After a few false starts, it seems as if spring has finally sprung, if the uplifting splashes of vibrant yellow of daffs, bobbing their heads in a warm(ish) breeze are anything to go by!

It’s lovely to see lambs gambolling in fields, and feel warm sun on my face. Nature is simply amazing, and that includes all the many and varied animals who share the world with us, and help us in so many ways. 

On this subject, just despatched to the printer for publication in May this year is a truly inspiring book: Unleashing the healing power of animals is a fascinating look at animal assisted therapy. Amazingly, some of the animals who take part in this invaluable work are maybe not what you might expect: who would’ve thought, for example, that skunks, ferrets, snakes, chinchillas and millipedes have a vital role to play in reaching out to those with mental health issues, and can bring comfort and reassurance to the old and lonely? The book’s author, Dale Preece-Kelly, and his much-loved therapy ‘assistants' are a revelation! 
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Jude Brooks,
It's a DATE …
#BringYourDogToWorkDay 2017 is go … GRAB YOUR DIARY! 
Last year’s #BringYourDogToWorkDay was a massive success, with businesses across the UK welcoming dogs into the workplace … and we'll be participating once again this year!

HOWND®, the cruelty-free pet grooming product company that came up with the idea, is holding the fourth BYDTWD, and this year it’s all set for Friday 23rd June.
The idea behind BYDTWD (raising money for good causes such as All Dogs Matter aside), is to raise awareness of the many benefits of having dogs … and other animals … in your workplace (‘elf and safety allowing, of course). From reduced stress levels and increased job satisfaction, to better team cooperation and higher morale, many benefits have been found via numerous scientific studies. So tell your boss.

One of the best things about BYDTWD is that you don’t have to take your dog to work to join in. You don’t even need to own a pet! You can get involved on social media, with the hashtag #BringYourDogToWorkDay, for example. Or you can become an official sponsor, either as an individual, or as a business. You don’t even need to own a dog to partake … just look at Ziggy, right, who participated last year …

You can find more details over on our blog. And check out the official website – it tells you all you need to know about getting involved, and how you can sponsor the event … you can even upload a ‘Pooch Selfie’ onto the Dog With A Job Hall of Fame.’

Rest assured, we’ll bring you all the news and photos from Hubble & Hattie's #BringYourDogToWorkDay in July's Animal Magic.

Ziggy … one of last year's participants.
MOB Rules!
This month in Animal Magic, we take a look at an organisation that's anything but anarchic …
Animal training methods vary greatly, some being very effective, and others being … well … pretty useless. But there's one method that's generally accepted as the most effective, and kind to the animal: force-free positive reinforcement methods are the way to go.

Bring on the MOB
Liam’s MOB isn't actualy a mob, of course: MOB is an acronym for 'Men On Board,' whose aim is to get more 'men on board' with its approach to dog training.
Liam Landymore founded Liam's MOB when he was just 15 years old, with the help of Sarah Fisher, and has a unique mission: to inspire and encourage male dog owners to be proactive in the use of force-free, positive training, and to educate about dog/child safety.
Liam, with the help of Dogs Heping Kids, has been training his own Personal Support Dog, Charlie (he's the handsome chap in the photo with Liam, below), who's the first dog of his kind with the charity, and helps Liam to overcome PTSD. Now, it just so happens that Liam is a pretty good animal trainer … dogs, chickens, cows … you name it, and he wanted to share his passion for force-free training, and demonstrate the help, support, and companionship that comes from being with a well-trained, happy dog. In Liam’s own words:

Liam, with Charlie, his Personal Support Dog.
“I am really lucky to have a great team behind me, and we are all committed to showing everyone that building a relationship with your dog through loyalty, friendship, trust, kindness and respect can create a fun, lifelong bond with your dog.”

Liam has assembled a great team in the MOB … Sarah Fisher and Anthony Head, to name just two … head over to the MOB's website to meet the team (it's being updated at the moment).
Liam's MOB were also in attendance at WOOF! this year, and Dog Log caught up with Liam to ask him about how the MOB came to be, its aims, and generally talk animal … click the pic below to watch the video.
We think Liam's MOB is a fantastic idea, and one that is truly unique in its aims and focus. Of course, there's always plenty of room for more Men On Board, and you can get involved by taking the pledge to be united for dogs. Head over to the Liam's MOB website, and see how you can show your commitment to force-free training. Ladies can join, too!
As mentioned, Liam's MOB is currently updating its website – – and you can expect to see some very, very exciting projects from Liam and MOB soon …
Watch this space!

