Spellbound promises to be a remarkable experience; exactly what you need to remind yourself of the ancient power that Halloween holds. It's the perfect time for an evening of unsettling stories, stories that seep into your subconscious and into your dreams. Not just any stories, but stories crafted for that perfect moment of surprise when the hair rises on your neck and you feel a sudden chill in the room.
Celebrate the transformative power of Halloween by listening to spellbinding stories at the John Palmer House. Now in its third year, this special fundraiser is hosted by Maggie Kolkena and Susan Dunn, with performances by Portland Story Theater’s Lawrence Howard, Penny Walter, Lynne Duddy and Ryan Wolf Stroud, with special guest Julie Strozyk.
Adults only: 21 and over. Costumes are encouraged. This is a fundraiser, so bring your checkbook to make additional contributions and to purchase items donated by Mississippi Avenue businesses (some very cool stuff!).

Only fifty tickets will be issued each night. Small groups of listeners will rotate through the different rooms of this gorgeously restored (and reputedly haunted!) house, until all the stories have been heard.

  (Advance Tickets Required)
Here's your chance to support two incredible groups, NestShare and Portland Story Theater and the businesses vital to Mississippi Avenue. A portion of your ticket price is tax deductible.
May the narrative be with you,
Portland Story Theater