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In the last issue I decided to start a series of
articles with information about flea and tick treatment
and prevention. In case you missed it, here's a link
to my cat health blog with a question from a reader:


(Thanks to Skip for letting us put him and his kitty in the spotlight...again!)


Today I'd like to tell you about a new product I just
discovered. I don't even remember how I found it.
It's called 'Best Yet' by CedarCide.

Before I forget, their website is cedarcide.com.
Check these two pages for product information:

http://www.cedarcidestore.com/cedarproducts.html, and

We haven't seen any fleas here, but the ticks are
all over the place, so we needed something that
- really works!
- is affordable!
- is non-toxic!

I'm happy to report that the product I just bought
fills the bill.

Last year we used Frontline on the dogs and TriForce
on the cats. It nearly broke the bank treating everyone.

This year we have spent less for a completely non-toxic
product that really works. The only thing that could be
an issue is the smell. It's made from a specific species
of cedar tree. It's quite strong, and is nothing like
Grandma's cedar chest with its pleasant aroma that used to
evoke happy memories. No, this stuff will make your eyes
water for a moment.

But it's the real deal for effectiveness and safety.
And that makes it a good choice.

I got the one quart spray bottle for $29 (they have free
shipping on your first order) and it's very easy to apply.
The cats don't like it (they HATE it), but the dogs are
very cooperative about it.

The very day it arrived, I found a tick on one of the cats.
I simply sprayed some Best Yet on his back, and the tick
died within 15 minutes. But the best part was seeing it
instantly disabled and it couldn't move. I was able to
simply comb it out of the cat's fur. Boy, that tick never
knew what hit him. Or maybe he spent 15 minutes wondering
what it was.

If you have an entrepreneurial spirit:
The company does have a "business in a bucket" they sell
if you want to start your own pest control company. But
the minimum investment is $500. Their products are the most
effective you can find that are also safe for all animals
and people. Bottom line for me: I can't afford to do that,
but feel free to sign up if you'd like to. I'd even be your
first customer. I'm very impressed with this product.


Here is an article about dental and oral health for cats
on my blog:



Here are some cool stories from my good friend, Bob Evans:

Horace, Lost Cat, Finds His Way Home After Three Weeks
With Two Broken Legs http://huff.to/IzLGHn

Restless Nights? Sleep With a Pet!

New Home for World’s Rarest Wild Cat:

Cat Loves His Bearded Dragon (video)

Cat Shows Serious Hops To Open Freezer (video)
http://shar.es/rfHe8 This is hilarious!

Court Rules Against Woman’s Will Ordering Healthy Cat
To Be Euthanized http://cbsloc.al/Hp9omt

Marshmallow, The Tiny Kitten That Could (Video + story)

Mama Cat Cares for Orphaned Baby Raccoon:

And thanks to Judy for this:

Camera catches rare photo of elusive Canadian lynx
(I actually saw one of these cats on a trip through Canada!)


There have been some more petfood recalls in the last
couple of months. Stay informed by checking these sites:

1. http://www.avma.org/petfoodsafety/recalls/2012/default.asp
(from the American Veterinary Medical Association -
a review of many of the latest petfood recalls and alerts.)

2. http://www.accessdata.fda.gov/scripts/newpetfoodrecalls
(from the US Food and Drug Administration) More complete
than the AVMA site.


Here's that helpful note from Karen again:

"I kept forgetting to go to the feed animals links,
so I came up with a solution. I have been doing it
for over month. I put a reminder on my daily calendar,
so now I get an alert every day at 10am. I also have
these links in a bookmark folder on my bookmarks bar
in Safari. (I am on a Mac, so all this might have to
be done differently on a PC, but I am sure there's a
way.) When I get the alert to feed animals, I click
the bookmark folder and choose the option to open in
tabs. I click as appropriate and am done. It takes no
more than 30 seconds in all, if that much."

My links:
http://www.givelitter.com/vote/ (this one gives litter, not food)


Flea and tick tag, from Online Natural Pet Store:



Another natural flea tag:


Scroll down the page for more (free) information about
controlling fleas.


Ticks and flea treatment, dangers of using the wrong meds.



Flea Control Secrets book:


WEB SITES to explore

Helpful information if you're traveling with your pet:


Video on pets choking


MY "FIVERR GIG" (in case you need some pictures of cats!)


Cat wakes owners at 5 a.m. with annoying game:

Thanks to John for this one!


This is very cute: Using an iPad to help cats create art!

Thanks to Amy for finding this one!


As always, check out the latest video on my website:


These sites provide up to date information on how to help animals:

1. http://www.hipaws.com/help.html
Help feed the kitties that didn't get adopted. There is a secure
PayPal donation button at the bottom of the page.

2. Always remember to check with your local shelter
to see what they need. Your donation will go directly
to the animals, in sharp contrast to some of the large
national groups, whose donation income goes toward
large administrative salaries and other expenses, not
necessarily for animals.

3. Tell these people to stop torturing cats in the name of
medical training: http://bit.ly/HEpOuP

UPDATE (Thanks, Gwen!): Local residents near the university
have held a protest and delivered the petitions to the
school to do what's right. However, the article did not
say they had stopped hurting the cats yet. So give them a
piece of your mind if you feel so moved. Maybe this won't
get swept under their rug. (Maybe you could even send them
the following link!)

4. New Technology More Effective Than Animal Experiments


Watch for your next issue of The Kitty Times in 2 weeks!

Purrs and nosetaps,

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mskitty @ theproblemcat.com


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