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Ron Paul is Coming to Oklahoma! 
Put Down That Cigarette Soldier, You’re Too Young to Smoke
Dan Sullivan Wants an Open Checkbook for Grand River Dam Authority Money
Does this Water Smell Funny to You?
Unethical Ethics Panel Still Changing  the Rules
Can You Go Too Far in Protecting Kids?
But Would You Allow Your Daughter to Marry a Noctor?
Help, I'm too Stupid to Buckle My Seat Belt!
More Floor Leader Pork
The GRDA Can’t Do its Job Unless it Steals Your Water Rights and Condemns Your Land
Corporate Interests over Citizen’s Interests
The Truth About The McCarville Report

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Ron Paul is Coming to Oklahoma! 
We got the official word while uploading this newsletter.  The rally will be on Saturday, February 25th at the State Capitol at NE 23rd & Lincoln Blvd starting at noon.
This will be a whistle stop, Dr. Paul has to be up in Minnesota before late afternoon but there will be a public rally and a private meeting with Dr. Paul, Oklahoma campaign staff, and those supporters that are the top performing callers in our official Oklahoma voter calling campaign.
If you are not calling voters for the Oklahoma campaign you need to contact us ASAP and get a calling list.  We have over 40 County Coordinators organizing the largest counties in Oklahoma and they would be thrilled to get you involved in the campaign. 
As Dr. Paul stated in his last national newsletter to his supporters, winning a campaign depends on getting the registered Republicans to the polls, and that takes phone calls.
Contact Al Gerhart at to get in touch with your official Oklahoma County Coordinator.  If you are working with  a grassroots group you are more than welcome to join the official campaign where your efforts will be more effective and much appreciated.
Put down That Cigarette Soldier, You’re Too Young to Smoke
HB 2314  by Ms. D.B. 
Coody of the House  and Barrinton of the Senate
The purpose of HB 2314 bill was to gradually increase the legal age to purchase tobacco in Oklahoma from 18 to 21. It has passed out of a House committee. Under the bill, the age limit would be increased to 19 in 2013, 20 in 2014 and 21 in 2015.Coody says a handful of states have increased the legal age to purchase tobacco to 19, but that Oklahoma would be the first to increase the age to 21.
 What? Good for you Coody. You must be exhausted.This has got to be on the top of the ten most worthless bills. My next question would be why? Where did you pull this from? Was there some specific turn of events? Or were you just cleaning out your desk and it fell on the floor?
Why does the legislation continue to present shallow bills on topics that aren’t worth the ink and paper they write them on? To waste time raising the legal age to smoke by a year or two , and then to waste more time by making this brainless task some sort of graduating chart is utterly ridicules. Do they realize how stupid something like this makes them look?
I see a huge possibility of some downsizing here. I will relay this to the Governor ASAP. Then of course, she is probably at the mall. If this is the type of brain power throughout the legislature then we are in trouble. It appears to be just busy work for them at the states expense, and if they can't seem to stack priorities properly then I am sure there is a restroom or something that needs a good wiping down.
If the U.S. government thinks that 18 is old enough to go to war then I don't see smoking as a topic of concern.
By R.H.
Now from what I can see, this was a grand exercise in a waste of paper. HB 2503, which you can read here  had only one word change only. You can read the Statute on Water Rights here.   Scroll down about one third through the document to get to the part discussed in the bill.
Now the one word change comes in Section 1, Para B. which states in part “The Board shall be responsible for approving material business expenses of the district.  Does this take the other business related expenses out of the hands of the board of directors? Does this give an open check book to a former Representative and slime ball Dan Sullivan?
You bet it does. The board of directors will no longer control travel expenses, dining expenses or other type of expenses. This gives Dan Sullivan an open check book to Grand River Dam Authority money to wine and dine his wife and who knows his girlfriend too.
Now Representative Watson goes on to say in Section 2 “It being immediately necessary for the preservation of the public peace, health and safety, an emergency is hereby declared to exist, by reason whereof this act shall take effect and be in full force from its passage and approval.” Kindly explain to me and my fellow Oklahomans what emergency to public peace, health and safety is in danger by not waiting until November 1st to have this bill go into effect. Are you in that big of a hurry to spend money? Is Dan Sullivan so far in debt that he needs this cash flow to help pay his bills? What?
I applaud Democrat Representatives McPeak, Proctor and Sherrer for voting NO on this welfare for Sullivan bill. You at least saw it for what it was. For you other 20 committee members who voted YES, shame on you.
Use the list of Representatives and Senators at the bottom of this email to contact all 149 of them and demand that this bill be stopped.
Does this Water Smell Funny to You?
by Ms P.M.
