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May 7th 20017 Newsletter
The Most Dangerous Man in Oklahoma
Oklahoma County David Prater is beginning to draw some national attention for his arresting people without a valid crime to justify the arrest much less justify a trial. The video at the link below weaves the connection between Prater and former prosecutor Bob Macy. The author of the video is Diana Davison, a prolific video blogger and journalist who does a lot of thought provoking articles on anti feminism. An activist that supports men that are being crushed and a collaborator with Michelle Malkin, she brings some fresh insight into the insanity of modern gender roles.
Her latest video discusses the connections between two Oklahoma cases, Richard Glossip and Daniel Holtzclaw, and in the process she was shocked at what Oklahoma County David Prater has been able to get away with over the years. She reached out to Sooner Tea Party after discovering the blackmail illegal prosecution and the articles that STP had been writing since 2011 warning of David Prater's crimes.
Reading the comments on her Youtube videos shows the disgust and disbelief that people display once the news media actually exposes the underbelly of David Prater. Also, reading the comments brought up a movement that I had not heard of, MGTOW, Men Going Their Own Way. Google it, very interesting, very true, and if not stopped it will lead to a population implosion of the U.S. Like it did in Europe for other reasons.
I have yet to had the time to look into the Richard Glossip case but watching this video has got me curious and I will be looking into the case next week. But it is awesome to see that David Prater is developing a nationwide if not international reputation for corruption and criminal acts.
Oklahoma's Own Bull Conner
Representative Josh Cockcroft Stabs Democracy in the Back
Many agree that the Saturday GOP State Convention was well run and efficient, something that probably contributed to Pam Pollard's success in retaining her job as Oklahoma Republican Party Chairman. Pollard had done a good job building connections with the county GOP groups and the last minute attack by the Airy campaign didn't help Robert Airy who suffered from the fact that he was supported by the State Chamber of Commerce and probably using Fount Holland or one of the other mega consultants for the dirty tricks.
However, the Convention Chairman of the event pulled one of the dirtiest and disgusting acts that I have ever seen at a political convention. Representative Josh Cockcroft (Yeah, I know the real spelling, my way is better, look up the word croft and focus on the “small” aspect or the small scale food production aspect, whatever floats your boat) railroaded the destruction of several major rule changes including one that strikes at the heart of the Republican Party and the key to not losing the coming mid term elections. His partner in crime was AJ Ferratti (AKA the rat) the Parliamentarian convention for the event.
Ferratti is quite unusual in that he have zero internet notoriety if you Google his name, something that we intend to rectify.
Going to conventions and meetings is always a lot of fun. You will have politicians trying to make friends, even the worst ones, especially the worse ones. Matt Pinell is running for Lt. Governor, he tried to shake my hand in front of a several people, I snubbed him of course, he did an elbow bump move like that was a substitute for a hand shake but everyone knew he was being disrespected. Later I walked outside to read a document where it was quiet and Pinell followed me out and tried to get me to support him. Instead he learned that we would be going after him , he knew that already, and the time he threw a young black woman out of GOP headquarters was brought up. These guys are so shameless, he left finally saying "Call me, call me..."  Yeah, we are going to call that boy plenty.

So you set down waiting on the convention to start and every few minutes someone stops by, saying they are a supporter or newsletter reader, wanting to introduce themselves. No doubt there are others that would love to say other worse things but don't have the nerve. The best are the politicians that have been smacked around over the years. One was a retired state rep that had been exposed having an affair with another married person back in 2011, part of a story that covered a half dozen cheating married state representatives. A few months later this guy walks up at a convention and introduces himself, saying he just wanted to meet face to face and shake hands. His politics are very bad, very liberal and corrupt so STP makes a running joke out of the guy and expose his bad voting record while he is in office. He retires, term limited out, and this year shows up as a private citizen. Comes up after lunch and chats like he is an old friend. Talking about being conservative while I correct him on things like that, but he isn't leaving, sticking around trying to become likable I suppose. It is kind of like old soldiers meeting the other old enemy soldiers after a war, they have a lot in common and both survived the fight so there is some sort of weird connection. Nice guy really, doesn't make up for the bad voting record though.
Met quite a few of the new legislators, usually those that are conservative leaning. When asked about the new Platform Caucus they replied that they had received the email about the new conservative Republican Caucus at the Capitol and are going to look into it. If you haven't heard, their goal is to encourage the following of the GOP Party Platform, something that the Sooner Tea Party (STP) uses as our own bible and template for legislative issues.

