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New Year … New Books
Wonderful walks from Dog-friendly campsites throughout the UK
2018 was an outstanding year in the UK, weather-wise, unsurprisingly leading to a big increase in the number of people opting for 'outdoor' holidays. Camping (and glamping) has always been a popular option for us Brits, but for us Brits with dogs, it can be a little trickier to find a destination that ticks all the boxes. Enter our first book of 2019 … 
Wonderful walks from dog-friendly campsites throughout the UK was written and researched by Anna Chelmicka. Retiring from teaching after a 30-year career, Anna finally had the chance to pursue her diverse range of interests. Throughout this time, She was influenced significantly by Ruby, her dog, and together they travelled around the UK and Europe in her motorhome. It was during these travels that Anna realised that there was very little information available to camping dog owners, so she began writing articles and snapping photos to go with them, having some published in magazines. 
After Ruby's demise, Anna wrote a book about her life with Ruby (My Friend Ruby), and continued to travel in her motorhome, first with Ruby's daughter, Amber, then Pearl, Ruby's granddaughter. A series of articles entitled Wonderful Walks, covering walks from campsites, were published in Motorhome Monthly Magazine, leading to the creation of her new book for Hubble & Hattie.
Anna and Pearl
Wonderful walks from dog-friendly campsites throughout the UK is precisely that!: a fantastic collection of 45 walks, each from a campsite that's dog-friendly, and each allowing you to appreciate the countryside with your dog. Uniquely combining the joys of camping with the delights of walking with your dog, Anna's book contains details of a variety of campsites, all of which welcome dogs, and some of which provide special facilities for your canine companion.

All of the campsites are located very close to footpaths and walking trails, and, as well as identifying the distinctive characteristics of the area, there are detailed instructions for two walks from each campsite – one longer route, one shorter route. 

If you like camping and love taking along your dog, but aren’t sure where to go, this book will help you find the perfect location for a weekend jaunt; the facilities you need to explore a region – or even to tour the UK!
Due in stock in February next year.

Stride out with your dog from a campsite. Follow nearby footpaths and byways to explore the surrounding countryside.
• 45 superb circular walks from 23 campsites
• Appreciating the countryside in the company of your four legged companion
• Campsites big and small, that are close to footpaths and walking routes
• Star rated campsites for your dog
• Featuring 23 short circular walks of between 4 and 6 miles ...
• ... and 22 long circular walks of between 8 and 11 miles
• An experienced look at camping experiences for dogs
• Weekend walking excursions with your dog
• Touring the UK and experiencing British countryside and campsites
• Exploring areas within easy reach of campsites
Price £14.99 UK • $19.99 USA • $25.99 CAN
SKU HH5045 Format Paperback • 22.5x15.2cm • 248 pages • 146 colour images and maps
ISBN 978-1-787110-45-8 UPC 6-36847-01045-4
Office Dogs: The Manual
Bring your dog to work day – EVERY day!
If you know anything about us, you know we love dog-friendly workplaces. Research is revealing more and more of the positive benefits that taking your dog to work brings, and 'millenials' are now more likely to have pets than children, so it's no wonder everyone wants to take their pooches to work. But operating a dog-friendly office requires some very careful planning and preparation, from everyone involved … so, where do you start?

Right here! The second book lined up for 2019 comes from canine trainer Stephanie Rousseau, who has long taken an holistic view in her work with dogs. Steph is passionate about dog behaviour, and has developed a particular interest in facilitating dogs in human workplaces. She currently sits on the board of the PDTE (Pet Dog Trainers of Europe), and is its country represent for Ireland. She has two dogs; a Greyhound called Fia and an ex-laboratory Beagle-cross called Ferdia.
Steph has created this comprehensive guide which, uniquely, gives us an insight from the dog's perspective. The book provides plenty of practical advice for making your dog-friendly office a success for everyone. Covering the entire process, from getting the support of colleague to the vital policy considerations that your employer will need to address, Steph has created a gem of a manual.
There are plenty of helpful, ready-to-use materials that you can use in the office, plus eal-life case studies of workplace dog successes throughout, making this an essential read for owners, employers, those who work with dogs professionally, and those who are simply lucky enough to share their office with a dog.

Due in stock February next year
A comprehensive guide to dogs in the workplace. Uniquely, this book gives insight from the dog's perspective, whilst also providing plenty of practical advice for making your dog a success in the office! It takes you through the entire process, from gaining the support of your colleagues to policy considerations for the employer.
• The benefits and pitfalls of having dogs in the office
• Things to consider before bringing your dog to work
• Case studies illustrating how office life has worked for a variety of dogs
• Learn what policies other businesses have in place
• How to meet your dog's needs in and out of the office
• Considering the dog's perspective on being in your workplace
• Trouble-shooting common problems in office dogs
• What to bring with you to set up your dog  for success
• More than one dog in the office? Learn about successful introductions
• Leveraging the support of your colleagues for a successful office dog

