Last week Pennsylvanians selected a new governor, and across the country Americans chose who would represent them in Congress. Today is Veterans Day and we honor our brave soldiers who put themselves into harms way in order defend our democracy.
Unfortunately, many Americans take our freedoms for granted, and voter turnout overall this year was only 36.3% - the lowest since World War II.
Democracy is not a spectator sport. Honor the sacrifice of our veterans and get involved in your community and in the causes that concern you.
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Jewish veterans will be honored today at the National Harbor in Maryland.
An open internet is essential to the American economy.
U.S. Army First Lieutenant Alonzo Cushing (born January 19, 1841 Delafield, Wisconsin, died July 3, 1863 Gettysburg, Pennsylvania).
GOP takes control of Senate and increases their margin in the House.
1st Lt. Alonzo Cushing's fearless leadership key in Union's victory at Gettysburg.



The 7th Annual Israeli JazzPhest has mainstream appeal and the “guts” of jazz.



The Israeli JazzPhest continues with Oran Etkin and the Yemen Blues.

Sunday, November 16:

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