Saturday, January 12, 2008

Huntsville Town Hotline

In this Hotline:

A Star Is Born

 I am forwarding an email from Crystal Folgmann, daughter of Huntsville residents D and K Bell, regarding their granddaughter, Sammy Kaye Folgmann.

You may recall Sammy Kaye, who sang for the town 1 1/2 years ago, during our July 24, 2006 fireworks celebration (the night a Severe Storm caused us to cancel the July 4th show).

 We were fortunate to have her then and we look forward to having her on the stage this July 4th.  Sammy, can you fit us in? I meant to forward this sooner, but with snow removal and DSL being out today, I was unable.

Hello Family and Friends,

I wanted to share something exciting in the Folgmann household. Sammy Kay has dreamed of singing the National Anthem for the Utah Jazz NBA team since she was 5 yrs old when she saw someone else sing it. That one day has instilled a passion in her to develop singing for the past 5 years and never give up on a dream.

She auditioned again this year. A few weeks ago we got the call and it came true for her at 10 yrs old! We’re pleased to share with you all that she is singing on Saturday, January 12th at 7pm for the Utah Jazz. They are playing Orlando Magic and it will be locally televised on KJAZZ ch 14.

I guess we all need to believe that dreams can come true. Thanks for letting us share this with you and all your support for our Sammy.

The Folgmann Family

Heavy Snow 

We had the necessity to shovel off part of the Town Hall today due to ice dams.  Subsequently, I spent much of the afternoon shoveling some family homes/outbuildings, and was surprised by the weight of the snow.  Due to last weeks rain/heavy snow, there is a heavy 6" or so layer of ice/crusted snow underneath the 18"+ of lighter snow.  Combined, it is quite heavy (and became heavier as the day went on).

Long story short, many older buildings may be at risk  of collapsing and I would recommend you at least think about snow removal.  A "January thaw" or another rain storm could be devastating even to newer buildings.

That being said, if anyone has or knows of teens (or adults) who would like to earn money shoveling roofs, please pass on their names and contact information and we will post them on the web site for your reference.  Reply to this message or send to

That’s all for now, have a great week.


Richard L. Sorensen

Huntsville Town Council Smile