October 2015


CEDRAT TECHNOLOGIES (CTEC) as a major actor of Innovation in mechatronics is used to participate to national and international events in order to present its results to the mechatronic community: The 2015 year is marked by an intensified participation to such event correlated to a particularly high quantity of new technologies and results !

The 2015 batch of conference papers given hereafter shows that CTEC has pushed again the limits of actuators technologies: 
- High mechanical power & high temperatures piezo actuation
- Piezo & magnetic actuation offering high position controllability in embedded systems
- Piezo motors with more understood wear phenomena  
CTEC new technologies for ever more Compact, Dynamic and Precise Solutions were also presented via hardware demos in 2015 fairs:
- MICA200M magnetic actuators offering high force & controllability with low heating
- CSA96 switching amplifier for efficient high power drive of magnetic actuators
- TrAc Tripode Actuator mechanism for large stroke tip tilt with locking at rest
Such developments of demanding mechatronic devices have been successful only because performed in closed cooperation with our partners : AIRBUS, CNES, ESA, INSA-LAMCOS, SENER, ROLLS ROYCE, TEKNIKER, THALES, TWI…Thanks to them !
We are also proud to point out that CTEC Innovative products and know-how are widely acknowledged by international community leaders from the ESMATS introductory talk by André Borrien CNES to the Young Researcher Paper Award at ITC 2015 : Thanks again !! 

At last, we remind CTEC also shares its expertise via training courses. To be even more didactic, the sessions have been completed with new educational materials. You are welcome to discover them !
We wish you a compelling reading.

ECCOMAS Thematic Conference on Smart Structures and Materials -  Los Acores - June 2015
This paper presents research and development results of the high performances piezoelectric actuators. Performed studies were concentrated on the improvement of three major parameters: stroke, maximum driving frequency and operational temperature. Two, new actuators were presented and described in this paper. First presented actuator has increased maximum displacement. This actuator has doubled the stroke of standard, long stroke actuators. Improvement of the second actuator was concentrated on increase of constant driving frequency. Finally, special encapsulations designed for both actuators allow using them at high temperatures. Development of these two, new actuators was done simultaneously to the improvement of the electronics. High power amplifier presented in this paper provides sufficient current to drive both actuators at high frequencies.
Amplified Piezoelectric Actuator APA ®

FFW Fracture Fatigue and Wear - Ghent - August 2015 

Constant expansion of new materials requires fretting or fatigue machines in order to test theirfailure. In many cases tests must be performed in severe conditions and at high frequency. Theserequirements come from the use of the materials in highly demanding applications. At the same time it isexpected to reduce the time required to characterise such materials. Piezoelectric actuators are more andmore common in testing machines, but they still reach limitations in terms of maximum displacement,cycling frequency or power. In order to cope with these issues, Cedrat Technologies has been investigatingsolutions. In this paper long stroke and high frequency actuators, coupled with powerful driving control areintroduced.These actuators are based on piezoelectric materials and can be easily integrated into thefatigue machines. In order to improve precision of these tests, two of the most common displacementsensors used in smart actuators are also presented in this paper.
 Regular PPA80L
Encapsulated PPA80L-E

SPIE Optical Design Systems - Jena - September 2015  

In Space & Defence (as well as in many others fields), there is a trend for miniaturisation in active optics requiring new actuators. Applications also often require the ability to withstand high vibrations and shocks levels, as well as vacuum compatibility for space applications. A new generation of small and smart actuators such as piezoelectric (piezo) actuators, are resolving this trend, thanks to their capacity to offer high energy density and to support both extreme and various requirements. This paper first presents the BSM mechanism and its requirements, the technologies involved in the design and the validation campaign results. Secondly, a derived XY piezoelectric positioning stage based on the same APA® and associated Strain Gage sensing technology is presented with its associated performances. Finally, a new piezoelectric motor based on the APA® technology, which allows the combination of long stroke while maintaining high resolution positioning of optical elements, is presented with experimental performances.
CAD view of BSM &
TTM stand alone 

ESMATS 16th European Space Mechanism & Tribology Symposium - Bilbao - September 2015

