Get Ready and Save NOW National Alpaca Farm Days 
Sept 24-25,2016 
Did You See National Alpaca Farm Days Video?

National Alpaca Farm Days video
It's briliant!
Congratulations to the Alpaca Owners Association (AOA) on a great ad!

National Alpaca Farm Days is Saturday, Sunday, September 24-25, 2016
NAFD is an excellent opportunity to show off your farm to the public. It's also an ideal time to show off what you "Do" with alpacas!
Show off your "Choice" selection of alpaca products which are specifically designed for alpaca farm stores: 
* Many sell out of our popular alpaca products on NAFD!
* People will come back again late in the fall to get more!
* YOU will be a local resource for unique gifts. 

Be ready by ordering now!

The 1st 10 orders get a Free PACCU Bag
paccu alpaca tote bag

No More Minimums! 

We heard you!

We have dropped the minimum items requirements on all orders!**
(** Wholesale orders are only for established retailers. )

* Buy 1 or more of any item, no minimum.
* Test/Try out any single item.
* Any items can be returned until next april!
Still, we encourage you to "Go Large" with our early order incentives:
* Have product available when you need it.
* SEO marketing on our Retailers Map - it Works!
* 6-month "Financing" on your $750+ order.
* Discounts for larger orders.
* No-hassle returns on any items, until next april.
Don't run out of product this season! 
Special NAFD Early Order Incentives:
  1. $750+ level - Web (SEO) marketing on the Map (details below)
  2. $750+ level - Free Shipping on order; 6-Month Financing available
  3. $1000 level - 3% OFF (enter Discount Code: NAFD1000SAVE3)
  4. $2000 level - 5% OFF (enter Discount Code: NAFD2000SAVE5)
  5. $5000 level - 7% OFF (enter Discount Code: NAFD5000SAVE7)
  6. $10000+ level? - let's talk! 
Select "Custom Payment" checkout option to tell us you want
6-month financing or to pay by check. 
alpaca up to neck in socks
We're up to our NECKS in Socks!
Help us clear some space with these savings.
Some items WILL sell out!
Order NOW for best selection!

Top Selling Products for NAFD Open Farm Event
Our Top Selling American Made Alpaca Socks!
Superwarm, OutdoorAdventure and SlipperBootie Alpaca Socks since 2006!
 made in the usa alpaca socks usa made alpaca socks outdoor adventure grey usa made alpaca socks outdoor adventure cocoa alpaca socks made in USA Outdoor Adventure black slipper booties alpaca socks made in usa Made in the USA alpaca products alpaca store marketing material
Cute New Summer Cotton "Alpaca Love" Ankle Socks
alpaca love ankle socks alpaca love ankle socks grey Fuzzy fun alpaca socks
Adorable Wooden Alpaca Ornaments
wooden alpaca ornaments

These sold out very quickly!

Cute PacaBuddies Plush Toys are the Perfect Souvenir!
New additions: Snowflake, Coco and Slate. 
16 different varieties in stock! 

PacaBuddies plush alpaca toys PacaBuddies alpaca toys plush
"These work great with farm visitors.", Jill, PA     
"Oh, my customers will love 'em", Bonnie, NY
"I can't wait until you get more in!", Judy, MI 

Many PacaBuddies plush toys to chose from.  
Very popular! Watch them fly out of your store!

Popular Alpaca Felt Shoe Inserts(insoles)
Alpaca shoe inserts insoles alpaca insoles

New! Cabled Leg Warmers

 cabled alpaca leg warmers cabled alpaca leg warmers denim cabled alpaca leg warmers black

Thick Cabled Leg Warmers - Fashionable, Comfortable and Fun!
Knee-Hi Alpaca Socks
Many of our retailers have asked us for years to carry these in volume. We *FINALLY* have them! Available for immediate shipping.
These Knee-Hi Alpaca Socks are great for:
 A soothing therapeutic feel
A good sock for diabetics
Fits all, including larger calves
Soft, reliable grip
Fits too the knee or OVER the knee
Amazingly comfortable alpaca warmth!

Whimsical Alpaca Charms
Hand Crafted beautiful charms Whimsical nickel, copper and brass
alpaca metal ornament  whimsical alpaca car charm whimsical alpaca suncatcher charm whimsical alpaca pin card
Alpaca Jewelry Pin Brooch

Alpaca Jewelry Pin Brooch alpaca poin brooch  
Fun Kids Alpaca Jigsaw Puzzle
A memorable take home gift for young farm visitors

alpaca jigsaw puzzle
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Are You on the MAP? Market your farm with us.
Free alpaca business marketing on the MAP
We’ve been heavily marketing The Map on Social Media, all to promote alpaca and the businesses that ARE alpaca! 
Search “alpaca retailer” on Google and you’ll see:
alpaca retailer on the map
Or try Microsoft’s BING search engine:
alpaca retailer on BING search engine
If you're a Preferred Choice Alpaca Retailer, your business is being promoted now through our Perferred Alpaca Retailer Map.  Get ready for visit requests!
Choice Alpaca Preferred Retailers have made at least one $750+ purchase of Choice Alpaca Products. If you're not in, place your order now (details)! 
alpaca shopping spree
alpaca farm visit


Promoting alpaca to 1000s - $100 Contest
We will again this year be conducting a National Alpaca Farm Days nationwide promotion campaign to get more visitors to your farm!
The $100 prize contest encourages "promoting alpaca" on social media to bring visitors to your alpaca farm. We anticipate a 50,000 person campaign reach for NAFD weekend! 
Choice Alpaca Preferred Retailers on The MAP are being promoted as we encourage farm visitors to take an "Alpaca Selfie" when they visit to win the $100 prize and other prizes. 
If you're a Preferred Choice Alpaca Retailer, your business is already being promoted through our Perferred Alpaca Retailer Map.  Search Google, Yahoo or BING to see your farm listed at the top of the search engines for terms like:
* Alpaca Retailer
* Alpaca Stores
* Alpaca Farm Store
Get ready for visitors!
Choice Alpaca Preferred Retailers have made at least one $750+ purchase of Choice Alpaca Products. If you're not in, place your qualifying order now (details). We finance $750 orders over 6-months!
Watch for the national alpaca promotion contest message to be announced in early September.

We encourage you to enter the sweepstakes too! Promote Alpaca on social media while "plugging" your business.
Let's promote alpaca together!

alpaca shopping spree
Alpaca selfie promotion contest shopping spree

 Many stores are already doing it. 

We want to grow with you!
Multiple retailers have asked about a financing program that would allow a large purchase ($750+) to be spread over time

This program is only available to existing customers making at least 1 prior purchase (aka, "credit established"). 

The "financing" is super simple: 6 even automated monthly charges against a credit card on file. There is a small $30 fee to setup the financing arrangement, but this is more then offset by free shipping.
Just click the
Custom Payment Method After Order Placed
option online with your online order. Please leave a note in the comments while checking out. We will follow up afterwards to request the 1st installment. Subsequent installments occur on the 10th of each month.
 Contact Brian with any questions. 

"Go Large" with your next order!
* Get free shipping ($750+ orders)
* Be listed on our SEO marketed retailers map!
* No hassle returns for anything that doesn't sell!

  1. Guaranteed delivery of popular alpaca products
  2. Take advantage of NAFD farm promotions
  3. 6-month financing available
  4. Free shipping on orders $750+ (discounted international shipping too)
  5. 3%, 5%, 7% rebate for large orders for a limited time. 
  6. Free marketing on our Alpaca Retailers Map
  7. No hassle returns if anything doesn't sell!


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