HB 2552 Authored by Representative Proctor
Years ago my husband and I were looking at rural property in New Mexico.  We found out that after you paid for a well to be drilled and paid for the pumping equipment, the state would put a meter on the pump.  Why?  Because the water had been sold to California decades ago, the very water running through a creek on your property or under the ground is already owned by others.
HB 2552 requires the consent of the Oklahoma Legislature specifically authorizing the sale or export of water and the approval of the people of the state through a vote on a legislative referendum on the question. Representative Eric Proctor (D) filed the bill so that Oklahoma's water policy could be made by the people of Oklahoma not by a federal court, the state of Texas, politicians or by lobbyists.  Unfortunately House legal staff loaded the bill down with a lot of unnecessary language no doubt by the direction of House leadership. 
Representative Proctor has the right as author of the bill to amend the bill.  Proctor gave us the following statement when asked about this bill during the research for this story:
My only intent is to give the people a say in the process and you have my word that if it is heard I will file a committee substitute to make sure that is all the bill says.”
I can't recall a more comforting statement by a politician, direct and to the point, unequivocal.
There is a lot of language in this bill that makes me feel uncomfortable. If no water is sold out of state and there are no contracts in existence, then why is this in the bill? Because this is in there, it tells me there are contracts already in existence, where and what are they?
The second paragraph makes me think this bill isn't just about water that would be leaving the state. The statement "optimum development and utilization of surface water and groundwater within Oklahoma" really makes me wonder if this insertion has something to do with the lawsuit on Native American water rights in Southeastern Oklahoma.
When our elected cow-pies get together and use the terms "optimum development and utilization" I know they are up to something rotten and some entity whether it be Oklahomans or the tribes will lose, in this case possibly water and for certain money. 
The Choctaw and Chickasaw tribes assert that only they have jurisdiction over water on their treaty lands and the state has no right to remove it or grant permits to sell it.
Attorney General Scott Pruitt filed a lawsuit on behalf of the Oklahoma Water Resources Board asking the court to assume original jurisdiction of water rights of the nations. This "original jurisdiction" is another catchy term. Is this before or after they were kicked off their land and told where they could live? Because they were told to leave is this supposed to void the treaty with the federal government?
Governor Fallin has issued statements asking for a comprehensive water plan and there are multiple bills filed on that issue.
The tribes are asking the court to issue a permanent injunction to halt the proposed transfer of water to Oklahoma City from Sardis Lake unless the transaction has been negotiated with the tribes or approved by the federal court. They have been trying for at least a decade to resolve these water rights issues.  
The water policy discussion from our not so trusted public servants, if you read it, leads one to believe our interest is the foundation for all of their hoop-la.
Speaker Steele states; "If Oklahoma wants to be pro-growth, water policy must be a priority. Without water, the state can't grow, so we must do everything we can to ensure we have the water we need."'
Steel said, "We will not be deterred by litigation and will work aggressively this session to lay a foundation for Oklahoma's water future. As the elected officials of all Oklahomans, it is our duty to ensure each and every Oklahoman has the water they need."
 I can't grasp why Speaker Steele isn't competent enough to know that the tribes think all Oklahomans need water as well. Negotiate with tribal leaders, it's the right thing to do
Under the planning groups for Oklahoma, water monitoring is mentioned which also sets off my alarm. Data is collected to determine the quantity and quality of surface and groundwater. This sounds harmless enough until some bureaucrat decides they know how much water you need. When a bill comes out and rammed through because they deem it as an emergency, look out, your well will have a meter on it and you will pay into the pork pot to use that water.
HB 2385, a conservation proposal bill authored by Representative Scott Martin, would give homeowners more flexibility to reuse gray water on their property.  We are now paying them to undo the laws they passed so we are able to use grey water which they now deem safe. What happened Scott, did the bird of paradise fly by and whack you into being smart?
Speaker Steele is once again doing the buzzard imitation by squawking; this time he has proposed the Water for 2060 Act which establishes a statewide goal of consuming no more fresh water in 2060 than consumed today. Now I ask...Does this open the flood gate to sell Oklahoma water to other states? As long as it is legislatively approved, notice the door left open in HB 2552, I can't help but think this paves the way. Steal it from the tribes, cut consumption by Oklahomans through mandates and sell it to other states...Is this really that far fetched given the track record? 
 If Representative Proctor’s bill actually does prohibit water sales out of state then it would be a good bill. Why send water to Dallas and Fort Worth to fuel industry when those same companies can relocate to Oklahoma if they need water? I can't help but think there is more to it. Governor Fallin did not convey any interest in working with the tribes in her press release, only lawmakers and elected officials. I smell something very fishy in all this water.
When we asked Representative Proctor for his input on this story he replied with lengthy but through response.  Rather than publishing the entire response we chose the most important points to share with our readers:
“Tarrent County (Ft. Worth, Tx.) has hired several Former Oklahoma politicians including Former Governors Keating and Walters who are pushing for the sale of water to Texas.