Many applications require long-term position stability, which relates to the notion of absolute precision over time. Until now, the long-term stability of strain gages (SG) for position measurement was questionable. Using its extensive know-how of strain gages integration and new instrumentation equipment, Cedrat Technologies has managed to demonstrate nanometric position stability of a closed-loop piezo-mechanism with integrated strain gages sensors. This technology opens a wide range of new possibilities for industrial, aeronautical, and space applications.
While Cedrat Technologies has been active in space for more than 20 years with piezoelectric mechanisms, we have also been increasingly involved over the last few years in the development of magnetic actuators for space projects. In this paper, a focus is made on the case of magnetic actuators that are developed in the frame of the Meteosat Third Generation (MTG) project. The first one is the Scan Assembly (SCA) actuated by Rotating Voice Coil Motors (RVCM) for the East/West (E/W) axes and the North/South (N/S) axes developed in collaboration with Sener and the second one is the Voice Coil Motor (VCM) developed in collaboration with CSEM for the Corner Cube Mechanism (CCM). The motion needs are different for the both motor, linear motion for the CCM and rotational movement for the SCA. Even if the motion is different, the both applications have the same performance requirements such as linearity, low hysteresis, a high power to mass ratio, redundancy and so on.
Mechanism integrated on the specific test bench 
The RVCM-PP/EBB-1& transportation tool
ITC International Tribology Conference - Tokyo - September 2015  
> Design of a dynamic tribometer applied to piezoelectric Inertia Drive Motors - In situ exploration of stick-slip principle

In Inertia Drive Motors, generated motion is based on stick-slip principle. Current analytical models are predictive enough to calculate qualitatively their optimal performances, such as maximal step size and speed, with relatively few input parameters. But, they do not take into account the contact life and temporal evolution of parameters as friction factor all along lifetime of IDM. So, analytical models reach their limits when precise predictions are necessary. This investigation aims at understand wear mechanisms to model temporal evolution of friction. Such an understanding requires the reconstitution of the contact life through the evaluation of 1
st and 3rd body flows. To do so, a new IDM-representative tribometer is designed. First bodies - coated TA6V and polymer - are not see-through. They are replaced alternatively by an intermediate transparent first body to observe the contact dynamically and in-situ. Friction factor, step size and mean speed are also measured. Preliminary results shows that wear profiles from real IDM and tribometer are similar. Direct observations bring out particles of TA6V coating are firstly snatched, then moves in contact and finally trigs others particle detachments.
Cedrat Technologies IDM. LSPA30μXS
CTEC is proud to annouce that Fabien Dubois, one of its engineer, has received the "Young Researcher Paper Award"
at this Conference !

As an innovative company, CTEC is proud to announce the release of the following piezo and magnetic products.
> Moving Iron Controllable Actuator  MICA: 
MICA™ actuator, also called “Moving Iron Controllabe Actuator”, fullfills requirements in which compact, highly dynamic, precise, reliable and robust actuators are needed.
This technology has been designed to fill the gap between the well known voice coil and the solenoid technologies.
> Compact large power switching amplifier for linear magnetic actuator  CSA96
The CSA96 is a compact high power switching amplifier for linear/rotary magnetic actuators. It delivers high power (20A, +/- 200V, up 2kVA) with energy recovery for achieving high efficiency. It features a wide bandwidth current controller and capabilities for position, speed control with external sensors.

The combination of MICA200 and CSA96 has been successfully tested in INTEFIX project for TEKNIKER.
> Tripod Actuator  TrAc
The Tripod Actuator by Cedrat Technologies (TrAc) allows reaching large range of angular positions, with high resolution and locking at rest. The available stroke of the TrAc is about +/-35° (equiv.+/- 610mrad) and 10mm linear in vertical direction. Each foot is equipped with a linear incremental sensor, allowing reaching 2μm linear resolution (corresponding to 0.13 mrad resolution). After rough positioning with stepping mode, deformation mode can offer a range of 3.7 mrad. Overall volume is a 55mm diameter and 50mm height.
CTEC provides comprehensive training courses dedicated to engineers and technicians who wish to discover, improve or recover their knowledge in mechatronic products, systems and technologies. 

Keep in mind the following sessions:

Magnetism Initiation - November 12
Magnetism for Mechatronics - November 24 to 26
Linear magnetic actuators - December 8 & 9
Should you be interested in attending one session feel free to contact our training department at or by phone +33 (4) 56 58 04 14 (asking for Ms HUGI Sandrine).
EVENTS SCHEDULED in 2015 & 2016
COMPAMED - Dusseldorf - November 16 to 19, 2015 - Hall 8a / Stand M41
PRECISION FAIR - Veldhoven - November 18 and 19, 2015 - Stand 265 (in collaboration with our representative in Belgium SERVOTRONIC)
OPTRO - Paris - February 2 to 4, 2016
PHOTONICS WEST- San Francisco - February 16 to 18, 2016 - Table top 6015
SPIE DEFENSE & COMMERCIAL SENSING - Baltimore - April 19 to 21, 2016 - Table top 330
AEROSPACE MECHANISM SYMPOSIA - Santa Clara - May 4 to 6, 2016
ACTUATOR - Bremen - June 13 to 15, 2016
MICRONORA - Besançon - September 27 to 30, 2016
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