But around 3:00 pm we are voting on a key rule. The rule would have required the politicians running as Republicans to take a copy of the Party Platform and mark which Platform parts they agreed with by initialing the copy and turn it in to the Republican Party. We have had this same fight for seven years, conservative Republicans want it to force the politicians to honor their campaign pledge, the corrupt politicians and their liberal Republican supporters hate it because it exposes the corruption and hypocrisy.  We usually lose by five to 10 percent but this time it was by a small amount of votes.

It was very close on the voice vote, so close they asked people to stand if they supported the new rule and I am certain we had more than 60% of the votes judged by the people standing. Now Chairman Cockcroft had a problem, they were losing and he hated the idea of this rule passing so Cocksmall...uh, Cockcroft called for a written vote.  Everyone gets out their voting slips and writes yes or no, they are collected, and counted.  I went back and watched the counting for my county and we lost fairly, 31 to 39 votes.   Trust me, they weren't going to tell me I couldn't watch. Oklahoma County has always had liberal Republican leadership and thus conservative Republicans are always in the minority. So the convention chairman, state legislator Josh Cockcroft, is calling the names of the counties and they are posting the yes and no votes using a laptop and an overhead projector that shows three huge screens on the walls with the spreadsheet showing the changes in real time. The last county is called, they go back to check a few counties that didn't report their votes (probably went home early) and suddenly the screens go dark! They had shut down the overhead projectors, probably to quickly adjust the excel formulas to change the vote total because they had lost the vote.

That puts people up on their feet in outrage, this has been pulled before, I quipped how long was going to take them to change the formulas and cheat us on the vote, lots of others are raising hell. Both the Republican Party chairman, the committee chairman, and the rat parliamentarian realized that they have a big problem so they waved their hands and said they would review the formulas and confirm the results.
Meanwhile the others that were upset and got together and laid out a plan to confront them if the vote wasn't counted properly.  I go up to the stage and politely ask the convention chairman and the rat parliamentarian when the proper time was to put forward a motion, they asked what the motion was and I said to send a copy of that spreadsheet via email or thumb drive to a half dozen independent delegates after the vote was measured. Cockcroft and the rat both got mad, said I was accusing them of cheating, I said no, I was asking for a copy of the spreadsheet so that I could have experts look at the computing formulas they used to count the votes and weigh the votes. If they had nothing to hide, they wouldn't mind sharing the spreadsheet as it was just numbers saying how many voted yes or no and the weighting formula for each county and the formula for computing the totals and tallying everything up.
Cockcroft and AJ Ferratti puff up at me, very upset, but I stick to my guns. Finally they say they refuse to allow me to make the motion, something that is illegal under Roberts Rules of Order, and the rat threatens to have me thrown out for raising my voice, I told him that I had yet to raise my voice and to go ahead and throw me out if he thought he could get away with it. He backed down, cowards usually do. His nickname is the rat for good reason, small in stature, narrow features, looks like a rat..acts like a rat... is a rat in my opinion.

Meanwhile they came back admitting that they had found mistakes in the formula, lo and behold.  Sometimes with certain versions of Excel when you move a batch of cells the other data on the line doesn't move with the moved cells and it mixes the data up till it is useless. They claim they fixed it, but that wouldn't be a quick fix of course, and their “fixes” made a small improvement in the vote total that left us losing by.008%, eight thousandths or one percent. Around four to seven votes depending upon what county was used and their vote weighing schedule.

So they announce the vote and convention chairman Rep. Josh Cockcroft tries to ignore the line of people that are waiting at the microphone to make objections and points of order. Roberts Rules of Order are quite specific on this, when someone shouts point of order the entire convention has to stop what is going on and listen to the problem being pointed out and fix it or get a ruling on the matter, hopefully form someone other than a rat. Well the three or four men in front of me were being polite and Cockcroft had the microphones shut off so it was hard to hear them and the convention chairman was steam rolling right over the top of them, trying to bully them into giving up.
But I have a loud voice when needed so I shouted "Point of Order". Now the convention chairman has no choice so he looks over toward our group with hate filled eyes and acknowledges my call. The first guy up on our side is an Excel expert, much experience working with Excel and formulas. He carefully and clearly points out three more major problems with the spreadsheet that are obvious and he actually did the spreadsheet work for a previous Republican convention and was a Republican County delegate so they had to listen to him. But the convention chairman and parliamentarian (AKA the rat) said his motion was not allowed and they tried to bully their way again so I yelled Point of Order again and the others made room to get to the microphone. I made the motion that the spreadsheet be shared publicly so that independents and experts could verify that it was done correctly and the vote was correct.  They again refused to allow the motion, an illegal maneuver again. I made it clear that they were openly cheating on a vote and did they think they could get away with it.

