Wildfires Fueled By Super Flammable Aluminum Dust Being Sprayed Via Geoengineering- We Are All Breathing This Aluminum and Need to Protect Ourselves By Ingesting Sulfur- Aluminum is Causing Cognitive Decline and a Huge Rise in Early Onset Alzheimer's Disease- All the Toxic Heavy Metals are Causing a Huge Rise in Cancer
IAHF List: The wildfires in California and around the world are being caused by geoengineering which is being used to control when and where it rains. Aluminum particles are very flammable, and they are in the chemtrails. They're being sprayed on everything, trees, rooftops, brush. Directed Energy weapons may also be being used.
The huge drought in the western states is being deliberately caused so that it will rain where Monsanto's genetically engineered crops are planted in the midwest. Monsanto has created a type of seed that will germinate despite the changes in ph caused by the aluminum being sprayed in the chemtrails.
We are all breathing the toxic heavy metals being sprayed via geoengineering. Neurosurgeon Russell Blaylock MD warns us that the aluminum we're breathing is causing us all to have cogntive decline and is causing a sharp rise in early onset Alzheimer's disease.
Sulfur forms 148 different chemical combinations and combines with all metals except gold and platinum to form inorganic sulfides. Sulfides convert these hazardus toxic metals (including mercury and aluminum) into non hazardus stable forms which are safely ushered from the body. Example: When sulfur combines with aluminum it forms aluminum sulfate which our cells can expel, the liver detoxifies and then we expel from our gut. 
So by drinking sulfur water twice a day we can protect our brains from the damaging effects of aluminum and the other heavy metals being sprayed on us via chemtrails including barium.
Since the 1950s farmers have been using petroleum based fertilzers further depleting the soil of sulfur. Big Pharma deliberately stripped our soil of trace minerals in order to trigger a huge rise in every sort of degenerative disase by conning farmers back then to stop using manure as fertilizer and to instead switch over to petrochemical fertilizer. They did this by telling them they'd get increased crop yields and would make more money. The farmers heard the word "Money" and didn't understand the implications of what they were being told.
The graph below shows the direct relationship between the decline in mineralization of our soil and a huge increase in every sort of degenerative disease! Sulfur opens up cell membranes allowing an optimal flow of oxygen to the cells, which pushes toxins out, and binds with and chelates all toxic heavy metals including the aluminum and barium that we're breathing from the chemtrails and pulls it out of the body.
To further protect ourselves it pays to detox beyond what we can do with sulfur alone. I encourage you to detox your organs of elimination starting with your bowel, then your liver and gallbladder, your kidneys and your blood. An effort is underway to hijack our natural biology and turn it synthetic. The elite seek to cull the human "herd", to kill off huge numbers of us. They make no secret of their intentions as you can see by examining the message incarved into the Georgia Guidestones.
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