While Philadelphia is celebrating its Hidden City Festival this week, Israel just celebrated Shimon Peres' 90th birthday! There's an old Jewish joke that goes like
this: The Synagogue President greets the Rabbi. "You will be pleased to know Rabbi that last night the board of directors voted 8-5 in favor of wishing you a happy birthday." In that spirit, we have two articles related to the Israeli President's birthday extravaganza: one for and one against
Meanwhile, Technion (Israel Institute of Technology) has completed its 100th year so we have a couple of great videos on their groundbreaking research as well as Google's purchase of Israeli startup Waze for $1.03 billion! You can also compare how the American and Australian Commanders-in-Chief President Barack Obama and General David Morrison have responded to allegations of sexual harrssement in the military and contrast the reaction this has solicited.
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  • Beyond Hunger: Strawberry shortcake at the Feast in the Field Festival.
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