The newly re elected Republican chairman Pam Pollard got up on the other microphone and agreed that we had to settle the issue and agreed to turn over the spreadsheet to an internal group of Republicans after the convention.  Since she basically agreed that there was controversy and the Republican Party looked corrupt I pressed the motion again only to be refused.  The others got up and made the same points, it was crooked and dishonest, it harmed the reputation of the leaders of the Republican Party, and asked for more motions, all of which was refused by Cockcroft and the rat.

I went back to my seat fuming, then got up and found the Excel expert that was on our side and we were discussing our next move out in the hallway when the Republican chairman came up and agreed to give us a copy of the spreadsheet. David Van from Tulsa had convinced her, the Republican chairman, that she didn't have a choice but to comply and get ahead of the scandal.

This is in a huge church with a huge balcony, probably seats 2000 people in the place, around 827 delegates and maybe a hundred visitors. There are large stairways at the front of the room so the entire crowd got to see me and two allies following the Republican chairman up the stairs to where the overhead projector and computer is located. Copies of the spreadsheet, the original that had three major problems that they said they fixed, and the fixed copy that they claimed they used, were turned over for analysis. Could the formulas have already been changed by that point? Of course, but looking at the raw votes and computing the weighting and tallying everything manually will show any corruption.

The sad thing is that we lost by such a small margin, most likely because of crooked vote counting, but the fact that half of the Republican delegate thought it is okay for the politicians to refuse to follow the Republican Platform. That in itself shows the deep rooted corruption of many of those that attend political conventions which are more social clubs to them than organizations focused on building the party or holding up standards. They had a very short memorial for conservative legislator David Brumbaugh who had had died last month and one person told the story of a local Democrat going down to the Election Commission and changing from Democrat to Republican so they could run for office as a Republican and then vote Democrat once they were in the House of Representatives. They guy made the point that the dead legislator was laying in his coffin while this party changing went down and that if Republicans didn't start forcing the elected Republicans to follow our Platform and values then nothing would ever change.

And this is actually a mild case of convention corruption. There are stories of them calling for an hour lunch recess, causing most of the people to leave and they would have their people drive around the block and come back and do the vote. It is so corrupt and dirty in Party politics.
David Van did an excellent but polite write up of the event with David being far more polite and diplomatic6 on how things turned out.
Below is the attack ad that was emailed to everyone prior to the state convention:
Everyone knows Pam. She has been involved in OKGOP politics for twenty years. Here are some highlights of her political career:
In 2017, Pam embarrassed President Donald Trump's administration by causing an ethics complaint against Oklahoma's own, Scott Pruitt. Listen to Administrator Pruitt set the record straight. Click link here.
For 2017, Pam does not have a single person on staff dedicated to helping candidates. Here is the staff page, but note that not all of these individuals work for the party, and they haven't for several months. Click link here.
For 2016-17, Pam has had one of the lowest amounts of individual contributions to the Republican Party in recent history. Instead, she pressures elected officials for money out of their campaign funds. The Party should be donating to candidates, not the other way around.
Since becoming Chair, Pam has helped more DEMOCRATS get elected than Republicans.
In 2016, Pam's inaction at the State Party helped get Democrat JJ Dossett elected in a safe Republican Senate seat.
In 2015-16, Pam's inaction helped elect and re-elect Democrat Cindy Munson to a historically Republican House seat.
In 2016, Pam's interference helped get Democrat John Whetsel re-elected as Oklahoma County Sheriff.
Pam's record of leadership is an embarrassment. The 2015 State Convention got it right...Pam Pollard doesn't deserve to be State Party Chair.
We must stop the erosion and continued loss of safe Republican seats...NOW! If not, our elections successes in 2018 will be few.
Ultimately the Airy kid, and yes he is a mere boy, lacked experience and age to run on a platform of leadership. He got a lot of protest votes from those that realized he could be controlled and was better than Pam Pollard but not enough to overcome the 18 months that Pollard had to entrench herself.
What it is Going to Take to Take Back the Republican Party
and Save the State, the U.S., and Maybe Our Own Families

Whistle blowers within state government are afraid to come forward as they know their jobs are at stake as well as any family mebers that work for the state, depend upon benefits from the state, or are employed with the large companies that form the donor class in Oklahoman. If they come forward they might lose everything and even be accused and made a scapegoat. The news cycle might just move on with no change, the media is even very likely to ignore the scandal, and you will be smeared to the point where getting a new job is impossible. Kids, mortgages, sick family members suddenly having no insurance, there are all sorts of obligations that society puts up to keep workers in line.

