August 2006

The StudioKat Designs Newsletter

HELLO and Welcome!-
I sure am glad July is over, because that means I can just stay home for a while! Just about the time I thought I was starting to recover from my trip to Russia, Bubba & I flew up to Rochester, NY for my nephew's wedding. No problem, right? A nice quiet family event. Well... think again! You know how girls sometimes have a nice bridal brunch on the morning of the wedding, just to get everyone in the mood? Well it seems the "guys", in this case my brother, my nephews & their college buddies, decided that getting in the mood involved walking around the beautiful scenery of upstate NY, & disturbing the quiet serenity, by hunting down vicious wildlife with high powered guns. My husband decided this sounded like fun. (What is it with men? Can this activity possibly get you in the mood for a wedding? A lynching, maybe.... but a wedding? no way!)
But I digress, the point being, I sent my normal looking husband off on this wedding day activity, but he sure didn't look normal when he returned only an hour later! Seems he just HAD to try out the groom's new pistol (complete w/scope, whatever THAT means), and the recoil of this weapon left a bloody lump on Bubba's forehead, about the size of golf ball, along with the imprint of the pistol butt. I got ice on it, since his eyes were by now beginning to swell shut, and then whisked him off to the shower, since it was now only 1.5 hours till the wedding. He emerged much cleaner, but announced that his lips felt "funny". Well let me tell you, amused was not how I felt when I saw his lips, which were swelling even as I watched. He was having some type of allergic reaction, to who knows what, and I was fearful that his throat would start swelling next, so my sister and I whisked him off to the local pharmacy. (By now, I seriously thought his lips might just explode.) Well, the pharmacist took one look at him, and after he quit laughing, asked which one of us did "that number" on him. I think he noticed that neither my sister, or I, were laughing, or in the least bit amused, because he then gave him something that seemed to at least halt the swelling. Did we go to the wedding? Oh yes, of course, with the immediate crisis passed, I think Bubba was almost proud of the fact that he looked like a train wreck! I am consoled by telling myself that very few people at the wedding knew what he was actually "supposed" to look like!
Oh well, my nephew was successfully married, the wedding was beautiful (even if we weren't!), and we survived the trip, no worse for the wear I guess, although the "egg" on Bubba's forehead was eventually replaced with TWO black eyes!! I think I'll just not venture out of NC for a spell!
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Feline Quote for AUGUST- "A cat is a puzzle for which there is no solution" -Hazel Nicholson

New on my Website!-Here are some new entries on the website for you to check out!
A GROOVY AbracaNiche- submitted by Joyce Atkinson, (Pattern-tester extroadinaire!) of Oak harbor WA.
Einstein the Cat- submitted by Tina Quigley of Wilmington, IL
A very cool Tandem Tote- submitted by Arlene McGarrahan of Cranston, RI
An SKD AbracaNiche sample for sale

Quiltshop Spotlight- Aunt Annies Quilt Nook.Com
For a unique shopping experience on the web, try Aunt Annies Quilt Nook.Com. Aunt Annie has a great selection of books, patterns, kits, fat quarters & of course FABRICS, including some by Laurel Burch, and also Eleanor Burns, to name a few. The site is easy to navigate and well organized. I think you'll find it a pleasure all around.

New at StudioKat Designs- Introducing, The "AbracaNiche"
At long last, I have released my newest design, The "AbracaNiche". I know many of you have been waiting very patiently for me to release this pattern, and it certainly does seem that the last stages of pattern development took FOREVER this time, but actually, it was my travelling that slowed everything down to a snail's pace.
I think you'll really have fun making this new bag, and once you experience the benefits of carrying it, you may just declare it to be your favorite everyday bag! The "AbracaNiche" features two exterior, elasticized pockets, which are perfect for stowing your cellphone, camera, sunglasses,keys, or anything else you want quick access to. The most important and unusual feature however, is the zippered storage niche in the base of the purse. Use this seperate area for storing valuable items such as your checkbook, passport, or wallet. Alternatively, use the "niche" to store all that "stuff" that normally clutters your purse.
The "AbracaNiche" pattern also includes bonus instructions for a matching Wristlet. Why carry your whole bag in to that ballgame, or worry about it's whereabouts in that dressing room? Now you can just whip out your handy Wristlet, load up the 3 roomy storage pockets, and hide your main purse in the trunk, where it will be SAFE!
Click here for more information and pictures. AND, for the month of August 2006, enjoy a $2.00 savings when you order the "AbracaNiche" online. Simply type the code SKD9 into the Coupon Box at checkout to receive your savings.
(Coupon offer expires 8/31/06, and is good only for The "AbracaNiche" pattern.)

Surf HERE for neat INFO!-Prepare for the Pump
Planning on hitting the road for a family vacation this summer? With gas prices rising, the cost of fuel may take a bigger bite out of your travel budget. Know what to expect before you leave home by taking a quick trip to the Fuel Cost Calculator! Just enter your start city, destination, and the make, model, and year of your vehicle. The Fuel Cost Calculator instantly estimates your round-trip fuel cost based on current average gas prices in your region of the country.

