Alpaca Dryer Ball Gift Set
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"Happy Alpaca Natural Dryer Balls"
Gift Set
An attractive gift set for your store.
Undyed solid white alpaca dryer balls with a cute
"Happy Alpaca" non-toxic ink image.
Makes a great functional gift.
Also available:

100 Ball Bulk Sets at Discount
solid white - no image

If you haven't checked in a while, we have a LOT of 
new alpaca products for your store.
Thinking about National Alpaca Farm Days... 
National Alpaca Farm Days is coming up! 
Sat & Sun, September 28-29, 2019

It's a great annual opportunity
to show off your farm to local customers and 
build your local following.  
Show off your operation, your alpacas and your collection
of fun, useful and luxurious alpaca products. 
Alpaca products show what alpacas are "for", 
add $$$ to your business and keep your 
farm prospects connected to you. 
Be known as the local source for
unique alpaca gift products.
We're VERY stocked right now but some products now
in stock will not replenish until AFTER NAFD
  so please consider ordering NOW.
See VACATION below.
Taking Some Time for FUN
Summer is the slow season around here (but it really has not
been that slow this year!) Anyway, before the super-busy 
fall arrives we're hitting the road for 2 weeks and will not be
available to fill orders during that time.
The 2nd half of August (16th-31st)
BTW, Jax and Lovey will be vacationing with us,
posting from the road, whie camping and making new friends. 

See them on Facebook and Twitter #JaxAndLovey

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