Dear Church Leaders and Committee Members
I hope this finds you and yours safe and well.
Maybe you thought you wouldn't be hearing from me for some time, ah peace I hear ou saying, well sorry to shatter your elusion but GCT is working quite well at the moment and I for one am impressed by the innovations and prayerful services, Facebook messages, videos, livestreaming and zooming that is going on across the Church in Glasgow during this very difficult time.
I am emailing to request that each of the Church leaders send me a reflection for the week of Holy week and a message for Good Friday and Easter Sunday, this could be a joint message, if one person woud like to compose it and everyone else agreed to it, or a message from each of the traditions if everyone woud like to send something.
I will add these to Facebook and website, Karen, the youth co-ordinator in Presbytery will share these and hopefully all of the other GCT members will do the same so that we reach the maximum number of people and have maximum impact.
The executive committee of GCT have a short discussion about what we can do during this time and we have had an idea of organizing an 'event' for St Columba's Day 9th June, around the time we would be having Glasgow the welcoming city. A pilgrimage has been suggested and we will be looking at how we could do something like this but may need some technical support for this, so if you have tech folk who are still working they may be able to help out.
For Palm Sunday we are promoting the idea of putting a green branch/foliage on your door or in your window, so the Church is very much alive in Glasgow and our member churches are communicating with and supporting each other.
I look forward to hearing from you and receiving your messages, reflections, prayers and blessings for Holy Week and Easter, if you write something and it is for a specific day could you make that clear for me when you send it on.
Wishing you good health, with thanks for your ongoing support.