My opinion is this issue will affect every generation of Oklahomans who follow us and therefore the decision should be made by the people.  It would only go to a vote of the people if the legislature approves the sale of water at a future date.
If the bill gets a hearing (Which I do not think it will) I will file a Committee Substitute to strike everything but adding a vote of the people provision.  Honestly, I am not sure why the House staff placed that language in the bill.  I thought that was legal ease that had to be placed in the bill.  I can see the concerns and will make sure those sections are removed if it is ever heard or if I bring the bill again next year.”
Fair enough Representative Proctor but you are going to need some help.   Here are the links to the members of the Agriculture, Wildlife and Environment Committee:
Rep. Richardson, Phil
(R) District 56
     (405) 557-7401  Big RINO
Vice Chair
Rep. Russ, Todd
(R) District 55
     (405) 557-7312  Big RINO
John Bennett  (405) 557-7315  One of the good ones at the capitol
Lisa Billy    (405) 557-7365  A very bad RINO politician
Dennis Casey (405) 557-7344  Another RINO that supporters the Steele regime
John Enns (405) 557-7321        Another RINO that supports the Steele regime
Larry Glenn  (405) 557-7399
Tommy Hardin  (405) 557-7383
Mike Jackson (405) 557-7317
Steve Kouplen  (405) 557-7306
James Lockhart (405) 557-7413
Tom Newell  (405) 557-7372  One of the good ones at the capitol
Charles Orgeta (405) 557-7369  One of the worst, Mr. Illegal Immigration
Leslie Osborn  (405) 557-7333
R.C. Pruett (405) 557-7382
Brian Renegar (405) 557-7381
Mike Sanders (405) 557-7407
Jerry Shoemake   (405) 557-7373
Steve Vaughan (405) 557-7355  Big RINO
Here are their email addresses in one block:
Ethics Panel Changes the Rules
We are told that this new Ethics Committee is needed to “to prevent the erosion of public confidence in its authority”. The Speaker has done more damage to the integrity of the House than any member since statehood. Does that mean the Ethics Committee will be investigating him?
The latest draft of the Code of Conduct is unchanged other than the name. 
Where do I begin?  This is a clear example of trying to force something down the throats of legislators while he still has the power to do so.  But Speaker Steele was forced to cut a deal with the Democrats in order to stay in power and the revised Ethics Committee rules reflect that.   In the previous drafts, all power was vested in the Speaker. Note the changes outlined below. You can read the proposed House Ethics Rules here:
Rule 2 “Additionally at the time the House Ethics Committee members are appointed, a list shall be provided by the Speaker and the Minority Leader of (5) names from their respective parties, to the Chair and Vice Chair of the House Ethics Committee from which replacement members can be chosen if needed.”
There is your power sharing arrangement. The previous draft listed only the Speaker. With the Democrats having only three members sitting on the current committee, I doubt if they had enough votes to effect this change alone, without the Speakers help. This brings up the question of Why the Speaker and the Minority Leader? Why not a vote of their peers?
Para B: Here the committee is selecting the replacement member from the list provided by the Speaker and Minority Leader. This is done by majority vote. Why? Why can't they just have the members of that caucus select a replacement? Why do they need the list to begin with?
Rule 5, this is new. It states in part “Disclosure by the complainant or by any person to whom the complainant disclosed of the complaint or fact that such complaint was filed will result in;”
Para 1. “The automatic dismissal of the complaint with prejudice preventing the refilling of the complaint by the complainant and
Para 2. The complainant may be subject to discipline by the House Ethics Committee” Does anyone see what's happening here. This is a protection clause for House members designed specifically to protect Speaker Steele from recent allegations against him. With this clause all one has to do is leak to someone outside the Ethics Committee that they are being investigated, and the charge goes away with no hope of it ever being brought up again.  Speaker Steele, are you so power hungry that you have lost all moral obligations to the people of Oklahoma?
Rule 7 reads in part “shall cause such facts that are capable of independent, informal verification to be so verified. Do these people really think that we are dumb enough to know that some facts cannot be verified without a witness being forced to testify under a subpoena?
Rule 8 states in part “The Chair shall determine whether a witness or documents to be subpoenaed are likely to provide competent, relevant and material evidence”.  What crystal ball is this guy looking through? How in the world can he make such a determination without physically seeing the evidence to be subpoenaed?
Rule 9 states “Strict adherence to the rules of evidence, 12 O.S. 2101 et seq., shall not be required.” So in other words, what we have here is they have thrown the rules of evidence out the window. Evidence we don't need no evidence. Guilty until proven innocent. If you are on the Speaker's or the Minority Leaders bad list, hang it up. Hire an Attorney now. You'll be fighting Ethics violations until they are gone.
