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Republican Consultants Targeted by
Oklahoma County District Attorney
David Prater in a Political Espionage Campaign
It doesn’t take much of a leap to understand where the machinations of Oklahoma County District Attorney David Prater are leading.  The recent arrest of RINO political consultant Chad Alexander on drug charges are just the tip of the iceberg in a long sustained war on Republican and conservative leaders in the Oklahoma political arena.
Alexander is facing two felony counts of possessing cocaine and illegal prescription pain pills as well as a misdemeanor count for flashing a badge and ID claiming to be a Cleveland County assistant D.A..   Alexander disappeared shortly after the arrest, claiming to have entered a rehab program in Texas which is standard political advice once a politician gets caught doing something.
Alexander had been rumored to have had a personal drug problem as well as being a drug mule for the Oklahoma state senate, rumored to be supplying illicit narcotics along with political advice and election support from AH Strategies.  AH Strategies is composed of Fount Holland, Chad Alexander,  and Trebor Worthen although lately Chad Alexander’s name is mostly scrubbed from the firm’s website but prominent in their archive of blogs and of course linked ad nauseum on Google search results which will never be scrubbed clean.
Alexander’s last project was the incorporation of Oklahomans for a Conservative Future which spent $650,000 into TV ads, online ads, and mail pieces for defeated U.S Senate candidate TW Shannon.  Lobbyist Stephanie Milligan and Manhattan Construction executive Xavier Niera were the other principles in the incorporation of the PAC. 
The case took an interesting twist last month when Oklahoma City Police reported a burglary at Chadd Alexander’s office, his secretary’s office, Mary Fallin’s campaign headquarters, and the law offices of former President Pro Tem of the Oklahoma Senate Glenn Coffee.
The police report stated that papers have been rifled, the rear door of the building pried open, and that the intruder or intruders spent as much as six hours going through the offices on June 15th.   The inoperative CCTV camera had been stolen and the window blinds closed during the break in blamed partly on a Fallin campaign aide that neglected to turn on the building alarm system when they left the day before.   Evidence from motion detectors appears to show that the burglar spent most of their time near Chad Alexander’s offices.
The Fallin campaign reported that a laptop computer used by interns was missing, Glenn Coffee reported that his computer had been tampered with and that one of his associates computer had been accessed and her email program left open.
Oklahoma Count District Attorney David Prater of course  was soon to release word that he was investigating TW Shannon’s campaign for illegal collusion with the Oklahomans for a Conservative Future as well as a state superintendent candidate campaign whose candidate had been consulting with both Fount Holland and Chad Alexander.
Recently rumors have spread that Chad Alexander’s arrest on May 13th outside the Deep Fork restaurant was not an accident and that David Prater had called in markers from the Oklahoma City Police Department to have Alexander followed.  Alexander had met with Sammy D. Dehart, someone that was under suspicion by police and the FBI for drug trafficking.  Dehart’s attorney disputes that, saying that Dehart has been harassed by police for months.
Reportedly Prater seized Alexander’s laptop and cell phone and is going through the devices, a potential nightmare for clients of Alexander and AH Strategies.    Since Alexander was arrested with drugs present one would wonder why a prosecutor would dig through phone calls and emails and an intelligent person would come up with the conclusion that Prater was looking for evidence tying Alexander’s alleged drug distribution to state and local politicians to use as political leverage.
Prater is considered as a “loose cannon” and “out of control” according to other district attorneys and there is no doubt that he is using the power of the state and the court system to influence political processes and elections.  The goal is to disassemble the RINO political organizations that have captured all the state wide offices and the majority of the House and Senate seats and begin a return of the Democratic Party.    You can bet that Fount Holland and Trebor Worthen are under intense scrutiny as well as prime targets for trumped up criminal charges or having minor ethical lapses investigated and blown out of proportion.   Look for the fireworks prior to the runoff election in August or right before the general election in November.
