La Catalina Educational Foundation

2010-11 School Supply Drive

Help the children of La Manzanilla, Jalisco, Mexico—pack some extra school supplies on your next trip down south of the border!

As many of you know who have been to La Manzanilla or are familiar with the public school system in Mexico, basic classroom materials are meager and children often do not have essential supplies such as pencils, erasers, glue, scissors, etc.

La Catalina Educational Foundation (LCEF) and (an informative website providing tourist info on La Manzanilla) are teaming up to help the schools collect the supplies they need to be able to help the children get the most out of their educational experience.

Below is list of the supplies that the three schools (the pre-school, elementary school, and middle school) are in dire need of this year:

Classroom Supplies: 
• Pencils and sharpeners 
• Large pencil erasers 
• Small children’s scissors 
• Geometry sets 
• Stapler and staples-large and small sizes 
• Crayons 
• Color printing paper-letter size 
• Masking tape 
• Glue-bottles and sticks 
• Glue gun and sticks 
• Calculators 
• Rulers 
• Chemistry scale 
• Toys for the Pre-School-plastic animals, plastic fruits and vegetables, cars, trains, building         blocks, play money, Lego’s, puppets, puzzles with large pieces & coloring books 
• Children’s Storybooks in English or Spanish 
• English instructional material for children (cds, workbooks, flashcards, etc.) 

Art Supplies:
• Construction paper 
• Water color paints 
• Paint brushes 

Office/Admin. Supplies: 
• Printer and ink 
• DVDs/CDs 
• Portable CD player 
• Printing paper-legal and letter size 
• Hanging file folders and manila file folders-legal & letter size 
• Chalkboard chalk 
• Whiteboard pens and erasers 
• Long extension cords 
• Paper clips 
• Post-it notes 

Kitchen supplies: 
• Blender 

Sporting goods: 
• Soccer balls 
• Volleyballs and net 
• Whistles 
• Jump ropes 
• Ball pumps 

• Flutes 
• Guitar strings 

Cleaning/maintenance supplies: 
• Cleaning rags 
• Plastic gloves 
• Tree trimming shears 
• Large paint brushes

Appreciation for the Local Mexican Teachers

Every year around January 1st, LCEF with the help of the local community, Helping Hands Bookstore, and visitors to La Manzanilla, puts together a gift bag for each and every teacher and administrator in our public schools (there are approx. 22 school personnel) to acknowledge their dedication to educating the youth of our community.  The school staff looks forward to this now, and these special gifts from the community have even brought tears to the eyes of some of the teachers.
YOU CAN HELP by bringing some gifts for our local school teachers who work so hard to educate the children of the village!!!
Here are some ideas of things you could give:

-Office supplies
-Nice pens; mechanical pencils
-Something special for their desks
-Treats like teas, sweets, etc.
-Calculator, stationary, stamp pad, post it notes, white out, etc.
-Personal gifts for the teachers or their families (i.e.: frames, music CD, etc.)
If you are not planning on coming to La Manzanilla this year but would like to send down some supplies, please contact us we may be able to find someone coming down who can deliver them for you.
LCEF and  thank you
for your support of the school children in La Manzanilla, Jalisco, Mexico!
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Tel:  011-52-315-351-5362