Thanksgiving 2014
Season Products Update
Items in Stock for Your Store 

Although the demand has been incredible, and our mill is somewhat struggling to keep up, our
Superwarm, OutdoorAdventure and SlipperBootie socks are available!
There is yarn at the mill, more yarn coming in and we're in full production! 
This year, dang it, we're NOT GOING TO RUN OUT!!! 
That said, we're a bit behind.... still... but really only about a week. 
If you are interested in getting more of these very popular, very successful American made alpaca socks...
We'll fill the orders as soon as we can. And, like I said, we just about caught up and won't run out for the winter season!  


We're delighted to report that all items are in stock! (ok, the socks are a week or so behind but we do have them!)
The PacaBuddies are flying out of here, getting a bit thinner, but still in stock.
The new gloves are still going strong with more coming.
All of our other products are available and work well for Christmas season alpaca themed store gifts. 
What about next year? 
Every year we expand our size and selection of products. 
We're currently working on the following for 2015:
Even more socks, starting production earlier than ever!
Expansion of our new high quality scarves line.
New sock designs. 
Alpaca lined mittens...?
What would you like to see?
What should we made next? 
We welcome your ideas and partnership. Let's continue to work together to promote alpaca! 

Thanks for reading,
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