Tents Erected by FBI in Burns Oregon Where an Estimated                              Charred Corpse of Young Boy Murdered
400 Federal & County Law Enforcement Are Massing in Response                  By US Government Storm Troopers
to a Tiny Handful of Anti Government Activists Holed Up Inside                     Who Incinerated the WACO Branch Dividian
The Administrative Office at the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge                  Compound Following a SIEGE lasting 51 Days
Lets Pray that the Obamination Does Not Commit the Next Ruby                      In 1993.79 Innocent people including 21Children
Ridge or WACO Atrocity Against the American People because                        Were Murdered at Waco During the Massacre
if he does, this Mounting Powder Keg Situation Could Spark Off                       Which was Ordered By Satanist Hilary Clinton
the Second American Revolution. In this alert I will discuss the
possible implications of this very TENSE unfolding drama for
Especially for all AMERICANS.
IAHF List:A very tense standoff in OR between the Fedstapo and armed Patriots just became far more dangerous. The NY Times Reports that Cliven Bundy's son Ammon was just arrested along with 7 other anti Obama protestors (including journalist Pete Santilli who was merely excercising his first amendment right as a journalist) while cowboy Lavoy Finicum, the main spokesman for Citizens for Constitutional Freedom.
Oathkeepers, which has been striving to serve as a BUFFER to prevent ANOTHER WACO, just provided THIS UPDATE on the very dangerous situation (numerous women and children are still inside the seized office at the Wildlife Refuge, and all of them could be massacred by Obama's goons from the FBI, BATF, BLM and other genocidal criminal agencies. Prayer is in order here because we could be seeing the beginning of the second American Revolution, martial law, gun confiscation, gun owners being put into FEMA camps, etc.
I am writing this late at night due to still being jetlagged from 5 weeks in Asia, but I'm back now in my office in Washington State. I hope you appreciate the good info in this alert which I've put many hours into researching!
(If you do, please consider placing some bulk sulfur orders, and buying my other products (which enhance the effects of sulfur by working synergistically with it for your BEST protection against Morgellons and against being biologically chipped and turned into a non reproducing cyborg.
The events discussed herein in copious, well analyzed detail really could trigger martial law and I might not be able to operate my business much longer, and that is NOT HYPE as you will see if you throughly analyze this entire alert before judging me harshly for saying this!)
As the grandson and nephew of two proud members of the DAR (Daughters of the American Revolution), and as the son of a US Navy Captain who was tapped by John Kennedy in '62 to help create today's NAVY SEALS,  I pray that we are not witnessing the events leading up to what could turn into the second American Revolution.
I say this in all seriousness, especially when you consider that Bill and Hillary Clinton were directly involved in the satanic ritual murder of 79 innocent people including 21 children during the nightmarish siege of the Branch Dividian compound at WACO Texas in 1993 where military TANKS, automatic weapons, and flame throwers were unleashed in a horrific display of Genocidal Terror all too reminiscent of the sort of atrocities committed under the likes of such collectivist dictators as Stalin, Hitler, Mao, and Pol Pot (Politicians Prefer Unarmed Peasants).
(At the aforementioned link  you can watch "Waco: The Rules of Engagement" by far the best documentary on what really happened in this evil, satanic massacre. If you watch this you will hear the direct words of government goons who promised the little children inside the Davidian compound they "weren't gonna kill them" then they went in and massacred most of them with tanks rigged as flame throwers, burning them alive and shooting them with automatic weapons.
This is a gut wrenching account. If you are able to watch this and continue to oppose the second amendment and support Hitlary Clinton who actually ordered the massacre, even after doing so, I predict your soul will be bound for hell faster than a hot rock can melt a hole to fall through the ice of the world's coldest lake because the youtube at this link totally cuts through the mainstream media spin exposing Hillary Clinton for what she is: a satanic, genocidal killer of little children.)

Some of you on the IAHF list are too young to remember the horrible Fedstapo acts of genocide committed against the American people at Ruby Ridge and WACO in the 90s by the FBI and BATF, but the rallying cry for the best armed civilian population in the world today is
Lets hope Obama isn't too arrogant to hear our rallying cry, because if he doesn't  stand down and back off, this evil communist traitor who now actively seeks to become the next UN Secretary General even as he does his best to disarm all Americans and to destroy whats left of our country, will meet his match, here is why he will be humiliated if he  is stupid and handles this as badly, as arrogantly and as evilly as the equally Satanic Clinton's handled WACO
(According to the Geneva-based Small Arms Survey – the leading source of international public information about firearms – the U.S. has the best-armed civilian population in the world, with an estimated 270 million total guns. That’s an average of 89 firearms for every 100 residents — far ahead of Yemen, which comes in second with about 55 firearms for every 100 people, or Switzerland, which is third with 46 guns for every 100 people.)