It further states in part that “witness may have an attorney present but shall make no objections” Why not. These proceedings have already thrown the rules of evidence out the door, are they now throwing the protection of the witness out the door.  But we all know the fix is in and it will be over ruled by the Speakers partners in slime.
Rule 10  states “The House Ethics Committee is not bound to the Code of Conduct or House Ethics Rules violation(s) asserted within the initial complaint but may recommend disciplinary action on any violation(s) of the Code of Conduct or House Ethics Rules discovered during the investigation.” So what we have here is a rule that will allow a complaint, to be filed, proven or not, that will allow these eight handpicked cronies of the Speaker and the Minority Leader to go on a fishing expedition to see if they can uncover an actual ethics violation. If they don't, they'll turn over what they have to a District Attorney to see what he can do. This is Fascism at its worst.
In summation these rules are in place to protect the House leadership of both parties. They do little to protect the integrity of the House, or the reputation of the House. This is crony politics at its worse. The ethics committee should have members who are elected by the caucuses of the respective parties, not appointed by their leadership. It's not perfect, but it would be a more honest way to approach an investigation.
These proposed rules are a joke. I urge all House members to vote NO on these rules. Use a little common sense when drafting these rules. Just because you are the House of Representatives Ethics Committee doesn't mean you can throw the Oklahoma Statute Code of Evidence out the window. You are not above the law no matter what Speaker Steele tells you.
By R.H.
Far be it from me to allow children, our most precious of all, be unprotected, but sometimes I feel that we want to legislate our way to a sterile environment. HB 3076 is such a bill. Although well intentioned, this bill goes a little to far in some areas. You can read the original bill here
Representative Dorman must have thought so too, He amended the bill in committee after the second reading. Now this is important because he made only one slight change to the bill. We'll cover that change a little later on. You can read the amended bill here 
Section 1: Para A: States in part “May request in writing to the State Board of Education that a National Criminal History record check be conducted on any employee of the school and shall request such information for any person seeking employment with the school.” So far so good but why isn’t this being done already?
Where Dorman stepped over the line was this clause:
“Prospective volunteer” means a parent, guardian, or any individual who volunteers to serve on an overnight school trip or who volunteers to serve in a school athletic program and has access to student locker rooms.
“A board of education shall request in writing to the State Board of Education that a national criminal history record check be conducted of any prospective volunteer.  The OSBI shall obtain fingerprints of the prospective volunteer and require that the prospective volunteer or a support organization associated with the school district pay a search fee not to exceed Fifty Dollars ($50.00) or the cost of the search, whichever is the lesser amount.  The fees shall be deposited in the OSBI Revolving Fund.  After a prospective volunteer passes a check, such individual shall not be required to submit to additional checks unless there is a break in service greater than one (1) school year.”
Are you serious?  We already have a Sex Offender registry list. Use it. Don't penalize the hard working, law abiding parents and guardians.
I must commend Representative Dorman for his desire to protect our children. It is indeed, a noble calling, but this is going to far.
Give Representative Dorman a call at (405) 557-7305 or email him at
But Would You Allow Your Daughter to Marry a Noctor?
Rep. Cox  HB-2266      By Ms. D.B.
HB 2266 is just another branch of the computerized health plan presented by Rep. Cox.  Registered nurses would be the ability to do things that only doctors could do. Once they learn a software program for diagnosing illnesses, called algorithms that spit out standard treatments,the nurses would eventually be able to diagnose, treat, prescribe, and make virtual visits via telephone screen. They would  become “Virtual Noctors".
When I heard about this I had a bad feeling. I felt the door come slamming down on the subject of Health care, and I knew that America would never be as we know it now ever again. The government can sit connecting the numbers all day long , but they can't replace the quality, the human aspect of it, or the privacy that will be lost because of it. It's no wonder that the legislators are in a big hurry to pass a new bill to protect them at church. It must be real hard to pray when you’re a paranoid, guilt-ridden, hypocrite.
Archimedes Model is about “quantifying healthcare,” and utilizes mathematical medical algorithms to produce (spit out) standardized treatment.
Help, I'm too Stupid to
Buckle My Seat Belt!
by Ms P.M.
HB 2583 Authored by McDaniel (Jeannie) and Cox
This bill now makes it a $20 fine if you are in the back of a passenger car and get caught without your seatbelt fastened.
McDaniel said, "Seat belts are a well-established requirement for car safety, but for some reason back seat passengers have been overlooked in Oklahoma. It is just as important to wear a seatbelt in the back seat as in the front seat so it follows that if we are going to require front seat passengers to buckle up, then we should require back seat passengers to do the same."