Here We Go Folks, another Fruit Loop
In The Cereal Bowl of Life
By Ms PM
Well…well…well…what do we have here? Look closely, these politicians aren’t shaking hands and OMG what are they hanging on to? Wonder what political statement Kienholz is up to with this one.
In this article we have one more politician playing around with the definition of freedom; it seems as if State Rep. Ben Sherrer may have stepped in a big pile of it.
Going back 20 years or so there was a time when I was living in Idaho and working with a crew to remodel a huge house. Having no idea the property belonged to the artist Ed Kienholz and less about who he actually was. His art, to say the least, was eccentric and offensive to some. And controversial…and many didn’t like it…and many did…and some neighbors wanted him out of their neighborhood…and some neighbors didn’t mind that he was a part of the community. The ones that didn’t like him, really didn’t like him, not because of trouble he caused but because they didn’t approve of his sculptures on his own property. Their mission was for him to leave and take his less than tasteful artwork according to them, with him.
On occasion during breaks we were free to walk around his property and “check out” his work. Two sculptures in particular have always been etched in my memory. The one above and the one of a small television sitting on legs with the glass removed. In its place was the sculpture of a protruding butt. On the table where it sat was a realistic looking pile of poop. I still do believe that his TV art was one of the funniest and most accurate things I have ever seen. Other than not being offended I also had a pretty good idea of the message. I believe he was trying to convey that the media was always dishing out a load of crap. He was politically incorrect before the media of today had put a label on it…and as crude as it was, there was little wonder as to why I liked his work so much.
This recollection reflects on this news article. We have folks that have gone to Rep. Ben Sherrer, D-Choteau complaining about the possibility of an adult-oriented business within their unincorporated rural America. Ben says that his request is prompted by rumors and he wants to call the Legislature into special session to address this issue. His request was sent to Governor Fallin, House Speaker Jeff Hickman and Senate President Pro Tempore Brian Bingman. Ben also states, “My sources have been unable to confirm whether the proposed location will become an all-nude club.”
This next statement by Rep. Sherrer ought to make the hair stand up on the back of your neck. “But whether it does or not, (the all-nude club) this topic needs to be addressed to give unincorporated rural areas that are not subject to countywide or municipal zoning some form of protection.” That’s right, allow your government to put more regulations and laws on the books that in the end will have many more unintended consequences for people to deal with.
The land in question was purchased a year ago from someone out of state who owns three other nudie clubs in different states. The only thing Sherrer hopes to accomplish is a 1,000 foot zone between any church or residential property line.
Those opposed are “small and large landowners, farmers and ranchers, members of the Amish church and community members of denomination in Mayes County who are united in opposition to adult sexually oriented businesses in rural areas.”
Sherrer also says that those opposed don’t want extensive zoning or government bureaucracy. One question here, when has government ever backed off of anything that gives them more power?
We absolutely understand that folks in rural Oklahoma don’t want this type of business near their homes and churches. We also understand how dis-tasteful and intrusive this business would be to those that have a complaint. There are just as many that have a complaint when folks open the door for more government regulation regardless of how well intentioned the circumstances are.
The fact is that in rural areas you have less government breathing down your neck telling you what you can and cannot do with your land when there are no zoning restrictions. If these folks allow the government to come in and “protect” them, how long will it take before someone wants protection from you. That is the way government works. Be very careful what you ask for, you may very well get it along with all the regulatory strings attached.
If the community wants to dictate that what a man used his money to buy, simply because they don’t like what he is doing, how does a free America fit in? How long will it take to seriously restrict the life you once enjoyed by living in an unrestricted rural area? Isn’t the lack of restrictions one of the reasons you were attracted to country living?
Calling a special session will cost $20,319 per day for the 101 member House of Representatives. What it will cost for the 48 member Senate is a question mark. Should the cost be absorbed by those living in Mayes County? We can’t help but believe that a centralized cost would do more to address their issues without burdening all taxpayers. But…once government puts their protective regulations on Mayes County, some politician in another county will see fit to do the same.  As always, it’s easier to spend someone else’s money to fix your problem and it then becomes a real problem with over regulation for everyone.