Please see this sitrep from Oathkeepers who along with allied Patriot organizations such as the Pacific Patriot's Network have boots on the ground around Burns in an attempt to liase with the FBI for the sake of trying to DE-FUSE this possible bomb, to try to deescalate the tension, in the hopes of PREVENTING the triggering of the second American revolution.
See this call for volunteers from Stuart Rhodes, founder of Oathkeepers, for level headed, well trained people to come to Burns to provide a buffer between the FBI, BATF, and Sheriffs and Ammond Bundy and his people who are now under an official and growing siege as the Fedstapo now has the capability of cordoning them off for the duration, blocking all supplies from getting in to them.
This is a very dangerous powderkeg of a situation, and we must pray that cooler heads prevail. Rhodes and his inner sanctum are especially urging people with EMT backgrounds to come in case medical personnel should be needed in case the Fedstapo turns this into another WACO despite their best efforts to prevent the next Fedstapo satanic massacre that could easily trigger martial law nationally all over America, bringing UN troops and even our own military down on us all.
(Solid documentation proves that Obama has been systematically destroying our military by firing huge numbers of officers who were loyal to the Constitution, replacing them with globalists loyal only to UN commanders. Rhodes is a Christian like I am, and I know this concerns all members of Oathkeepers very deeply. There is nothing "racist" about Oathkeepers, Rhodes is hispanic, and all races and ethnic backgrounds are well represented within the supposedly "racist" organization including blacks, asians, Jews, women, people of all ages, it is a true cross section of America and represents all that is GOOD about America.
Bear in mind that the UN has a well documented altar to satan directly inside its headquarters, so this highjacking of our military also explains why military chaplains are being actively persecuted for preaching Christianity. This satanic infiltration of our military via the gay agenda that our gay dictator has been pushing is directly in sync with UN Agenda 21, the blueprint for population control which I have reported on extensively in this article and this one. Rhodes is very concerned about this, as is any THINKING American!
Stuart Rhodes, Oathkeepers Founder is a Mexican American from Nevada,  a very capable man, a concealed weaponse firearms instructor, who I have come to respect over time after initially not knowing what to make of him.
He was a paratrooper in the 82nd Airborne who was injured badly during a night jumping training exercise who grew up in Nevada where he lives now, and he distinguished himself as a student at Yale University where he graduated from law school and did legal research as a scholar after getting out of the Army. As an undergrad at University of Nevada, Rhodes did such volunteer work as to help man a rape crisis center and teach street crime survival as a concealed weapons firearms instructor in the women's center on campus.
He is an imminently decent family man and I am incredulous that SPLC attempts to be "incredulous" when he claims to have more than 30,000 members in Oathkeepers (many more than that  by now because he is obviously a VERY effective leader who is highly respected by huge numbers of active duty as well as ex military, policemen, constitutional sheriffs, firemen, EMTs, as well as ordinary patriotic Americans such as myself.

He was on the staff of my friend Congressman Ron Paul who I was in this documentary film with so we share a similar Libertarian outlook on government. He is by no means the alleged "evil fascist right wing warmonger" that anti gun commie scum such as the Southern Poverty Law Center have attempted to smear him as being. (They can't update this scurrulous muck raking crapola beyond 2013 because in 2014 Oathkeepers played a major role in the Bundy Ranch Standoff Victory against the Fedstapo, and SPLC can't do spin against it.
To his credit, Rhodes has very publicly referred to Hillary as "Hitlary", and anyone who is fully aware of her evil role in ordering the satanic genocidal fedstapo attack the murdered all those children at WACO has no problem whatsoever with that all too accurate moniker.)
His organization "Oathkeepers" endeavors to bring together all Americans who refuse to live under tyranny, who especially refuse to obey illegal orders such as an order that could easily be giving to US military troops to fire on Americans under marial law.See Rhodes bio and learn more about him on his blog.
I was very impressed by how Rhodes handled things during the Bundy Ranch Standoff in Nevada in 2014 and encourage you to watch this video debriefing in the aftermath of this grass roots victory over the goons from the FBI and Bureau of Land Management who backed down in a tense stand off with American patriots who drove them away from what could have turned into another Waco by having militia sharp shooters on the Ridges who would have destroyed the Fedstapo in a fire fight the Feds had continued pissing on the Bundy family.