Representative McDaniel, if you want to tell me what to do then I think you should purchase my fuel and insurance and make the car payment.   Dipstick…
Thousands of dollars (taxpayer dollars) have been spent to study school bus accidents and the fact of the matter is their findings are not accurate as far as safety goes. Where is Bubbet McD and Cox-a-doodle-do on this little ditty
“Conclusion: Once again NHTSA (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration)  has failed miserably in addressing the problem of “compromised compartmentalization” in school bus side impact and rollover accidents. As a direct result, children will continue to be killed and injured in school bus accidents. Since NHTSA will not act, the responsibility to correct this well documented inadequacy now resides with the Congress.”
If this bill is about saving lives and safety, which it always is, along with expensive medical bills somebody doesn't want to pay for someone else, then why are school busses exempt?
If these idiots writing bills had a clue, I believe the real priority if they insist on taking care of us would be to mandate the installation of seat belts in school busses. Two of the reasons this isn't done; You can't transport a full capacity load of kids because three seat belts on one seat will not fit. The other is it would cost the schools more money because of the added fleet. Once again, it comes down to money. The want the ticket revenue from fining drivers of passenger cars and they won’t pay equip school busses. School funding would cut into salaries, benefits and bloated departments. We certainly can't have that.
I conclude this is more of government mandating what we can and cannot do in our everyday lives, disguised as, for our own protection. Coming soon from the blowhard department...You have to tie your shoe laces and knot them before you go out in public. They wouldn't want anyone to trip and fall. Pardon me folks, but if I wanted to hear from a hinny hole I would have called Amnesty George Fart.
More Floor Leader Pork
HB 2443 By R.H.
Representative Dewitt (Ok.-38) has proposed another Oklahoma Higher Education Resource Center be placed in Ponca City.
Now a pattern is beginning to establish itself here. It seems that all the bills that have been heard in committee and sent to the House Floor so far have been authored by House Leadership, or their flunkies. This bill is no exception. Representative Dewitt is  the Majority Floor Leader in the house. He must not be very good at this job, because his leadership saw fit to appoint 7 deputies to help him.
Now I will give them credit for following the letter of the law. Where I feel they run afoul of the law is declaring this an emergency. What emergency? Did we have a natural disaster that required an immediate influx of higher knowledge? How is a need for 4 years of school going to resolve an emergency situation? I see you think the populace is dumb and we’ll just go along with your RINO tactics. An emergency cannot exist just because you want it to. You seem to have learned your tactics from Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid. If that’s the case, change your party affiliation to liberal Democrat, we don’t want you.
Nowhere in the bill is an actual figure for the cost of this center listed. I had to dig to come up with the “Emergency Funding” for 2012 alone for this project. It is shocking to find out that they want to spend over a half a million dollars for FY-12 on this project alone. The exact figure is $647,718.00. This can be found in the summary here.
Now it seems that Representative Dewitt decided to further benefit his constituents with more pork. He wanted to insure that a vast majority of the money spent on this project was spent in his district. So what did he do, he submitted an entire “COMMITTEE AMENDMENT’ to his bill. It can be found here.
Now the amended bill is not that much different than the original bill. What is striking is in Para B: “shall draw upon the educational programs of institutions best suited to provide the kind of educational programs needed”. It goes on to say “ Northern Oklahoma College shall have exclusive authority to offer all lower division courses and programs at the University Center at Ponca City” Why just Northern Oklahoma College. I know. It’s in Dewitt’s district, Tonkawa. That leaves the better school located in Stillwater, Oklahoma State University, out of the picture.
For those who do not already know, about half the credits earned at Northern Oklahoma will not transfer to a four year college, particularly one out of state.   Granted Tonkawa is close to Ponca City, but so is Stillwater. Instead of building a center like this, why not fund a liaison office at Oklahoma State University and Northern Oklahoma College and have them serve the needs of the people of Ponca City. This could be done at a far less expense than the half million dollars or more as anticipated by this bill, and serve the same purpose. The money saved could be spent on things like, building more prisons, or repairing the Capitol, or maybe paying off some bonds.
Give Representative DeWitt a call at (405) 557-7332 or email him at
The GRDA Can’t Do its Job Unless it StealsYour Water Rights and Condemns Your Land
Well Weldon Watsons at it again. This time he's trying to give more power to the Grand River Dam Authority. Citing another emergency he has offered another change in the regulations controlling water rights in the district. You can read the regulations here:
Enough is enough. Mr. Watson, you and your power hungry friends at the Grand River Dam Authority cannot show me one instance where these changes will affect the “public peace, health and safety'” that you cite to claim as an excuse for an emergency. The only emergency here is how quick you can line the pockets of your friends and benefactors.
