IAHF List: MERRY CHRISTMAS! This is a true Christmas message of Hope which underscores our need to detoxify so that we aren't turned into non reproducing cyborgs by the "Smart Dust" that we're all inhaling which the satanically controlled Vatican and satanically controlled UN  intend to hijack our natural biology and to destroy our heart chakras, turning us into non reproducing robots!
 I hope this Christmas message inspires you in good ways so that you will join me in carrying my healing anti genocide message to everyone within your sphere of influence so that they too can live life more abundantly, and in optimal health DESPITE the forces of darkness arrayed against us which I need your help to expose!!
With the advent of "Pizzagate"  and the rise to power of Donald Trump, a modern day King Cyrus, the time has come to dismantle the DemonKrap Party once and for all, and along with it the Satanic Pedophile filled Vatican, and the Demonic Freemasons  
 We oppose secret combinations of men, acting clandestinely as they seek to turn us all into non reproducing cyborgs via chemtrails, and the TRUTH is not in them, especially as they seek to ban our access to nautral products that we must have in order to detoxify and protect ourselves !
 The coin shown at top, left above shows a chemtrail plane flying across the sky. This coin was minted by the Vatican in 1985, the same year NASA started indoctrinating school children to have them believe chemtrails were just "normal clouds"! 
The Jesuits tried and failed to get Hillary, wife of Bill Clinton who went to Georgetown (a Jesuit University) into power to coincide with Francis, the first Jesuit Pope. Hillary's running mate was Tim Kane a Jesuit Catholic former CIA agent. Notice how Trump was booed by the Jesuits at this Catholic dinner where he and Hillary both spoke.
In this lecture, Cara St. James and Harald Kautz Vella discuss Cemtrails, Morgellons and Black Goo. They explain that a demonic alien technology is at work taking over our heart chakras to turn us into non feeling, non reproducing robots. We must learn to counteract this.   See their book Dangerous Imagination- Silent Assimilation
Smart Dust: self-assembling within the human body
(unless we detoxify ourselves!)
Harald Kautz-Vella describes Morgellon's as fungi that are "able to assimilate higher DNA, multiply it and build up a DNA cluster that creates a morphogenic field...The fungus is using a multilayered hexagonal structure to protect and cover the spore. These hexagons...are part of synthetic biology research, called self-assembling large area photonic plasmonic crystals. ...within the human body are hollow fibers that accumulate nanodyes within the fiber and those hexagonal self-assembling large area photonic-plasmonic crystals...both are self-assembling nano-bots. They [the intelligence community] spray them in components, separated into bioform and nano-dye, call this mixture smart-dust, and expect the smart dust to bio-accumulate and self-assemble itself into working units in the body."
(The Club of Rome, which was created by the Rockefeller family in '68 for the express purpose of committing global genocide, directly endorses Pedophile Satanic Pope Francis (aka Jorge Bergoglio) - PLEASE SHOW THIS TO EVERYONE WITHIN YOUR SPHERE OF INFLUENCE  
If you'd like to truly enrich your lives on this Christmas day, please take a minute to get a FREE COPY of a real PAGE TURNER of a book that I once read during a plane delay in an airport called TORTURED FOR CHRIST, the story of Pastor Richard Wurmbrand, founder of Voice of the Martyrs, a truly GREAT organization that supplies the UNDERGROUND CHURCH all over the world with basic supplies that they need to truly spread a GENUNINE Chritian message of hope that COUNTERS the EVIL GENOCIDAL BULL coming out of the Satanic Pedophile Filled Vatican!
In "Tortured for Christ" we learn the inspirational story of what life was like in Communist Romania where Christians were hunted down like dogs and tortured and murdered in horrible prisons intended to break their spirits!
No one survived this hell in the way that Pastor Richard Wurmbrand did for 14 years! As the biggest leader of the Romanian underground church, inside Prison Wurmbrand was a huge inspiration to his fellow prisoners, and free Christians in the west paid the largest amount ever paid to free him as a political prisoner enabling him to come to America with his powerful message of hope, inspiration, healing and love! In a fallen world, where we really need heros, Pastor Wurmbrand really leads by example in a way that any of us can learn to do!