Cats in the News-Feline Felon Suspected in Glove Thefts!
By Jim Fitzgerald, AP Writer, Thu Jul 20, 10:57 PM ET, & submitted by alert reader Ann Horton, of Wilson, NY
A pink-and-white gardening glove was missing Thursday morning from Jeannine Goche's front porch. But there was absolutely no mystery about who had taken it. Willy, the cat who loves gloves, had struck again! "It has to be him," said Goche, an attorney. "I've heard about him."
As if the gardeners of Pelham don't have enough to worry about, with the rocky soil, the slugs, and the big trees casting too much shade, a feline felon has been sneaking into their back yards and carrying off gardening gloves. Goche's flower-patterned number may soon take it's place on the clothesline that's strung across the front fence at Willy's home, which he shares with jennifer and Dan Pifer. Above the line is a sign that says, in words and pictures, "Our cat is a glove snatcher. Please take these if yours." On Thursday morning, nine pairs of gardening gloves and five singles were strung up, nicely framed by the Pifers' flourishing tomato and basil plants. Willy, looking innocent, was playing with a beetle under the Subaru in the driveway.
Willy, born to a stray last spring and taken in by the Pifers as a newborn, stays out some nights but seems to assemble his collection in daytime raids. "Mostly it happens on weekends, I guess, when people are out gardening" Pifer said. "Can't you just imagine people saying, "The gloves were right here, where'd they go?"
John Cassone, who lives and gardens across the street, said he isn't missing any gloves. He uses "the big heavy leather kind" and figures Willy, a wiry type, isn't strong enough to drag them away. Guess again! There's a pair of the big, heavy leather kind among Willy's trophies. Willy couldn't care less about the gloves after they're captured. On Thursday he could not even be enticed into a grab-the-glove game.
In winter, when gardening gloves are hard to find, Willy switches to his off-season prey, dirty socks, which he brings in from the laundry room. "We find them in the hallway, or on the stairs," she said. "I used to think, "Oh I must have dropped it on the way down," But now I know better!" Despite his criminal nature, neighbors get a kick out of Willy. Cassone said the cat likes to accompany the mailman up and down the block, all the way to each front door. Willy also likes to climb trees and bat at the heads of people below. Since Pifer grows flowers and vegetables and herbs herself, isn't she tempted to make use of the endless supply of garden gloves that arrive at her doorstep free, shipping included? "No," she said a bit sadly. "I do a lot of gardening, but I don't use gloves!"

Love Handbags?- TuffBettybags.Com
Don't have time to make yourself a cool bag for that special event in your future? Then check out TuffBettybags.Com for a GREAT selection of unique bags that are sure to turn heads! Among my favorites are The Greensward Bag. Grassy trim frames & borders this pyramid shaped box, the PERFECT bag for an evening out! I also like the Chiweewee ala Pearls Wristlette, which features a Chihuahua impersonating Paris Hilton's famous little poochie, Tinkerbelle.

Did You Know?-
A group of cats is called a "clowder".

SKD Promotions Update-
If you've enjoyed the FabShopHops, then check out the new promotion StudioKat Designs is involved in for September! It called AniLees's Mystery Quilt Treasure Hunt. It's much like the FabShopHop, but the prizes are different. There's even daily drawings for active hunters! Sign up now! And speaking of the FabShopHop, the following folks won $10.00 e-certificates to StudioKat Designs in the march fab Shop Hop! Congratulations all!
Patricia Leshkow- Chesapeake, VA
Robin Ayers- Max Meadows, VA
Fran Simpson- Litchfield, IL
Marilyn Cox- Garden City, IA
Sue Legg- Fort Collins, CO
Marya Amig- Allentown, PA
Lorreen Hoon- Morocco, IN
PJ Fullenkamp- Troy, OH
Rita Engard- Phoenix, AZ
DL Muller- Charleston, IL
Got left out of the fun? The next FabShopHop will be in October of 2006. Sign up NOW!

Surf HERE for FUN!- How Old are YOU?
Interested in yet another birthday calculator? This one's a little different, it calculates your age, relative to the age of other famous people, or events in history. It's very cool, AND there's even a birthday card version you can send to your friends! Just click here and type in your birthdate in the pop-up box.

Monthly Trivia-
Did you know that today in San Francisco, will mark the start of the World Footbag (also known as HackySak) Championships? It's a 7-day sports event also known as the "Super Bowl of Footbag, and attracts the world's top footbag competitors from the US & 6 other countries. For more information, check out .
On a celebratory note, director Wes Craven ("Nightmare on Elm Street" and "Scream") is observing his 77th birthday today. August 2nd was also the birthday of TV's Carroll O'Connor, best known for his portrayal of the bigoted, cigar-smokin, blue-collar Archie Bunker on All in the Family. And if today is YOUR birthday, here's a great big Happy Birthday to ya from StudioKat Designs. And if today is not your birthday, you can celebrate the day anyway by playing a little "footsie" while watching a few All in the Family reruns in your husband's recliner...but please, take the cigar OUTSIDE!

Well, that's it for now, so until next month, remember!
Sewing Forever, Housework Whenever!

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