Section 1 Para a Sub Para 1: Makes a change that could be beneficial to the communities located in the Grand River Authority district. It changes the wording of the regulations from “provided, however, that any” to just plain “Any” municipal corporation. This little change guarantees municipal corporations are guaranteed service by the Grand River Dam Authority.
Sub Para 6: Would modify the law listed in the above paragraph. It would modify it by adding in part “for the purpose of planning, acquiring, financing, owning, operating and maintaining an undivided ownership of any steam, oil, gas, coal-fired, thermal, geothermal, solar, waste or refuse reclamation powered electric generating plants or facilities of every kind necessary,”.
What a power grab. They are trying to re-write the law so that their buddy, former Representative Dan Sullivan, and his gang of thieves can take over all electric power generating facilities in the Grand River Dam Authority district. Now there is a clause that prohibits them from taking over municipal owned power plants, but one wonders how long those will be safe. Once these plants are in the hands of the Grand River Dam Authority, they will start charging more for the electricity they supply to the Rural Electric Co-Operatives and other entities, who will be forced to raise their prices. This is madness.
Sub Para 7: states in part “to assist in attracting industry to the state,” More corporate welfare here. Now I understand the need to attract new industry to this Great State, but there are better ways to do it. Take a look at the states with no personal income tax. They don't seem to have a problem attracting industry. Lowering corporate taxes would also help. Unlike what your liberal mindset tells you Mr. Watson, lower taxes do indeed increase revenues.
Sub Para 8: States in part “To acquire by condemnation any and all property of any kind, real, personal or mixed or any interest therein within or without the boundaries of the district, necessary, incidental or convenient to exercise of the powers”.
This is entirely too much power. The power to obtain property, particularly by condemnation, should be limited to within the confines of the Grand River Dam Authority District. This is nothing more than an out and out power play to extend the districts authority throughout the state. It is dangerous and un-president. This is very bad news for Oklahoma’s if this bill is passed. 
We also should remember that the GRDA condemnation process is done without a the right of appeal to a court of law, you take what they offer or go pound sand.
Sub Para 10: States in part: “To overflow and inundate any public lands and public property and to require the relocation of roads and highways”
Excuse me! What is the meaning of this? You are giving the Grand River Dam Authority the liberty  to run wild. Granted they will be required to pay the cost, but we all know how that will work. Tax payers are the ones who will wind up paying the cost of moving those roads. There is no mention here of the required studies or community input. This is a plan to ram it down the throats of Oklahoma’s whether they want it or not. Hello Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid.
Sub Para 18: States in part “To prescribe and enforce rules for the use” it further states “including the use of firearms, the inspection of all boats of every character proposing to operate on said lakes”.
Now you'll have to forgive this poor ole country boy, but I was under the impression that we already had state agencies that did that. It's duplication of efforts like this that tend to bloat budgets, add red tape and generally create a hassle for the general public.
Sub Para 19: States in part “Nothing in this section shall prevent the district from selling for irrigation purposes within the boundaries of the district any water impounded by it under authority of law.”
Nothing needs more clarification than this. This one sub-section alone gives them the right to impound your well, and then turns around and sells you your water for irrigation purposes. Talk about a blatant power grab. This fits in real nice with Speaker Steele's recent water conservation comments.
Sub Para 20 States in its entirety “To support and assist the efforts of state, regional and local development organizations, political subdivisions, industrial committees, chambers of commerce, tourism organizations, agricultural organizations, environmental organizations and other public and private agencies to obtain new and foster expansion of existing service, industrial and manufacturing facilities, business and enterprises to enhance the quality of life for citizens of the district and the state. Provided, support and assistance shall be limited to an amount not to exceed a total of Twenty-five Thousand Dollars ($25,000.00) per year for one or more projects or efforts that are for the benefit of or impact the quality of life for each city or community located within the boundaries of the district”
So in other words, they are buying votes. This Sub-paragraph should be amended to remove all references to political subdivisions and chambers of commerce. Politicians should not be supported by an organization that depends on their votes for their rules and regulations.
The Chambers of Commerce should not benefit from the politicians they bank roll to begin with.
Sub Para 21 B: States in part “ the General Manager, department heads and other essential employees of the district, as designated by the General Manager, may be permitted to use a district vehicle to provide transportation between the employee's residence and the assigned place of employment”.
 Most of these people are making more than the Governor of this great state and now you are trying to tell me they can't afford a car? 
The only essential employee in the district is the guy or gal on call to handle any power outage or other emergency you may have. They are the ones that should be allowed to drive a company truck home.
And once again Representative Watson is trying to justify an emergency. It is apparent that Mr. Watson has learned the lessons taught by Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid and Rahm Emmanuel to heart.
 Lesson 1. Everything is an emergency.
 Lesson 2. When you can't find an emergency, create one.
