Welcome to the fourth RopeMarks newsletter and a very happy new year, we hope 2017 will be an awesome year for all.

We will briefly describe what we have been up to since our last newsletter and about interesting upcoming events where you can meet, greet and talk to us.

December is usually our quiet period, this year we managed (with questionable pride) to stuff some some very interesting activities in this "quiet" month

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We have made it on the cover of Schlagzeilen, Germanies leading BDSM magazine

http://www.schlagzeilen.com | http://www.RopeMarks.com/media
p: ME-Chiel | m: DutchDame | r: RopeMarks



For some time now we have been aware of the photograpic genius that is TheBlackSheep, a genius we would love to mix with our rope-work. Many opportunities across the globe have been missed in the past but now, together with his sweet partner Louisa L'Amour, they happened to be in Amsterdam, The Netherlands; the stars aligned.

Here's one preview with Louisa L'Amour together with another sweetheart, Nereida DeadlySin. All sets will soon appear on Club RopeMarks.

http://www.facebook.com/TheBlackSheepGroup | http://www.RopeMarks.com/portfolio
p: TheBlackSheep | m: Nereida DeadlySin & Louisa L'Amour | r: RopeMarks


We had the inmense pleasure to have a new body in our ropes and in front of our camera, DutchBlueBird. She's hot, she's sexy, a girl and woman in one, a  beautiful package and we are very happy to see her suffer for RopeMarks... Here's one preview of the shoots we've done with her:

http://www.kinkystyle.net/ | http://www.RopeMarks.com/portfolio
p: KinkyStyle | m: DutchBlueBird | r: RopeMarks



This month was the Dominatrix's party 10 year anniversary, RopeMarks was present with workshops and shows and of course, to party! You can read more about this in their respective sections of this newsletter.




During the 10 year anniversary of the Dutch Dominatrix party we provided a Japanese rope bondage show, real Japanese rope bondage show, featuring Japanese cutie Karen Mai.

http://www.facebook.com/TheBlackSheepGroup | https://www.facebook.com/KarenMai | http://www.RopeMarks.com/shows
p: TheBlackSheep | m: Karen Mai | r: RopeMarks


Manifesto is the annual orgy of social criticism that takes place in Amsterdam's most famous pop-temple, Paradiso. RopeMarks got invited to perform on the Paradiso main stage (hell yes!) and to set up our blacklight stage with on-going rope bondage activity.

Manifesto takes place on the third christmas day and is so fresh that all we can offer are a few snapshots of the blacklight stage by visitors of the event.

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Paradiso | http://www.ilovemanifesto.nl | http://www.RopeMarks.com/shows
m: DutchBlueBird, Spring & Little Flower | r: RopeMarks & Haag



During the 10 year anniversary of the Dutch Dominatrix party we provided a fun workshop titled "Quick&Dirty". Our lovely model was Japanese cutie Karen Mai. Here's a snapshot from one of the "Dirty" parts of the workshop:

https://www.facebook.com/KarenMai | http://www.RopeMarks.com/ryu
m: Karen Mai | r: RopeMarks


Teppou We are starting the new year with a bang, our masterclasses series.

These masterclasses are designed for both riggers and models. Riggers are expected to tie at least at an intermediate level. As a model, you can already participate if you have experienced ropes a couple of times (beginner/intermediate level).

Correct execution is the main focus of this workshop. We will go deep into the details of the topics and bondages; the background, technique, mental mindset, physical safety of the different ties, etc. During this workshop your work and performance will be reviewed critically and you will be rewarded with honest and direct feedback, RopeMarks style. ;)

"The gloves are off" with the intent of improving your skills as riggers and models!

For this first series of masterclasses, suitable for both riggers and models, the following subjects will be covered:

Due to the nature of this course and the personal attention provided to each couple, the number of attendees will be limited.

The first masterclass series is on Jan. 21 2017
I want to participate



If you can't make the masterclasses series but are interested to learn and understand the noble art of kinbaku, we are your man! Visit this link for all the information about our teaching



Want to hear it straight from the horse's mouth... Read some of our testimonials. They are a brief list of feedback from RopeMarks Ryƫ students and participants.



To participate in one of our other upcoming workshops or masterclasses, visit this link for an overview of our planned events




This months Dominatrix party 10 year anniversary was not only work, after work we party... and party hard. Therefore... no pictures... to protect the innocent.

no girl were unintentionally harmed during the party



The new year will be kicking off with a few very interesteing bangs! Some keywords for you to ponder about: Denmark, Fire, Italian, Masterclasses, Berlin, Japanese, InSex...

The best place to know where we are and what we are up to is our online schedule. We try to keep it as up to date as possible


If you run into us, come and say hi, if the opportunity is there, offer us a drink and chat :)


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Thank you for reading all the way to the end.
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