Price £9.99 UK • $12.99 USA • $16.99 CAN
SKU HH5381 Format Paperback • 22.5x15.2cm • 80 pages • 50 colour images
ISBN 978-1-787113-81-7 UPC 6-36847-01381-3
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Dog-friendly Gardening – HH4410 12.99 2.59 10.40
Partners-Everyday Working Dogs – HH4420 19.99 3.99 16.00
Health & Wellbeing
Living with an Older Dog – HH4335 12.99 2.59 10.40
My dog has Arthritis – HH4418 9.99 1.99 8.00
My dog has Cruciate Ligament Injury – HH4383 9.99 1.99 8.00
My dog has Hip Dysplasia – HH4382 9.99 1.99 8.00
My Dog, my Friend – HH4610 14.99 2.99 12.00
Camper vans, ex-pats & Spanish hounds – HH4570 10.99 2.19 8.80
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Brexit pups
Could Brexit be brilliant for puppies?
With Brexit imminent, a group of campaigners are hoping to take the opportunity to close a loophole and improve the welfare of puppies in the UK.

Current EU laws are pretty comprehensive when it comes to animal welfare, and have put the EU well ahead of the rest of the world in many areas of environmental legislation. But, as with all legislation, there are loopholes; in this case, loopholes that enable hundreds of underage and pregnant dogs to be shipped thousands of miles from Eastern Europe to the UK, in horrendous conditions. 
Illegal transports such as this are fuelling the puppy trade across the EU and the UK, but Dogs Trust predicts an increase in such smuggling in the run-up to Christmas, and is approaching MPs, asking them to plug these loopholes.
Its investigation revealed shocking welfare conditions and a total disregard for the lives of the animals being smuggled. Some spend over 30 hours in excessive heat, tortuously cramped and filthy conditions, with no toilet break, and almost no water.
Many don’t survive the journey, and of those who do, some will experience permanent behavioural and physical issues as a result of their treatment. Profit is the only thing that the smugglers are interested in, which also means legal checks and paperwork are circumvented, increasing the risk of bringing highly contagious and damaging diseases into the UK.
Dogs Trust see this as the opportunity of a lifetime to ensure that the UK’s animal welfare standards are the best. They're asking MPs to make pre-travel checks much more robust after Brexit, and want to see far stricter fines imposed on those who break the law, and to act as a stronger deterrent. They also wish to see waiting periods post-vaccination aligned with rabies incubation periods, for extra bio-security. You can find out more about Dogs Trust's work in this area, and many others, on its issues and campaigns page here: https://www.dogstrust.org.uk/news-events/issues-campaigns/

We all know Christmas is not the best time to buy a puppy or pet of any kind, but unscrupulous dealers and breeders know that there will be more demand, and up their smuggling efforts accordingly. If, however, you are considering buying a puppy, no matter when, heed this advice from the Dogs Trust, and always get further advice if you have any doubts.
Praise from Down-Under
Robyn Youl shows that Worzel is more than just a luffly boykin
Robyn Youl from the Geelong Obedience Dog Club, Australia, casts her eye over Worzel's fourth book, and reveals the surprising depth and breadth of Worzel's writings …
Hubble & Hattie were West Highland White Terriers, immortalised by Jude and Rod in 2009 with their very own website www.hubbleandhattie.com.

Hubble & Hattie Guiding Light for Animal Rights. A kennel full of writers dedicated to creating books that will endure as a beacon for all humans. 