So people find themselves risking ethics or family when they stand up against tyranny or corruption. Far easier if you have no family nearby, no mortgage, you can make your choice based upon morals not obligations to others.
Different societies used various methods to gain the compliance and loyalty of allies and subordinates. The hostage situation is most common, family members are sent to live with the king or a loyal vassal, ensuring that the family complies and isn't likely to plot. The Chinese would steal children, castrate the boys, and impress them into a eunuch class along with the female servants. No family nearby, no where to run, far more dependable and trustworthy than hiring locals. The founder of Mary Kay cosmetics used the same principles when they helped women buy those pink Cadillac, work to pay the payments or have the car repossessed and be humiliated.
The wealthy have always been more free, as long as their holdings were safe and secured. But they will have families that are vulnerable even if it is as simple as them having to move about in the world, go to school, participate in online activities, to live is to face risk. Yet as a society we generally do not hold people's family responsible for crimes or treachery. While the Old Testament did hold generations of people responsible or punished entire societies for transgressions we generally don't do that in modern life.
Yet the liberals and RINOs constantly attack or derail conservative plans by using insulated people to do the dirty work. AJ Ferratti, the parliamentarian at the convention is one example, or a term limited politician or one in what is considered a “safe” district will trade dirty work and risk for large campaign donations. Rest assured that Rep. Josh Cockcroft knows this, he can buy his way out of his lies and dishonesty come election time. If these traitors are insulated, how can we provide the needed repercussions to prevent corruption like occurred this weekend at the GOP Convention?

Like it or not the answer will lay in the families, employers, institutions they belong to, and friends of these insulated corrupt individuals. Their reputations and good will are vulnerable. They won't be inured against the viciousness of politics. The hit men of politics, the pit bulls like James McCarville or Mike McCarville, aren't known as competent men or even very smart men, they are known for their willingness to go where others will not. But do we have enough Republicans and freedom loving Libertarians that are willing to step outside social norms to do what is needed?

Collective Punishment

This isn't a new idea but one that has been practiced for eons throughout history and throughout the world. Noah's Ark is an example from the Bible, Sodom and Gomorrah, the Quin Dynasty's use of familial exterminations that reached down through siblings, grandparents, nearly any and all descendants and offshoots of the family to a depth of nine levels, indeed the Chinese turned this into an art form and kept the punishment up into the 18th century for traitors.
Then in Europe there was the Peace Pledge or tithing, where men were formed into groups of ten or more families with those bound together by this pledge being responsible for bringing a criminal from the group to justice or the entire group would suffer the punishment as well. Britain imposed the Intolerable Acts upon Colonial America, General Sherman charged commanders with destroying the countryside in proportion to the attacks upon his force as they marched across the South, collective punishment was practiced in the Boer War and the Franco-Prussian War.
Of course collective punishment was the order of the day for the Germans in WWII and afterward many countries in Europe expelled German blood citizens in what was recognized as blaming them for the acts of the German state. As late as the fifties the British used collective punishment in Kenya and in Cyprus. North Korea has the practice of three generations of punishment, a criminal or political prisoner will have three generations of descendants living in prison before the fourth generation will be allowed to live free, be that what it is in North Korea. Imagine going to prison knowing that your family goes with you, your grand kids will live in prison too, and your great grand kids will also remain in prison for life.
Israel practices collective punishment for terrorists, bulldozing their homes after terror acts. The Indians punished the Sikh after a Sikh bodyguard murdered one of the Gandhi family. South Africa maintains a law on its books called Common Purpose where members of a group like striking miners can be punished for any violence that occurs even if the other miners are innocent of violence.
.Perhaps one solution to terrorism and the corruption of the Republican Party and corruption of politicians in general is to begin to practice collective punishment again. Not jailing or killing anyone of course but making these political terrorists understand that they cannot act with impunity, they will pay a price for their acts or people close to them will pay a price. Otherwise there will continue to be a payoff for these crooks, no down side to betraying their Party and their constituents.