Chrysler Gives a Dog a Job
As regular readers will know, we like to highlight auto makers who are prepared to go that little bit further in helping people and animals. Chrysler has teamed up with Canine Companions for Independence® for a very special initiative … 
Foley … CCI dog in training!
This cute fella, left, is Foley, a Golden Retriever/Labrador cross, and he’s embarking on a 2-year programme that will turn him into a highly trained assistance dog for Canine Companions for Independence®. CCI is a US organisation which provides assistance dogs, free of charge, to children, adults, and veterans with disabilities.

Established in 1975, CCI has since trained over 5300 assistance dog teams, and has six centres across the US. With over 3000 volunteers across the country, it’s recognised worldwide for the excellence of its dogs, and the quality and longevity of the matches it makes between dogs and people

Chrysler has partnered with CCI to launch a new online social initiative, to help raise awareness and support for the training and placement of dogs such as Foley, through the ‘Give a Dog a Job’ campaign.
The campaign follows Foley through his formal training, with his recently assigned puppy raiser, and fans can engage with him through the #RaisingFoley and #FoleyFriday hashtags on facebook, twitter, and instagram.
Chrysler and BraunAbility®, manufacturer of wheelchairs and lifting equipment, recently teamed up to design a wheelchair-accessible Chrysler Pacifica minivan. The result was the largest interior space, and the widest door opening and side-entry ramp in the industry. That’s pretty impressive. So who better to to help those with CCI dogs, than Chrysler?!
Under the Give a Dog a Job campaign, trained service dogs across the US are empowering wheelchair users daily by completing everyday activities – including such things as getting in and out of their wheelchair-accessible vehicles.
There are currently hundreds of people on the waiting list to receive a CCI dog, which is provided to a person with a disability free of charge. The dogs take two years to fully train, including six to nine months of professional training. This doesn’t come cheap: to raise, train, place, and support a certified assistance dog amounts to an investment of over £40,000. Needless to say, any help is appreciated, and followers can donate at
We think the Give a Dog a Job campaign is a wonderful idea, and is really making a difference to peoples' lives across the US.
Other auto makers, take note!
It's tiring work, this.
Assistance dogs in the making!
Mike & Scrabble's Brighton Book Signing Adventure
Hubble & Hattie’s favourite graphic duo have been book signing. Cue cute pooches … 
Mike Dicks and Scrabble are one busy combo, but that hasn’t stopped them from meeting public and pooches alike whilst book signing at Zorian Artworks gallery, on Brighton beach.

Book signings are great opportunities for authors to meet the public, and a great way to discover first-hand why someone likes a book. Of course, in Mike and Scrabble’s case, it’s not only people who are queueing up to meet the authors, but also the wise dogs who are training their own humans.
So, with a profusion of pooches expected, provisions were made to ensure that all dogs and their humans would be as comfortable as could be … delicious and refreshing (or so we’re reliably informed) Chicken and Beef flavoured dog beer from Snuffle was on tap, and doggy bags full of goodies, including water bowls and poop bags, courtesy of DogBuddy, were handed out. Well-behaved humans were also catered for, of course.
“It’s been glorious today,” says Mike, “meeting dogs from Brighton and meeting people who have followed Scrabble and I on Twitter or Facebook, and who have suddenly figured out we are down here is amazing."

As fans will know, Mike and Scrabble’s relationship came about during difficult times for Mike, so it’s no surprise that there were plenty of people in attendance who had also been supported through difficult times by their dogs, and found a real connection with Mike&Scrabble.

Mike says, “The stories that people tell are just amazing – it’s been a joy. You sit there on social media or writing in your PJs at your desk, and you do get likes and affirmation from people – but when you meet somebody who's actually touched by your story then it’s a whole different feeling.”

Of course, we all know you want to see the dogs who attended … extra special thanks to Brighton Journal, Alex Finn, and Adam Heppell for letting us use these  …
Loki, and owner, Sarah. 
You can read the full article on the Brighton Journal’s website, here, and its full interview with Mike Dicks, and Scrabble, here.

Expect to see many more exciting projects coming from Mike and Scrabble this year … watch this space!

Ollie and Nina and …
The latest daft doggy doings … 

Watch this space, and also check out the dippy doggies and their daft doings on facebook …

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