If you don’t like what’s living next to you…move. This isn’t Burger King and you can’t always have it your way. The thing about our laws and freedom is it protects everyone’s freedom even the freedom of others that you don’t happen to agree with. Do the people of Mayes County really need the government stepping in?
Did Ya Earn a Second Term Mary?
By the Watchman
Now we come to the Republican contender and incumbent candidate for Governor of the State of Oklahoma, Mary Fallin. As the incumbent, she has a record to run on. We’ll be covering the recent part of that record not only within the State of Oklahoma, but with the National Governors Association here.
We’ll begin with this article here  where it showed that Governor Fallin’s campaign received $90,000 so far from private prison interests for her campaign. Sen. Barrington, who is stonewalling hearing Sen. Johnson's bill, had $9,500. Be sure to let them know how you feel. It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that the private prison system is looking for state contracts. We would like to see the cost analysis between housing an inmate in a private prison and a state run facility.
The next item of interest we found was this. We found this video interesting because she said a lot, but never let the truth out about her plans for her second term as Governor.
The next article of interest we found was this. Now this article was dated March 24th 2014. This struck us as odd since at the National Governors Association Conference on January 15, 2014 she made the below statements.
  • Then there is her America Works initiative for the NGA where she reinforces the need for Common Core (nationalized) standards in order to prepare students for jobs - not life, but JOBS by saying, "As demand for skilled workers continues to rise, governors are playing an increasingly pivotal role in aligning state's education and training resources with the needs of their growing economies."  Yes, Governor Fallin believes in the Communist notion of Human Capital (Governor Mary Fallin Oklahoma schools such as Oklahoma City University are providing the energy industry with the human capital needed to support rapid industry growth #‎GEC2013). 
The next item of interest we found was this . We found this interesting only because if the taxpayers are paying for it, we want our money back. This has to be one of the most useless sites we’ve ever seen.
Then we found this report. This one actually is promising, simply because it’s her last as Chair of the NGA. The report is short in stature, but the tone of the report indicates that she would be willing to put the Common Core State Standards back into our schools.
This is perhaps one of the better things the Governor has been able to do for the poor here in Oklahoma. This was announced on June 30th of this year and will allow the program to continue through Dec. 31, 2015. That will allow time to work out something else for those in need.
The next article of interest was this. There is more information in here about her political career than you can shake a stick at. The only item we found lacking was the results of the last primary election. It even claims that she was a Democrat until she turned 21. Judging by her voting record, she hasn’t strayed far from the Democratic roots.
This next site we found is her campaign web site. You can see it here, About Mary | Mary Fallin for Governor. We spent some time on the site and came to the conclusion that it’s one of the least functional sites we’ve seen. Other than her stand on Education, which you can see here, Education | Mary Fallin for Governor, there is really nothing on the site.
The next article of interest we found was this. Now we will admit that she is there for most tornado victims, but where was her leadership in trying to get a bill through to ensure that a shelter is available for each and every one of our children while they are at school? She was too busy on the campaign trail and vetoing legislation that was necessary because she didn’t get her way. That’s a little immature don’t you think.
The next article we found was this and this. Now no matter what side of the debate you are on, this young man had every right to write to Governor Fallin. What he and a good many more Oklahomans are not aware of is that Governor Fallin has misled them here also. What our sly old Governor did was move some of the Identification making machines to National Guard Armories that is on Federal Property. You see in her twisted, too long in Washington, mind she upheld her Constitutional Oath, her statement to the Oklahoma Public and her responsibility to the gay members of the Oklahoma National Guard. To most of us Okies, she down right lied to us.
One item that we brought up before was the Common Core State Standards. Last year Speaker Shannon had the opportunity to advance a bill to the floor of the House that would have begun the dismantling of the Common Core State Standards. The Bill had passed the committee with a unanimous vote. Governor Fallin was so afraid of that bill that she conspired with Speaker Shannon to have it tabled. Strangely this year when she is no longer Chair of the National Governor’s Association, she is all for doing away with the Common Core State Standards. That is not defending and protecting your constituents Governor, that’s looking after yourself.