We are rarely able to defend ourselves from terrorists or politicians willing to go as far as needed to accomplish their acts. Watching someone like Mary Fallin, Josh Cockcroft, or Leslie Osborn turn their position into cash or future assistance is little different than a Muslim strapping on a suicide vest. Perhaps punishing the friends, associates, and families of these political terrorists is a way of gaining some measure of safety, a deterrent when no other form of restraint will work. But letting the Josh Cockcrofts of the world know that doing the dirty work of corrupting a vote or killing legislation in committee isn't just going to lead to them losing reputation with the short term memory public but will lead to their families and associates incurring a burden and shame. If we can make a country pay for war crimes then we can certainly shame and expose those who support these crooked political terrorists.
Hug a Thug Story of the Week
Woodrow Greenback led police on a high speec chase on May 1st. Running as fast as 100 mph the car he had stolen came into Newcastle after fleeing a traffic stop earlier in Blanchard. As the car fled at more than 120 miles per hour down the small urban state highway in Newcastle the Newcastle police backed off for public safety reasons and Greenback escaped.
But it is a small town and Greenback was captured at the local Tri City Walmart soon after. Greenback had 20 grams of meth on him and was arrested for the drugs and for fleeing a police officer. A second suspect that was in the car during the car chase was also given up by Greenback.
Why is this case important? Because Greenback was out on OR for medical reasons they say. First lets look at his life of crime. The dates are with the charges and Greenback has multiple aliases. CF and CM are criminal felonies and criminal misdemeanors:
Greenback, Woodrow Trey (Defendant)
Greenback, Woodrow Trey (Defendant)
Greenback, Woodrow Trey (Defendant)
Greenback, Woodrow Trey (Defendant)
Those are the recent ones. Below are the older ones not yet on OSCN.net, some of the cases are duplicated in the tables and screen shot below as they overlap depending upon the source we received them from. But you will get the idea. Keep in mind that P&PSUS stands for Pardon and Parole Suspended Sentence so this man hasn't spent much if any time in actual prison.  You can count over  years in prison sentences where he is said to have been incarcerated but he was out in two years committing domestic violence so??????
Now lets look at one single case and add up the court fees, not any judgments or fines set by the judge, just what the criminal justice system collects or tries to collect. Visit this link to see the actual charges and fees. The total is $1478.50 and the case isn't finished yet.
Three points, first the state of Oklahoma isn't ever going to collect this money. It is good that there is some skin in the game, some price to pay as the criminals are paying no bail bond and using public defenders to get suspended sentences. But point two, for the criminals that do decide to straighten out they face a lifetime crushing debt that probably gives more than a few of them reason to just give up on the possibility of ever getting their lives straightened out. Third point, fines and fees are useful only on the occasional working class guy that gets caught doing something stupid and useless against the career criminals.
What you learn more than anything else is that people like this are career criminals and not deterred by the criminal justice system. What is needed is harsh justice early on, cheap prisons that work the prisoners and use the labor/profit to pay for the costs of incarceration and even prosecution. The combination would be good for taxpayers, good for criminals that were taken off the streets, good for insurance companies pay out for kicked in doors and stolen property, and good for the citizens as the streets and homes would be far safer.
And the final thought is that letting career criminals out on OR bonds, Own Recognizance bonds that are backed only by the promise of the criminal to return for court, is ridiculous. If you read through the OSCN.net links you will see where Greenback had a bondsman he was picked up and returned quickly to jail when he committed other crimes or didn't show up for court to answer for his crimes. Where you see he was out on OR bond he wasn't picked up until he was arrested after a high speed chase.
Leslie Osborn's Tax Bills From Last Week
Below is information on the bills that we warned you about in our special edition newsletter on Wednesday night. Together we are looking at 400 million dollars in tax increases and new taxes. Please use the information in that last newsletter to contact your state rep and senator. If you didn't keep a copy look at the top of this newsletter and find the archives section, it will be near the top.
HB2348 freezes the allowed state deductions by untying the state standard deduction limits from the limits established and adjusted annually by the IRS. For tax year 2017 and all future tax years, the following standard deduction amounts would apply:
$6,350 for single or married filing separately;
$12,700 for married filing jointly or qualifying widower with dependent child;
$9,350 for head of household.
This will cost Oklahomans around four to five million in additional taxes and about as much in increased fees to accounting or tax preparation firms. As inflation continues the impact will grow each year.
Call your representatives and senators to kill this bill on the next floor vote or in Conference Committee.
HB2360 establishes a 7 percent mixed beverage tax on low point beer sold and consumed on premises. your Thunder game refreshment and that beer with your meal just cost you an additional 7% tax over what is already paid. Here are the House votes, it appears to be headed over to the Senate so call the Senate first, then scold your state rep if he voted for it.
HB2361 establishes a new fee on the initial sale of tickets to professional sporting events
involving ice hockey, baseball, basketball, football, arena football and soccer. For tickets priced
