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 Tina Mammoser
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Creative artillery



A huge thank you to everyone who visited me at June's open studios and the Whitby art fair!

It was a crazy hectic month but so good to talk to people and ramble on about paint and fossils. Thank you for indulging me.

The Artillery at open studios

Just after the open studios the lovely ladies from my agent The Artillery popped by - say hello to Émilie-Rose & Ails. I met Ails at her gallery in York on a visit (According to McGee) and we had a nice chat about galleries, art rentals, and art in general. We got along well, they liked my art, and now a set of paintings is already with a new client! Rentals of artwork are definitely a way forward for me in the new economy, and is the type of thing everyone can consider. The Artillery joins my rental arsenal alongside Rise Art - so here's hoping to have my art in the north and south!

Coral fossils

Then I escaped to Whitby where the weekend fair and a suitcase of art books and drawings couldn't stop me from collecting yet more rocks and fossils. I took a Kickstarter backer out on his one-on-one artist walk of Saltwick Bay and even though it wasn't a good fossilling trip (the tides seemed to have cleared out a lot of the usual caches) we still came back with some nice samples. The coral fossils were more prevalent that day and I kept a few nice ones. I've not drawn or painted coral yet because the rocks are collections of tiny dots or circles. Not sure how to incorporate something round into my images!

Sedimentary layers

So to balance it out I also found a rather splendid piece of rock with sedimentary sequence exposed: the Whitby mudstone (with a touch of pyrite in places!), very thin harder lithified mudstone, a coal-like layer with calcite crystals, a few more very thin alternating layers of mudstones (or mudstone and a sandy mudstone perhaps, each is less than 1mm wide), then another crystalised coal-like layer, topped with a broken-off remnant of a mudstone with orange oxidized edges. Beautiful. Perfect for a drawing.

. . . . .

The whole trip definitely motivated me to theme my new series on the rock patterns alone. So from the sketchbook pages at the top of the newsletter you can see I'm working on three paintings and a bunch of small drawings - all focusing not on an idea of landscape but on the rock structures of the shale (mudstone), sandstone and limestone of the Yorkshire coast. This gives me an interesting set of paintings that will differ in colour tone as well - dark, midtone and light/white respectively.

By the way, if you've missed my blog about all this arty goodness I've relaunched it on Patreon. Don't worry, all the posts are free to read! Patreon is a way to offer both my blog writing and some extra bits to my collectors and fans. You can check it out here.



The next big event is the Affordable Art Fair in London in October - so until then I'll be painting away madly! Thanks for reading and don't forget to share this with a friend.

All the best,