(See this video footage from the Bundy Ranch Standoff.) What you don't see in this footage was what the BLM could see through their spotting scopes when they looked up on the Ridges above that valley where all the cowboys were riding on horseback towards them, they could see numerous, well armed patriots armed with sniper rifles, many of them ex special forces, SEALS, RANGERS, RECON MARINES who could have picked them all off by strategically seizing the high ground.
Also see this video from the Bundy Ranch standoff that the Feds don't want you to see because its the inside story of what really happened (!!!)
The Feds backed down simply because they were massively outgunned while simultaneously out maneuvered with cameras from a PR standpoint. There was no way they could do another WACO there and possibly get away with it, too many cameras (!!)The mainstream media including Fox news could not spin things, it was impossible!
A Fox News reporter was seen attempting to get over to where the BLM was, but he didn't dare, he was properly afraid of a bunch of pissed off armed cowboys on horseback who were backed up by sharp shooters on the ridges high above the whole scene so the controlled mainstream media couldn't spin what happened!
Thats why we have a second amendment, its so we can revolt, if necessary to oppose tyranny from evil bureucratic agencies such as the Bureau of Land Management who had stolen all his cattle and done massive damage to his ranch infrastructure.
What all of you as dietary supplement consumers and as people wishing to eat grass fed beef and non GMO fed cattle due to memberships in organizations such as the Weston A. Price Foundation where I am a chapter leader who educates people about nutrient dense foods is that the UN has declared WAR on farmers and ranchers via Agenda 21 via which the ruling elite actively seek to strip us our Birth Right as Free Americans!
(You're a democrat who doesn't believe a word I'm saying? Watch this tour de force lecture by Rosa Koire, founder of Democrats Against UN Agenda 21 which was presented at the University of Western Wasington ( a very left leaning liberal arts school near me in Bellingham WA.) Despite the prevalence of Obamatronic commies at U Western Washington, Rosa got a standing ovation from a packed lecture hall as you can see here.
I am deeply appreciative of Rosa entering our anti UN Agenda 21 global movement because it is now very bipartisan and her presence makes it impossible for anyone to successfully marginalize Tom De Weese and his American Policy Center who were the first whistleblowers on this issue, along with Michael Shaws California based Freedom Advocates.
There are a large and growing number of active duty military personnel from all branches of our armed forces who are members of Oathkeepers, along with large and growing numbers of retired military, police, firemen, EMTs many of whom also have combat experience who have rallied behind Oathkeepers due to having eyes wide open about the numerous traitorous attempts to scuttle America and to force us into the N.W.O. whether we like it or not.
The best thing that could happen here would be if Bundy and his small band of people would just come out waving the white flag because this is NOT the same as what happened at the Bundy Ranch in Nevada a year ago. I am in the Hall of Honor of G. Edward Griffin's organization Freedom Force International, and Ed Griffin's views on Ammond Bundy are nearly identical to Stuart Rhodes views.
(It should be noted that while the Oathkeepers have some sympathy for Ammon Bundy's views, the pro second amendment organization has ALSO NEVER ENDORSED Ammon Bundy's reckless takeover of this unoccupied federal facility because there are substantive DIFFERENCES between what is unfolding in Burns OR,and what unfolded previously at the Bundy Ranch in Nevada. (That said, Oathkeepers and Allied Patriot Groups ALSO aren't ABOUT to allow the FEDS to SLAUGHTER Bundy and his supporters either, and right now around Burns undercover Feds have been "war gaming" with the militia presence by shadowing them, which could really turn ugly fast especially given the Festapo's and Cops tendency to act as agents provacateur to spark off trouble!
(I witnessed them do while demonstrating in Seattle in the Anti WTO protest in '99 when I tackled a guy who I witnessed break a Starbucks window, the police SAW me tackle him and get him in a choke hold, but when I urged them to come on over and ARREST the guy, and they WOULDN'T, I realized suddenly what was going down!!
As a Christian, I love all of you on the IAHF list, regardless of your political ideology, regardless of your personal beliefs, because our common bond is our desire to ingest the foods WE want to eat (and not be FORCED to eat Monsanto's GE CRAP, or be FORCE vaccinated, or by forced to only have access to toxic prescription and OTC drugs!