at less than $50.00, the fee is $1.00. For tickets priced greater than $50.00, the fee is $2.00.
Proceeds from the fee would go to the General Revenue Fund.
This bill will cost you around 2.6 million dollars per year and more as inflation continues.
Here are the House votes, call the Senate first and then the House as the bill might be changed in conference committee and require another House vote.
HB 2392 modifies the Combined Pesticide Law by creating an additional $100 penalty for late pesticide applicator license renewals. The measure also removes the fee exemption for governmental agencies; increases the annual registration fee from $160 to $210; and increases the maximum amount designated for the State Department of Agriculture Unwanted Pesticide Disposal Fund from $100,000 to $300,000
This is a 33% increase in permit fees that will bring in nearly one million dollars, transferred out of the pockets of farmers and ranchers and ultimately consumers.
Call both the House and Senate as it has appeared to have gone into Conference Committee and will return for a floor vote in both houses. Here are the votes for House and Senate so far.
HB2357 is a 1000% increase in fees, taking the fee from $15 to $150, the fee to reinstate suspended corporate instruments because of a corporations’ failure to file an annual franchise tax return and remit franchise taxes due to the Oklahoma Tax Commission. The impact is another three quarter of a million per year in fees for businesses. This bill passed the Senate and is headed to the House for vote. Here are the votes so far.
HB2359 increases the decal fees on all coin operated devices by 50 percent of the existing fee. This is a 1.3 million dollar tax increase. The measure appears to have died and there are no Senate votes but go ahead and call anyway or just tell the legislators to NOT approve ANY tax increases until tax credits to the wealthy and corporations are cut and spending is cut to the bone. Here are the House votes.
HB 1427 is an internet sales tax collection scheme that has already been sent to the Governor. It creates the Out of State Tax Collections Enforcement Act of 2017 and allows the Oklahoma Tax Commission to establish an out -of-state tax collections enforcement division and employ private auditors or audit firms to pursue the collection of unpaid taxes owed to the state by a remote seller or out of state individuals, firms and corporations. It allows the State of Oklahoma to set up offices in other states and hire five additional employees here in Oklahoma to try to find use tax and sales taxes owed by residents that purchase online.
There is no fiscal impact listed other than a half million per year for the five new state employees. I believe that they are afraid to list the actual fiscal impact lest a revolt start. Call the Governor's office on this one and call often and raise hell. Here are the votes on this monstrosity. Keep in mind by not posting a fiscal impact this will not count toward balancing the budget so they raised other taxes too.
HB2362 establishes a recurring $25 registration fee on noncommercial trailers with the proceeds
going to the General Revenue Fund. Boat trailers, travel trailers, utility trailers, all are covered in this new tax. This changes a one time tag fee into an annual tax on that trailer. It appears to have not gone anywhere but let the bastards hear from you anyway. No votes so far but they floated it as a committee substitute.
HB2363 eliminates the motor vehicle excise exemption for vehicle purchases for a rental car
business. This will drive new car sales to rental firms out of state and harm car sales and increase rental car prices. Here are the House votes. This will cost us around 6 million dollars per year in direct taxation plus increases in the rental car rates.
HB2365 is a one third billion dollar tax increase that creates new gas and cigarette taxes and increases funding to various state agencies including higher ed. It establishes a new cigarette tax equal to $.075 per cigarette. For a standard package of 20 cigarettes, the tax amounts to $1.50 per pack. The measure also creates several new funds that would be the beneficiary of the new revenue resulting from the additional cigarette tax for the 10 month period between September 1, 2017 and June, 30, 2018.
50 percent to the Health Care Authority Enhancement Fund;
23 percent to the Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services Enhancement Fund;
14.5 percent to the Human Services Enhancement Fund;
5.4 percent to the Oklahoma State University Medical Authority Enhancement Fund;
2.7 percent to the Health Department Enhancement Fund
After July 1, 2018, 100 percent of revenue from the additional cigarette tax would go to the
Health Care Enhancement Fund. The measure also creates a new tax on gasoline and diesel fuel equal to $.06 per gallon. Revenue from the additional gasoline and diesel fuel tax would go the Rebuilding Oklahoma Access and Driver Safety (ROADS) Fund.
The Democrats have come out against the bill, trying to hang the tax increases around the neck of the Republicans (fine with me!) and have admitted that the bill is log rolling and illegal and unconstitutional. Our special newsletter last week came out the night before the Democrats made that statement so we helped kill the support for the bill. However the bill is still alive and they will be desperate to pass this as it is one third of the budget hole. Here are the House votes, be sure and call both the House and Senate to help stop this monster tax increase. There are some sunset clauses for oil and gas credits but they show up as revenue neutral, meaning it isn't really doing any damage to the oil and gas companies, just fluff to say they did something on tax credits.
HB2366 modifies the capital gains deduction by increasing the amount of time that certain
investments must be held by a taxpayer from 2 years to 4 years in order to be eligible to claim
the deduction. This change affects the holding period requirement for the sale of stock or
ownership interest in an Oklahoma company and the sale of real property, tangible personal
