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Upcoming meetings and events.
What's Coming:
Town Planning Commission meeting...
June 24, 2010
Next Town Council Meeting... June 17, 2010.
Huntsville Newsletter:
Independence Day Celebration Begins Tonight
The Celebration begins with a play tonight...
"Valley School Daze"
The play features Lewis Johnson as principal and is being produced by the McKay sisters (Mary Stirland, Liz Seamons and Willie Richardson).
Friday, June 2, 2010 at 5:30 PM
and Saturday @ 5:30 PM
Huntsville LDS Church Gym
Our intel has informed us that it is incredible.
Would you like to be part of our July 3rd Hypnotist Show?
Shawn Paulsen is one of the top stage hypnotists in the west and we are pleased to have him return to Huntsville this year thanks to funding from a Weber County RAMP Grant.  Shawn's show begins at 6:40 PM July 3rd.

We are striving to have more Huntsville and Ogden Valley residents on stage.

If you would like the opportunity to be one of Shawn's stage subjects, then please contact Richard Sorensen by replying to this email or by calling 801-791-7004.    (Participants must be 14 years of age or older.)

Skydiver's To Make A Special Delivery At 8:45 PM July 3rd

Huntsville is extremely fortunate to have Jump-master Blake Meibos and team Sky Dive into the Huntsville Park again this year thanks to the Weber County RAMP Grant.

As one of the top skydiving teams in the state, Blake's team was scheduled to jump into the Stadium of Fire prior to Carrie Underwood's performance.

As a favor to the residents of Huntsville, Blake's team gave up their stadium jump to return to Huntsville again this year.  Blake will be delivering a special surprise to Huntsville during his arrival in the park (some may consider it a booby prize).

Jumping into our park is quite dicey as large trees and baseball backstops typically don't mix well with parachutes.  Two years ago, Ralph Hansen approached Blake after the jump and said, "I had to meet the crazy guy in the Red chute."  Many felt the same way.
Be sure to be in the park at 8:45 PM for the special delivery.
Other Events Not to be missed

Flag Ceremony @ 8 am

This year's celebration will be one of the best ever, but there are several events that you can't miss.
The flag raising ceremony will be held in the center of the park at 8 am.  It will be a full ceremony with horses, Union Army era soldiers and modern day Huntsville heros who have served multiple tours in Iraq and Afghanistan.
The ceremony is being produced by Cooper Johnson as a eagle scout project and is being held later in the morning so more can attend.
Patriotic Program immediately following the parade at the park stage
Doug Allen has put together another incredible patriotic where a special World War II vet from Huntsville will be honored.  The Scholorship speech contest will also take place during the special program.
Park Cleanup Sunday Morning

No one likes to work on Sunday but sometimes it is a necessity and we are urging everyone to help clean up the park Sunday beginning at about 8 or 9 AM.
The more help we get the faster it will go, but with enough volunteers it typically only takes an hour or two.
Huntsville Toll Road  Update From Mayor Truett
Dear friends and neighbors of Huntsville,
As you may probably know we implemented a toll booth on 1st street just before Memorial Weekend to help collect from the heavy users of this street during our summer months.
We have been trying to work out a deal with American Land & Leisure for the past few years to no avail. They did not feel as if there 30 thousand visitors towing boats and trailers to the point impacted our road.
Huntsville receives about $38,000. per year from B&C road funds to maintain our 9.5 miles of roadways throughout the town. Out of this fund we pay for salt, sand, vehicle maintenance, equipment, snow plowing, and salaries.  If there are any funds left, then we apply those funds to our roads.
With our toll booth in place we started to collect toward our own 1st street maintenance fund, with hope that American Land & Leisure would step up and do what was ethically right.
With this said I am pleased to say that they have.
Starting Monday, June 28th our Huntsville Town Toll Booth will no longer be collecting road funds. At the entrance to the Forest Service recreational land where AL&L has their booth, they will collect an additional $1.00 per vehicle on our behalf to go towards 1st street maintenance. These funds will be collected through the remainder of their contract with the Forest Service which ends in 2013.
I can’t even begin to tell you how pleased I am that we were able to work this out. I would like to thank the Town Council, our Attorney and Staff for helping us to reach our goal.
We would also like to thank all those who live and travel this road because of the impact it had on you. We appreciate your patience and understanding.
Huntsville Town looks forward to giving you a new 1st street in the future.
Mayor Truett
Independence Day Schedule
The schedule is available by clicking here.... The parade will begin at 9:30 am this year.
Toll Road Background
Click here for more information on the newly created toll road....
That's All For Now - Happy Independence Day,
Richard L. Sorensen
Huntsville Town Council
Huntsville Town, PO Box 267, Huntsville, Utah 84317