This weekend is coming up fast! 
 Just a month ago we had a huge Reiki 1 class! 
Reiki Ranch training school
Students practing Energy Healing!
Up coming classes...
Free Usui Reiki 1 Certification on Saturday, October 22nd     (6 hours of training)
(Invite your friends – so you will have some buddies to practice with!  And to share this free gift)
Some of the attributes of a Reiki education are:
** Self improvements
** Better Self-Confidence
** You have more happiness and better health
** Better decisions come more easily
** The flow of Reiki gives you harmony and calmness
** Reiki will empower you with inner peace
Reiki Master weekend on October 22-23, (Sat and Sun) is a very inexpensive course when compared to what others are teaching in the Northwest. It's only $299 plus manuals.  Lunch is potluck!

Laser Reiki Weekend Series of Workshops (Levels 1-4) starts Nov 5-6

You need no prior training of any kind in order to take the Laser Reiki classes. 
There will be 6 monthly weekends to complete the course.
For the next 7 days you will be able to sign up for only $200 and the discount price is locked in for all 6 weekends (pay individually.)  Sign up now!  Regular price is $300 for each weekend. (You save $100 per weekend.)
First 2 dates as scheduled:
Laser Reiki Class 1 • November 5-6, 2016
Laser Reiki Class 2 • December 3-4, 2016
Laser Reiki Class 3 • January, 2017 to be announced toward the end of the month.
You should come to this event because it will enhance your life in 100 ways! Money back guarantee if not satisfied!
** Improve your connection to your grand inner being
** Increase your happiness, joy and fun!
** Improve your relationships
** Find the root cause of any disease and delete it! (the disease then has no basis for existance.)
** Be even more lucky in any endeavor!
and much more.
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