property or intangible personal property located within Oklahoma as part of the sale of an Oklahoma proprietorship business enterprise. This is another back door tax increase that increases the tax rate when you sell property, turning the profit into regular income instead of lighter taxed capitol gains. They didn't list a financial impact because it will be large and that prevents them from using this tax increase to fill the budget hole and allows them to beat the drum for other tax increases. There are no votes at this time but the bill is waiting in line so they can sneak it through at a late night session. Here is a link to the bill info so you can read it yourself.
HB2367 repeals a section of law that allowed retail vendors to deduct1 percent of the sales tax
due to the Oklahoma Tax Commission as compensation for the seller keeping sales tax records,
filing reports and remitting the tax when due. The deduction is limited to $2500 per month per
sales tax permit. This will transfer the cost of keeping sales tax records and filing and paying that tax from the Tax Commission to the businesses. Now allowing one percent to do this is cheap enough, not sure I would want to do anything that paid me only 1%. I'd like to see the Tax Commission collect any tax for 1% cost. The rebate is already capped at $2500 per month for a company like Walmart so this is a really bad idea. It has passed committee already and is headed for a floor vote so please call the House. Here are the House votes
HB2368 allows 50 percent of the earned income tax credit to be refundable to eligible taxpayers
beginning tax year 2017. For tax year 2016, the credit was not refundable. For tax year 2015
and prior years, 100 percent of the credit was refundable. This bill isn't moving yet but needs to so please call the House and get this tax credit for the working poor restored. Here are the House votes.
Now, the reason they have this in the budget hole filling list is that it is a negative fiscal impact, increaes the budge hole. That allows them to claim they need to increase other taxes by around 14 million dollars per year before they pass this one but they have no intention of ever passing this bill.
HB2370 is a new tax on small cigars and big cigars. We are talking about a 4 to 5 million dollar per year increase in taxes. It modifies the tax for little cigars by making them taxed at the same rate as cigarettes. The measure also establishes an additional tax on big cigars, which are those considered to
weight more than 3 pounds per thousand, equal to $50.00 per thousand cigars. Here are the House votes.
HB 2393 makes money transmission fees applicable to transactions done through the Internet or
by telephone via a debit card, credit card or ACH transfer to recipients located outside of the
United States. Revenue from fees imposed upon Internet or telephone transfers would go to the
State Public Safety Fund. Transactions conducted by a bank or credit union are exempt from the
fee. Transactions for payment of tangible or intangible property to the seller are also exempt.
This is another internet sales tax in effect if you are purchasing from outside the county or paying a seller that warehouses in the U.S. But is located abroad. For instance, the vendor that we use for this very newsletter is headquartered outside the U.S. So this is very common. The bill has passed committee with all of the conservatives voting against it. Here are the House votes.
Now all of this together is just the start of the threat as it adds up to just over 400 million dollars, 500 million to do plus extra to keep the hog trough full.
Here we are near the end of the legislative session and we still haven’t come to an agreement on a budget. Every single Senator and Representative at the Capital was fully aware that there would be a budget shortfall this year. In fact this is the third consecutive year in a row that there has been a shortfall. What we are witnessing is a complete lack of common since on the part of our legislators. They have proven that they are incapable of following even the simple rule of the six Ps. Those six Ps are simple. Proper Prior Planning Prevents Poor Performance. The one constant theme coming from our elected officials, including the Governor, is generating new sources of tax revenue. That’s double talk for tax increases.
What brought our attention to this story was this article . We can’t help but wonder if the Chair of the Appropriations Committee wasn’t the price paid for a vote to be the Speaker by Mr. McCall. Who in their right mind would put an individual who has a RINO index score of 30 into a position of so much power? It would appear that the tax and spend liberals disguised as Republicans would continue to run the state in an unofficial capacity.
We started by going to her biography page for the House of Representatives here Representative Leslie Osborn - Oklahoma House of Representatives. We even added a map of her district here
We were surprised by the lack of information available on her page. We usually find more information on the pages of Senators than we found on her House page. There are a lot of bills filed, but as she is the Chair of the Appropriations Committee, that’s to be expected. Most of the bills as filed were blank and will be used for the creation of the state budget. This is normal procedure in the House.
The next article of interest we found was this State Budget Deal Remains Elusive After New Proposals Unveiled | Oklahoma Watch. As of the day of writing this article there still has not been a budget passed by the legislature. They continue to wrestle with what amounts to an almost $900 million dollar budget shortfall. The fight seems to be over the Conservatives and Democrats not wanting to raise taxes and fees. Oklahoma may be the reddest State in the Union, but its legislature sure acts like the California legislature when it comes to tax and spend on state budgets.