Hubble & Hattie embraces trustees of our Animal Kingdom. Worzel Wooface has been a dynamic member of its marvellous kennel club for 5 years.
Hubble & Hattie is dedicated to the The Ten Trusts of Jane Goodall and Marc Bekoff. Worzel Wooface presents a world as a dog might see it. He does so with sagacity and humour. Don’t scoff at anthropomorphism. Let a Lurcher loose in your brain. See it from a dog’s perspective. Wallow in a slimy, muddy pond with 67 carp, catch a mole, observe the sex life of Darwin the blackbird. See a human family interact through the enlighted eyes of a Lurcher.  Stop reading. Pause to hear your own breath. Think of all those living things that share air with you! Be glad to be one species of so many creations. Rejoice with Worzel. Celebrate the First Trust: Rejoice that we are part of the Animal Kingdom
Worzel lives because the Pickles family truly cares. He is a complex, sentient being with many emotional problems. Rehabilitation has not been easy for his family or for him. Worzel and his human family rescued 67 gasping carp and relocated a mole into a nearby paddock. The Pickles family in its own small way respects the Second Trust: respect all life
Worzel’s advice: If you does want to be a pack leader go and join the Scouts, they is quite actual desperate for them. Follow the Third Trust: Open our minds, in humility to animals and learn from themEach animal inhabits a body with needs. We are animals too. We respond to human biological and emotional needs, just as dogs do. Seeing life through Worzel’s hi-balls is indeed an exercise in humility for the Pickles. Very few couples have a Lurcher as a marriage guidance counsellor. Worzel is especially strong on the art of compo-wise in relationships.
For the quite very actual amazing love of Worxel Wooface is a fabumazing addition to a school or public library. Buy it to enhance the personal library of a child or young adult. Show your commitment to the Fourth Trust: Teach our children to respect and love nature.  Worzel is still fearful, just as wild things are. Respect is about distance and offering peace. Respect is humans exercising impulse control.
Leap into joyous life with the Literary Lurcher. Join the crusade of Worzel the Lion Heart to discover the very centre of what life is all about. Worzel invites you to walk the way of a caring hooman. You are responsible for the. Fifth Trust: Be wise stewards of life on earth. 
Stop and listen. Hear the chirp of a cricket, the soft swish of leaves in a breeze. Hark to Darwin yellering about I-am-a-fabumazing Blackbird-come-and-make-baby-birdies-with-me. Listen intently for the Sixth Trust: Value and help preserve the sounds of nature. 
Unlike many sight hounds Worzel is an observer – not a hunter. He does diggering up the grass to see his moley friend. Join Worzel by upholding the Seventh Trust: Refrain from harming life in order to learn about it. Worzel’s moley friend is adamant that he does NOT want Worzel to learn about HIM!
Catherine Pickles’ brilliant combination of imagination and humour revives the wisdom of Francis Bacon: Imagination was given to man to compensate for what he is not; a sense of humour to console him for what he is. She has opened her heart and her family life to the world through Worzel Wooface. Carol is a consummate comedian. Worzel is the canine essence of a ventriloquist doll. He confides that his Mum’s bum burps all night!! Catherine is brave enough to empower Worzel to enlighten us to just what DOES go on in an English Lurcher household. For the quite very actual love of Worzel Wooface is a testament to the Eighth Testament: Have the courage of our convictions
The Pickles family are consummate networkers. Worzel is a Hounds First Sighthound rescue. He is an ambassador for those who care deeply about the fate of unwanted dogs. His ginormous presence is a conduit through which we can feel good about ourselves and about one another. Worzel wants us to help him in his himportant work to edercate peoples about the Ways of the World. February 1 is World Galgo Day. It is the last day of the Spanish hunting season. Some of the peoples who use their dogs for hunting do hunspeakable fing to their dogs.  Orrific.
Worzel is grateful and full of praise for his rescuers. The Pickles family is a microcosm of how praise and help can pave the way. Worzel knows that an animal’s needs can never be met by unhappy hoomans. Positive people co-operate to preserve and enhance safe environments for all living things. The Ninth Trust: Praise and help those who work for animals and the natural world begins at home. Safe happy families unite to create safe happy societies that understand that we all have an active role to play in protecting our planet.
Walk with Worzel. Celebrate survival. Praise Darwin. Learn trust and love. Give back. Our world desperately needs Worzel Warriors.

Become a barker for Hubble & Hattie. 

Explore the fabumazing talents of  Hubble & Hattie writers, editors, illustrators and photographers.

The mission of Hubble & Hattie is to unite and empower the millions of readers who deeply care about all life on planet earth.
Learn to cherish our living planet with Hubble & Hattie.

Hubble & Hattie binds us all to the Tenth Trust: Act knowing we are not alone and live with hope.
Robyn Youl
Teacher  Librarian
Tutor Geelong U3A Dog Handling Skills

For the quite very actual love of Worzel
The eagerly-awaited fourth instalment from Worzel, the literary Lurcher … funny, touching, honest … and very real.
• Worzel’s fourth year
• The continuing story of the world’s favourite literary Lurcher
• A new era – and this time no-one’s in charge!
• A blackbird called Darwin
• New friends, old friends, and cats … always cats
• Poems that only a Lurcher could write
• More words of wisdom from a rescue Lurcher and his chaotic family
• The world through the eyes of a dog
• Funny, honest, touching, and very real
Price £9.99 UK • $13.99 USA • $18.99 CAN
SKU HH5291 Format Paperback • 22.5x15.2cm • 160 pages • 50 colour images
ISBN 978-1-787112-91-9 UPC 6-36847-01291-5
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Time for walkies!
Who doesn't love a good dog walking holiday? All that fresh air and picturesque scenery – and not forgetting that walking holidays are enjoyable year-round. Best of all, they are the perfect holidays for you and your canine companion!
Lily & Laura Update
It's been a little while since we last heard what Laura Hamilton and her dog, Lily, have been up to, so we're bringing you up to speed in today's blog – as well as providing a preview at what 2019 has in store for this dynamic duo!

Could your pet be an Instagram star?
There won’t be many animal lovers who haven’t heard of Grumpy Cat, that social media feline phenomenon. He’s a sad-looking puss who now has 2.4 million followers on Instagram, 8.6m on Facebook, an extensive product range that includes calendars, clothing, books, shoes and more, plus a significantly wealthier (and not sad) owner as a result!

Unilever and animal testing – a positive step towards a global ban
Testing on animals is, quite deservedly, a subject that is divisive and emotional. Heart-rending images have appeared in the media over the years, for example of rabbits having chemicals dropped in their eyes, that are hard to forget once seen.

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Ollie and Nina and …
The latest daft doggy doings … 

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