As the first whistleblower against UN Codex Genocide in the world, I have had attempts made on my LIFE for standing up for all of you, and RIGHT NOW I'm just reading this dangerous unfolding situation in Burns OR as a very streetwise son of a SEAL who HATES TYRANNY, and yes, I am a member of Gun Owners of America, but I've only been forced to discharge a firearm against another human being TWICE in my life and I ABHOR violence, I didn't KILL anyone EITHER time, yet I was forced to act in self defense and feel strongly as someone who has been threatened with death by NSA goons who actively stalked me in Florida following death threats that I was issued for posting video footage of Dr. Yetley from the FDA breaking the law at a UN Codex meeting in Germany where I was an oberserver on the US delegation while exhorting the grass roots to help me get her before a congressional oversight hearing, I am a very strong believer in my right to bear arms in self defense.

If you are a dietary supplement consumer, if you value all of the hard won freedoms enshrined in the Bill of Rights in the American Constitution including your God Given Unalienable Rights to Freedom of Speech, Freedom of Religion, and Freedom of Assembly, please join me in PRAYER, RIGHT NOW!!
Pray that the closeted gay, illegal alien satanic jihadist currently illegally occupying our White House from which he is doing everything humanly possible to DESTROY AMERICA on behalf of his Shadow Government string pullers learns from Hilary Clinton's massive WACO MISTAKES from '93 and CEASES his tyrannical tendenices IMMEDIATELY, HERE IS WHY:
If this very tense powder keg situation in Burns, OR is handled as BADLY as Waco and Ruby Ridge were, (And it could EASILY Blow up in our faces) it could have PROFOUNDLY NEGATIVE consequences for ALL AMERICANS REGARDLESS of where you might stand on the political spectrum, and REGARDLESS of your views on Gun Control.
Friends, I don't know how much longer I'll be able to keep selling Sulfur and my other detox products. We might be on the verge of Martial Law depending on how this siege is handled going forward! One cowboy is dead, will the Fedstapo kill the people still holed up in the seized Wildlife Refuge Office? Its happened before....If this seige ends badly, with more cowboys massacred by Obama's goons, don't be surprised if we end up with UN Troops coming into America to disarm us all and don't be surprised if we see a massive increase in chemtrailing!!
GOT SULFUR? MIGHT WANT TO ORDER 10 lbs to save money and get free shipping RIGHT NOW while you still CAN!!
Be PREPARED!! Gotta Have God, Guns, Gold and Groceries!! Also Sulfur
to detox chemtrails which we can absolutely expect to increase as this is all being driven by UN Agenda 21, now called "Goals 2030" which is all about radically culling the human herd so the 1% can take over this planet for themselves and turn the rest of us into either corpses or biologically chipped non reproducing cyborgs!!
Its all documented in my archived e-alerts, which I urge you to mirror on other sites and which I urge you to make hard copies of because I predict we're not far from a time when the Fedstapo will target sites like this one to block access to it!! (Especially see THESE alerts: one, two, three!!!
(Before forwarding this article to everyone within your sphere of influence, please don't forget to delete the unsub link which accompanies all my e-alerts at the bottom! Otherwise, someone you forward it to might think incorrectly that they're on the IAHF list and they might click on it which would unsub YOU!! Please repost this to more websites!!
Mine could easily be forced down by NSA at any time!! I am very actively HATED by the ruling elite who have had me on their radar for eons!! So, remember, there is POWER IN NUMBERS!! I am SAFEST when I have the most possible number of people behind me!!
Christmas is over folks, but if you want to get me a late Christmas present, please urge more people to sign up to receive these e-alerts which they can see for free here in my archives, and which they can sign onto at NO CHARGE here!!
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Seriously folks, I need the ability to get BACK offshore at a moments notice to avoid being turned into a grease spot!! Attempts have been made on my life many times already! You can help me stay alive to keep running Sulfur for Health, and IAHF by making mass purchases now while you still can!
Please join me in praying for the men, women, and children still inside the besieged office in Burns, OR!! While you're busy praying, please ALSO be busy prudently PREPARING for massively increased chemtrailing  because you can be sure they're coming along with martial law if this siege ends badly like another WACO!!
(Please watch this documentary film "Waco the Rules of Engagement"! Please urge everyone you know to pray for the men, women, and children inside that office in Burns because they could all be literally burned alive in Burns, its happened before and under the Obamination's communist America, anything can happen!!
God bless us all and may the peace of my Lord be with you in the dark days ahead!!