We next went to to look at her campaign finances. We found what we expected to find there. She opened her campaign in October of 2011, and has been collecting big cash ever since. She does have many individual donators to her campaign, but most of her money comes from corporate donations all looking to get a contract from the state. The money game never ends. You’ve got the National and State Chambers of Commerce and their big backers all trying to screw the citizens.
In conclusion we can only say that Governor Fallin has done little for Oklahoma for as long as she sat as Chair of the National Governor’s Association. It actually appeared that she was more interested in that Chair than she was being Governor of Oklahoma. She has continued to increase the size of Government along with spending during her term as Governor. The Tax Cut she so proud of is currently facing a court challenge. Once again it will be 2015 if we get it at all. She didn’t even include it in her Special Session agenda. This organization cannot in good conscience recommend that she be allowed to have a second term.
Veterans Corner, a Lesson in Self Help
when Faced with Government Inaction
A political ally and friend told me about Veterans Corner a few weeks ago and then took me out there to meet the group’s founder and some of the people that they help.   Turning into the parking lot it became obvious that the group is meeting a huge need because the parking lot was filled with hundreds of cars.   
The place was organized like a well run military machine as one would expect from the veterans and spouses that run the place.   Dozens of tables filled with laptops, printers, fax machines, and forms were spread out across the large community center and a hundred or more veterans and their family members were patiently waiting for assistance.
I got to meet Dale Graham, the founder of Veterans Corner who started helping veterans process paperwork as an accredited VA agent from his garage in 2002.  They are a 501 C3 non profit so all donations are tax deductable, they have a board of directors, and are like the Sooner Tea Party in that they can stretch pennies to get the most out of donations.  They focus strictly on veterans and surviving spouses and their family members, are non partisan, and have an excellent record of getting benefits to where they are needed.
You hear the horror stories about the VA and how useless they are.   The word I got from the veterans themselves was that the VA was good for prescription medicine, hearing test advice,  and eyeglasses and little else.   Some of the veterans that I met had that look in their eyes that told of a hard life and behind the cynicism born by being ignored by the VA you could see a spark of hope that they were finally going to get the government’s promise fulfilled.  These folks are experts at the VA forms and they have a website with a page that tells veterans and families of veterans what to bring on their first visit.  
Veterans Corner has a good relationship with the Muskogee Regional VA office and I would think that is because they know how to prepare the claims for processing which saves the VA a lot of time and effort. 
They have a weekly event to process paperwork and provide help for veterans at the Goldsby Community Center between 7 am and 12 noon every Thursday.  Sign in starts at 5:30 am and you should get there early to get in line because they usually will stop accepting applications that week when they reach 120 applications.  The Community Center is located at 122 E. Center Road, Goldsby Ok, 73093.  Here are the directions from their website: 
From Interstate I-35 take exit 104.  Go south on Hwy 74 until you pass Marcum's Nursery and Libby's Cafe.  Go east on E. Center Rd. just past Libby's Cafe.  We are on the south side of the road right behind the Goldsby Town Hall Building and the Fire Station.
They are looking to the future and have received a large parcel of donated land to build a permanent home for their organization and are soon to start the dirt work for the facility.  They are need of construction assistance, trade skills of all sorts such as tractor work, cement work, carpenters, electrical, plumbing, painters, and heat and air work.  The new building will be between eight and eleven thousand square feet and built on land donated by the Reed family near Western Avenue on Highway 9.  If you want to donate or volunteer your services or your company’s services you can contact Dale Grahm at 405-550-8806 or John Carter at 405-202-1999 or drop by on any Thursday morning at the Goldsby Community Center.
They have a website with a lot of information for veterans, their spouses, and surviving family along with a lot of information on specific military issues that caused health problems for veterans and a weekly email newsletter that you can sign up for.  There you will find information on donating to their benevolence fund and for donating to the building fund as well as information on volunteering your time to help.
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