 Lesson 3.  Never let a good emergency go to waste.
Well it seems every bill proposed by Representative Watson is an emergency. The only emergency I can see here is to remove this RINO from office as this bill is clearly a payoff to Dan Sullivan and his evil ways. It makes one wonder what he has on you.
Call Representative Watson at (405) 557-7330 or email him at
Corporate Interests Over Citizen’s Interests
By R. H.
HB 1399 RFID  Rep. S. Martin Rep. S. Tibbs Rep. Wesselhoft
These three Representatives hold the future of the safe identification of every Oklahoman in their hands. One wants to protect your identification, and two have sold out to the Chamber of Commerce and Corporate interest. It is time to bring two of them to their knees.
One would think that since all three are Republicans, they could work things out. If they followed the Republican platform and beliefs, they would. Unfortunately, in this case, we have a Conservative Republican, Representative Wesselhoft, and two RINOs, Representatives Martin and Tibbs.
Representative Wesselhoft introduced HB 1399, a bill that would prohibit the use of Radio Frequency Identification Tags on drivers licenses and identification cards. This bill has wide bi-partisan support. It passed both the House and the Senate last year only to be vetoed by the Governor. The veto override fell short when thirteen Representatives failed to vote. Their reasons were varied, but none of them were realistic. You can read the bill here:
The only significant change in the law would be in para A 7: to read:
“The Department of Public Safety shall prohibit from embedding, affixing, adhering or assigning any radio frequency identification (RFID) tag to any driver license or identification card. The Department shall further prohibit from utilizing any type of RFID ink in any format or configuration onto or into any driver license or identification card. As used in this paragraph, “radio frequency identification” means a data collection technology system that uses electromagnetic or electrostatic spectrum to transmit signals that contain unique identification or location information of persons or products.”
 This is plain, simply stated and straight forward. No one would have a problem understanding what is meant by this paragraph. Unfortunately it doesn't fit in with what big business and the Chamber of Commerce wants, so they send in Representative Martin and Representative Tibbs.
Without making a formal amendment, Representative  Martin want s to change the wording to “ Para A 7: The Department of Public Safety shall be prohibited from embedding, affixing, adhering or assigning to any drivers license or identification card any device, object or technology with any of the following of the characteristics or capabilities contained herein:
A: ) The conveyance of information of any kind concerning the owner or subject of the drivers license or identification card not presented in the legible text of the driver license or identification card.
B: ) The capability of the card to be remotely read while being held in a wallet or purse.
Section A does nothing to prohibit an RFID chip from being placed on a driver license or identification card. In fact it states that your information can be placed on an RFID chip as long as that same information is available on the front of the card. This is an open invitation to any identity thief that may be in the area. What kind of protection is this?
Section B is meant to mitigate this by making the cards unreadable while in your wallet or purse. A good idea, but how often do you have to produce Identification to cash a check or for any number of reasons. The minute you take it out, you're subject to identity theft.
In steps Representative Tibbs. She Chairs the House Public Safety Committee. She's one of Speaker Steele's flunkies.  She informs Representative Wesselhoft that unless he agrees to the change in the wording, his bill will not be heard in committee. Kind of makes you wonder if she has a thing for Martin?  (Think uglier and scrawnier Wicked Witch of the West loving on Deputy Dog).
Now there isn't even a formal amendment being offered by Mr. Martin to this bill. If he wants to change the bill, let him go through the correct way of doing it. Don't go about using his RINO connections and his political favors to get what he wants. It makes him look like a school yard bully.
Chairman Tibbs, shame on you for using your position this way. You are there to insure the rules are followed, not to make them up as you go. You above anyone else should be insisting that Mr. Martin submit a formal amendment to the bill.
For those committee members who are just sitting there letting this happen, shame on you as well. You have voices, use them. Raise them up in protest against leadership that is dictatorial in nature. Refuse to allow anything out of committee until such time as this measure is brought up. Insist that it is brought before the committee for a vote before any other business is conducted.
These actions by Representatives Martin and Tibbs are a clear example of how much of a strangle hold the Oklahoma State Chamber of Commerce and Big Business has over our legislature. RINO Republicans far outnumber the conservative Republicans in the House. Speaker Steele put his cronies in place for his final session in hopes of doing his buddies at the Chamber some good. This needs to be stopped.
The Truth about the McCarville Report
By S.W
Last week we exposed two of the authors behind the Oklahoma Truth Council, a popular online political blog that had taken a hard left turn when it started attacking conservative candidates and conservative legislators.   Once the article was published we received even more confirmations that we had nailed the two.
 Since then the Oklahoma Truth Council blog has gone nearly silent other than a reposting of election results this week.
