hip hop jailJailed for 'Stop-Loss' Hip Hop song
Stop-lossed Army Spc Marc Hall remains in the Liberty County Jail (Hinesville, GA) for speaking out against the policy that has kept him from exiting the military. Specifically, he is jailed for recording a song! Musicians, artists, and defenders of speech are beginning to organize to free Marc.

Support Eric Jasinski!
Iraq War intelligence analyst forced to go AWOL last year for proper PTSD care. Please support Eric by making a donation to his defense at couragetoresist.org/eric

Cliff Cornell to be released early
Successful clemency effort funded by Courage to Resist supporters results in reduction of sentence. Cliff is now expected to be released on or about January 16.

Veterans call for troops to refuse
March Forward!, an ANSWER Coalition affiliate, has renewed the “political challenge to troops” call done last by Call to Conscience back in 2003.


Jailed for 'Stop-Loss' Hip Hop song

ImageBy Courage to Resist. Updated December 21, 2009

Stop-lossed Army Specialist Marc Hall (aka Hip Hop artist Marc Watercus) was placed in the Liberty County Jail Friday, December 11 for speaking out against the continuing policy that has barred him from exiting the military, including recording an angry and explicit song.

Marc Hall is the self-professed "first Hip Hop President of the World", with the issue of ending the Army's "Stop Loss" program being at the top of his agenda. On a music website, he explains, "I am a political artist. I rap about real issues in life in hopes to recover a solution. Life is based on decisions we make. So we should make decisions that will make us better in the future and fully aware in the present."

He was shipped off to jail after talking to to his Ft Stewart, Georgia commander Captain Cross about not wanting to redeploy. The military currently intends to keep Marc in pre-trial confinement until they court martial him months from now for a violation of Article 134 of the Uniform Code of Military Justice, which covers "all disorders and neglects to the prejudice of good order and discipline" and "all conduct of a nature to bring discredit upon the armed forces." In other words, for an angry song entitled "Stop Loss" that artistically expresses some of his frustrations.

Call the jail at 912-876-6411 to demand an end to this illegal confinement. Also send letters of protest to: CPT Cross, Commander, B 2-7 INF BN, Fort Stewart GA 31314. Marc is being represented by civilian Washington DC lawyer Jim Klimaski.

Listen to the song and


Support Eric Jasinski!
Forced to go AWOL for PTSD care

eric jasinskiPlease support Eric by making a donation to his legal defense fund at couragetoresist.org/eric

By Dahr Jamail, IPS News. December 11, 2009

MARFA, Texas - With a military health care system over-stretched by two ongoing wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, more soldiers are deciding to go absent without leave (AWOL) in order to find treatment for post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

Eric Jasinski enlisted in the military in 2005, and deployed to Iraq in October 2006 as an intelligence analyst with the U.S. Army. He collected intelligence in order to put together strike packets - where air strikes would take place.



Cliff Cornell to be released early from brig
Successful clemency effort funded by Courage to Resist supporters

https://ymlp.com/https.php?id=www.couragetoresist.org/x/images/stories/canada/cornell-hero250.jpgBy Courage to Resist.
December 21, 2009

Iraq War resister Cliff Cornell was granted a 30 day reduction to his one year jail sentence this week. The Commanding General of Fort Stewart, Georgia knocked off the month in response to a clemency request filed by Cliff’s civilian attorney James Branum of Oklahoma. Cliff is now expected to be released on or about January 16, 2010.

Clemency appeals (known as “1105 requests” in military justice terminology) are rarely granted. However, Courage to Resist continued to fund Cliff’s post-conviction legal defense despite the odds. Our efforts, made possible by your donations, paid off for Cliff! We’re still about $500 short of being able to pay Cliff’s final legal bill. Although we have closed our separate fundraising page for Cliff, please donate at couragetoresist.org/donate

Photo: Cliff Cornell supporter attends vigil outside jail



Activist vets group calls for troops to refuse

ImageMarch Forward!, an ANSWER Coalition affiliate, has renewed the “political challenge to troops” call done last by Call to Conscience back in 2003. Courage to Resist is not affiliated with either (or any political organization), but we appreciate the efforts.

By Dahr Jamail, Truthout.
December 14, 2009

In response to President Barack Obama's announcement on December 1 to deploy 30,000 additional troops to the occupation of Afghanistan, the organization March Forward!, comprising both veterans and active-duty members of the US military, has called on all soldiers to refuse their orders to deploy.

"March Forward! calls on all service members to refuse orders to deploy to Afghanistan and Iraq," reads a press release from the group from December 3. "We offer our unconditional support and solidarity. Join us in the fight to ensure that no more soldiers or civilians lose their lives in these criminal wars."

Photo: James Circello, former Army sergeant and veteran of the US occupation of Iraq.


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