counterfeiting measure, in TollTags, and in NeverLost dog and cat chips.  In other words, there are some very good uses for RFID tags.
Where it gets creepy is when those tags are used to track and catalog people’s movements…and that’s where Implant starts…and keeps going.  I encourage you to read chapter 1 by going >HERE< and letting Survival Diva and me know your thoughts.  [Several of my comments today are from an interview that I recently did for the International Society Of Close Quarters Combattants.  To learn more about the ISCQC, go >HERE<
The Chinese curse. “May you live in interesting times” has never had more meaning than it does today. But for many actively fighting for freedom and privacy rights, there have been victories and lately, many folks are joining them. In the meantime, there has never been more reason to embrace a self-sufficient lifestyle. When you think about it, it’s probably no coincidence that so many have chosen to prepare and our numbers are growing every day.
Do you have concerns over our freedoms being under increased attack? Do you see us winning the battle, or going down the same slippery slope as other countries? Please sound off by posting below!
God bless and stay safe,
David Morris and Survival Diva
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