As a person who also survived torture in captivity, I strongly identify with this courageous Jew who became a true Christian.
(If you don't know my personal story of how I survived the hell of the psychiatric system by smuggling God's herbs, and vitamins into the last hospital I was in where I was forced to hide them in a cavity gouged from the undersideo of my foam mattress, taking them on the sly while mouthing their toxic meds which I spat down the toilet where they belonged, please read it here!)
When he emerged from the Romanian Prisons, Richard Wurmbrand's evil Captors told him that if he talked about what he'd been through, they'd hunt him down no matter where in the world he went and they'd murder him!
A rebel's rebel, Wurmbrand demonstrated the strength of his faith by ignoring their all too real threats, and published "Tortured for Christ" as a way to start his Foundation enabling Voice of the Martyrs to bring its powerful message of hope to the most oppressed people in the world, the people who truly need Christ's healing love in their lives the most, people in communist countries, people in Muslim countries, and other places where hope is in very short supply!
There is no question that Satan has totally hijacked the Vatican which is very much a part of the Rockefellers Malthusian Masonic "Club of Rome" which was created for the purpose of culling the human herd via chemtrails, vaccination, prescription drugs, GMO Foods, and numerous other vectors!
   Going to Mass today? Please don't put any money in the collection plate, by doing so you are contributing to Satanic Imposter  Pedophile Pope Bergoglio ( so called "Francis") who is in league with the DemonKrap Party that was just exposed via Pizzagate for the degerate blood drinkin' pedophile satanic filth that they truly are!
Despite the billions of tons of toxic heavy metals, toxic chemicals and weaponized parasites being sprayed for societal control purposes into our biosphere under the guise of "protecting us from global warming" all of us on the IAHF list have much to be thankful for as Christmas nears, and as we usher in 2017!
I need all of your help to expose this  so that as a group, we can learn methods of detoxification so that our internal biology won't be hijacked by the billions of metric tons of chemtrails being sprayed into our biosphere causing all of us to breath in weaponized parasites intended to screw with biological functions such as our red blood cells ability to carry oxygen! 
Please take some time today to help me awaken friends and family so we won't be turned into non reproducing biologically microchipped cyborgs- avoiding this fate is actually not that complicated, we just have to introduce more people to some very simple methods of detoxifying their bodies by ingesting organic sulfur twice a day, and by systematically cleansing our organs of elimination beginning by jettisoning the thick layer of mucoid plaque that blocks us from properly absorbing the nutrients from the food we eat, and the supplements we ingest (including Sulfur!)
Whenever any of you buy a pound or more of sulfur, I send you an email thanking you and also urging you to make the effort to jettison your long held mucoid plaque, that rubbery thick cement like layer of toxic acidifying SHIT that has been building up on the walls of your small intestine your whole LIFE!! THIS New Years Eve, PLEASE FINALLY SNAP OUT OF IT and stop PROCRASTINATING doing something that will help you INCREASE YOUR ENERGY LEVEL BY 70% as I did when I did this several years ago causing me to become a true believer in herbalist Richard Schulze's information and to become one of his "disciples" of good health!
On January 11th I've been invited to Marina Del Ray California to a dinner party organized by Herbalist Richard Schulze who I've spoken with by phone, but never yet met in person! Since I have radically improved my health by detoxing all of my organs of elimination per his instructions, I encourage all of you on the IAHF list to please join me in paying attention to this inspirational man's valuable message of health yourselves because he has a LOT to offer us!
Dr. Schulze was orphaned at age 14 and found himself alone in the world, but he overcame all of the many large hurdles of his childhood in upstate New York to not merely "survive" but to truly THRIVE! At age 16 he found himself dying from heart disease which had killed his mother and father (who were always horribly constipated!) He was in a mainstream hospital, about to have the same operation which had killed a boy his age who he'd become friends with the week before, when he suddenly ASTONISHED the SURGEONS who were about to start anesthetizing him by JUMPING UP and RUNNING FOR HIS LIFE!!