 The first confirmation of the veracity of our outing the duo was when we received a screen shot of where Seth Rott had uploaded a video from the Oklahoma Truth Council as shown in this PDF:
But what came next was somewhat of a surprise although I suppose one could have seen it coming.   One of our sources inside the State Chamber of Commerce reported that Neva Hill, the political consultant that was bankrolling the attacks from the Oklahoma Truth Council, was also providing major content for the attack articles on the McCarville Report.
We first exposed the link between Mike McCarville and Neva Hill months ago, showing that they were former partners on a political newsletter and had maintained a friendship over the years.   With Neva Hill’s connections through her job as Speaker Kris Steele’s personal political consultant she had been in a position to leak information and direct attacks on conservative legislators and conservative activists while hiding behind Mike McCarville.
Our source deep within the State Chamber reported that Mike McCarville has become too sick and frail to keep up with much of the writing on his blog site.   Neva Hill reportedly stepped in to help write the main articles while McCarville himself sticks to the more personal and mundane articles as well as maintaining his Facebook page.
So perhaps Mike McCarville isn’t losing his mental facilities as fast as we thought, the sudden increase in attacks on conservatives is simply a political shill doing her job while using McCarville as a meat puppet.  
McCarville knows he doesn’t have long till things are beyond his worries and no doubt he needs the income as his condition deteriorates and his medical bills mount.  And who needs credibility as a journalist?   Just another product to sell it seems to the Mike McCarville’s and Neva Hill’s of this world.
Fistfight at the Capitol?
Reports state that a fistfight erupted between RINO Harold Wright and Republican Mike Reynolds last week over a rather mundane bill that declared Music Appreciation Day in Oklahoma.  An Oklahoma blogger picked up the story which caused it to be spread around the state and nation but as sometimes happens in these things, the story turned out to be only partially correct.
What actually occurred is covered quite well in an article.  It seems that RINO Representative Harold Wright had a couple of guests speaking about a bill which can be a fine line to walk because guests aren’t supposed to lobby for a bill, just explain the details. Representative Reynolds tried to object over the lobbying and Speaker Steele refused to recognize the objection and turn on Representative Reynolds’s microphone. 
After a left handed apology from Representative Wright for his guests lobbying, Wright became enraged that Reynolds brought up a similar circumstance from 2011, causing Wright to “press his face” into Reynolds’s face while raising his voice.   Other House members pulled Wright away from Reynolds before Wright lost all control.
Those that have followed the tactics of the RINOs at the Capitol know this for what it is; an attempt to goad Representative Reynolds into a fight, specifically to goad him into throwing the first blow.   House leadership is desperate to regain control of the Speaker Designate slot and one sure way of doing it is to pick off two or three conservative legislators by getting them thrown out of office or cowed down by reprimands like those that occurred last session.
But is there more to it than this, a crude attempt to bait Reynolds into a fist fight?   Yes there is.
Don’t ask, don’t tell was the rule for the better part of a decade in our military forces, a compromise to allow gays and lesbians to serve without sacrificing unit moral and discipline in the military.   Once Obama overturned that rule Oklahoma legislators had a right to protect the Oklahoma National Guard from having to deal with the issue.   None other than Representative Reynolds himself filed a bill to address the issue.   HB 2195 basically takes the Oklahoma National Guard back to the “Don’t ask, don’t tell”.
Now this isn't about bashing gays, it is about Oklahoma legislators claiming to represent Okahoma values then supporting a gay agenda.  We have no problem with liberal legislators like McCaffey voting the way their constituents want them to vote on gay agenda items.
None other than Representative Gary Banz himself is blowing a gasket over this along with the rest of House leadership.  Why?  Once again they believe that this bill would make Oklahoma look “backward”, “too intolerant”, and “too religious” and are afraid that the state will have to spend a few dollars defending the law at the courthouse.
We are told that the RINOs are dreading this vote because they know that the Sooner Tea Party is going to use the votes to beat them to a political bloody pulp.  And we will do exactly that.  If they hear the bill, which is unlikely, we will excoriate any that vote against it and if they refuse to hear the bill we will ask that a discharge petition be filed so we can record those who refuse to sign the discharge petition.  
 A discharge petition is a high hurdle, we would need 68 House members to force the bill to the House floor, but it is actually a better method of recording a “vote” as the member has all the time in the world to accept and House leadership has no control over the petition being presented to the legislators.
Another bill that the legislators are dreading is SB1433, a so called “personhood” bill that enacts protection to unborn children.  Once again the RINOs and the few liberals at the Capitol are dreading having to vote against a third rail issue like abortion but don’t want the state to appear “backward”, in their view, to the State Chamber of Commerce.
Here are all the House members in two fifty member blocks of email addresses.  Use Bcc in your email address header and email fifty of them with one email yet they won't know who else got the email.
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