And just like that, week 1 is in the books! It has been a smooth start which says a lot for the organization of the office folks and veteran staff members. With so many changes, I was concerned the transition would be a bit bumpy this week. It's good to have great people that care about kids surround you.

By now, every class has started curriculum work. Parents should start expecting some homework.

Friday night, on all of the major networks, XQ will televise their vision for next generation high schools. I can't wait to see what they present. Any organization that can make learning more individualized is pretty valuable. I really hope they spend time demonstrating how they reach reluctant learners...those that are at risk of dropping out. The fear among principals is that this show will only represent the students that want to learn or that have chosen to enter a particular charter or public school. Those students are already invested in education or at least have a parent that is a strong advocate of education. The truth is that any school can educate those students and in most cases, do it well. I am hoping to learn what HQ has done to engage the students who simply don't want to be in school. We will take all the ideas we can get.

Please remember to ask your child how they are doing in school. They may brush you off but it sends a valuable message.

The September edition of School News is attached. You can "mouse over" the yellow comments to see my thoughts.

Our staff book for this year is "How Children Succeed," by Paul Tough. It is filled with interesting narratives. By reading the book along with us, you'll get a glimpse of what we are working on as a staff. The assignment this month was to read the prologue and pages 1-20. While you are reading, be prepared to answer, "Why are we reading this book?"

Scott Sherman
It's A Great Day To Be A Packer!

Support Information
Arbor Circle in Newaygo County: http://www.arborcircle.org/programs-services
National Suicide Prevention Lifeline 1-800-273-8255 24/7 trained support
Crisis Text Line for Teens Text "Listen" to 741-741 24/7 trained support
Please remember to remind your child to report any neglect or bullying they see.