"Where are YOU GOING, the astonished Surgeons yelled as Richard hurriedly threw on his street clothes preparing to run fo his life!" "The HELL AWAY FROM YOU KILLERS!" he replied!
He boldly went forth into the world and FOUND HIS TEACHERS who could teach him what he needed to know to TRULY ACTUALIZE OPTIMAL HEALTH! He apprenticed himself to such masters as the late great Herbalist John Christopher and the late great Irridiologist and Naturopath Bernard Jensen, but through running his own very successful clinic for decades treating the so called "incurables" Dr. Schulze came into his own as a healer, and surpassed even his teachers in his ability to reach the masses with his powerful message of optimal health!
 Never forget that we can END WAR on planet earth if enough people would only drink sulfur water because it neutralizes acid caused by stress that helps everyone be far more calm and grounded! Never forget that due to newsletters like this which really explain how we can detoxify ourselves to avoid being culled by our would be "masters", we don't have to play the elite's sick, tiwisted genocide game.
By drinking sulfur water we can also counteract the Malthusian satanic population control initiative being spearheaded by the Vatican and the Club of Rome via the Banksters, NATO and the UN as the 13 satanic bloodlines comprising the Illuminati Council seek to turn us all into non reproducing cyborgs, and to biologically microchip us via the weaponized parasites being sprayed on us via chemtrails while also moving to radically cull all of us allegedly "useless eaters" as they evilly seek to steal this planet for themselves and their progeny.
When the Lord walked the earth, the whole known world lay in Bondage to Rome, and in 2016 we've all been witnessing a massive battle between forces of good,and forces of evil that have been playing out on this planet since the dawn of man.
The satanic highjacking of the Catholic Church via Jesuit, Masonic Pope Francis was warned of long before it happened by Fr. Malachi Martin, advisor to 3 different Popes who witnessed satanic ceremonies performed by Jesuit Priests at the Vatican while he was living there causing him to quit the Jesuit order, and to leave the Vatican for NYC where he did as much writing and public speaking as possible in a courageous effort to warn the world.
Most organized Christian religions have been hijacked by Satan in one way or another, especially those that are member of the Rocekfellers National and World Council of Churches, and of course the Catholic Church where the fish rots from the Head, down.
Due to this, all of us are better off finding fellow believers to pray with anywhere we can, we need a resurgence of the sort of Underground Church that Pastor Richard Wurmbrand was part of in Communist Romania where Christians risked their lives to worship, and held their prayer meetings in the woods, or in private homes, and when they were captured and imprisoned they were often tortured to death.
I respect Voice of the Martyrs, the Foundation created by Pastor Richard Wurmbrand who created it in order to support the Underground church all over the world in places like North Korea, China, Mindanao in the Philippines, Syria, India, etc after being sprung from 14 years of imprisonment by Free Christians in the west who paid the largest sum ever demanded by the Communists when they were selling all of Romania's political prisoners.
His book Tortured for Christ is given away for FREE, here, and I urge everyone on the IAHF list to read it because its a real page turner, and it will make you think about many things, especially about what real faith actually is, and about how love conquers fear, and hate, and about how Christ's message has too often been lost in the quicksand of today's Apostate churches which are more about superficial image than about healing the sick, clothing the naked, feeding the hungry, etc.
 A modern day Cyrus was just elected President of America and the Free World. Pray for him for the DemonKraps and their communist/globalist anti freedom string pullers will make numerous attempts on his life, and are currently striving to start a Third World War via the gay, communist, Obamination and his tranny so called "wife".
The Lord healed all who came to him, and for healing on the Sabbath and for daring to oppose the power that was Rome, the Lord was persecuted by the Pharisees and was tortured under Pontius Pilate, but when they rolled away the stone, He was risen, and he won the ultimate victory over Evil for all of us, and anytime two or more are gathered in His name, He is present.