The next article of interest we found was this Leslie Osborn - Wikipedia. You get a good idea of her political philosophy by reading this article. We encourage you to open the link and do so. There are indications in here that she opposes funding for education at the expense of other departments. She in fact authored a bill that would have negated a bill that would have given the education system more funds at the expense of others. She also wrote the legislation that would have eliminated the franchise tax and was the author of the sweeping workers compensation reform. Both bills benefited the businesses in Oklahoma at the expense of the consumer and workers. You can see where this is going.
The next article we found was this Leslie Osborn - Ballotpedia. This is another link that we urge you to open. This covers her entire political history. Now we do know that it is an entitlement for the legislators, but the one item they get that we haven’t been able to figure out is why Representatives who live within an hour’s driving time of the capital receive Per diem at the rate of $156 dollars a day while they are in session. They certainly aren’t spending that on gas money to drive to work. Why haven’t they considered something like returning it to the State Treasurer? It would barely put a dent in the alleged budget hole, but it would be that much less on the back of the Tax Payers.
We next went to www.votesmart.org to see what information they had available. We started with the Political Summary page here Leslie Osborn's Political Summary - The Voter's Self Defense System - Vote Smart. We urge you to look at this link and read it. This indicates that her stand on various issues is based solely on where the political polling is standing at the time. She is avoiding making any real decisions on her own.
We next went to her biography page here Leslie Osborn's Biography - The Voter's Self Defense System - Vote Smart. Once again we found virtually no information on her that didn’t pertain to her political office. This is something that we will have to correct in the near future.
We next went to the voting records section here Leslie Osborn's Voting Records - The Voter's Self Defense System - Vote Smart. We urge you to open this link and look at her voting record. She has been consistently soft on crime and consistently for raising taxes and fees.
We next went to the Ratings and Endorsements page which you can see here Leslie Osborn's Ratings and Endorsements - The Voter's Self Defense System - Vote Smart. Here is some of what we found.
Agriculture and Food
2015 Oklahoma Farm Bureau Federation 100%
2013 Oklahoma Farm Bureau Federation 100%
Business and Consumers
2015-2016 National Federation of Independent Business 100%
2014 Research Institute for Economic Development 85%
2013-2014 National Federation of Independent Business 100%
We could go on but it is just repetitious. With numbers this high she is definitely pro-business. As she is a small business owner herself, that would be expected.
2016 The Oklahoma Constitution 23%
2015 American Conservative Union Lifetime Score 73%
Once again it’s repetitive.
Fiscally Conservative
2016 Sooner Tea Party 30%
2015 American Conservative Union 76%
2014 Sooner Tea Party 10%
Again it’s repetitive. That’s why we urge you to open the link and read the file. It’s like this throughout the entire section on ratings and endorsements.
We next went to the Campaign Finance section to see what information they had available. You can see what we found here Leslie Osborn's Campaign Finances - The Voter's Self Defense System - Vote Smart. What we found was disturbing. She accepted donations from Unions and special interest groups. It indicated she accepted donations from individuals but we found few. We knew we had to dig deeper.
In researching her campaign financing reports we next went to www.guardian.ok.gov to see what they had available on her campaign finances. On the first page we looked at there were only five donations listed. Three were from individual donors. One was from a non-registered political action committee and one was from a special interest group. She also donated to local Chambers of Commerce in Mustang and Tuttle. Her largest donation caught us by surprise. She donated to the Lincoln County Historical Society even while the area was outside of her District. This cycle of receiving donations and spending was carried on throughout the campaign. She has sold her vote to the special interest groups. The people of District 47 have lost their representative government.
The next article of interest we found was this Rep. Leslie Osborn On GRDA: Should We Be In The Electric Utility Business? | StateImpact Oklahoma. This article is dated February 16, 2017. We do encourage you to read the article by clicking the link. The article brings out a very good question. Should the state be in the Electric Utility Business? We think not. For years the GRDA has been used as a final resting place for wayward politicians who were incapable of getting reelected. She has even laid out a plan to sell the assets of the GRDA to the private sector. After being told for over 24 months that we were having a shortfall in incoming revenue you would think that this would be a no brainer. The anticipated price it would receive is $1 billion dollars.
Then we found this article dated March 8, 2017 Altus Times | Oklahoma state Rep. Leslie Osborn, R-Mustang, shelves bill outlining plan for Grand River Dam Authority sale. That’s not even a month later. She pulled the bill. This leads us to believe that this was nothing more than a publicity stunt. The sale of the energy production facilities can be accomplished without relinquishing the other programs that are performed by state offices at the lake. She was telling people what they wanted to hear.
The next article of interest we found was this Oklahoma lawmaker: Economic calamity awaits if we fail to act | News OK. She is right. We face an economic catastrophe in our state. Using her words from the article “Do we cut or invest? I believe the answer is in the middle.” Using the Oklahoma energy companies as an example, she states “Oklahoma Energy companies recast themselves when commodity prices collapsed and now are they’re efficiency machines.” Maybe she should do her homework before she starts making statements like that. They recast themselves with the help of the Oklahoma Legislature and a big tax credit that was made permanent. Now we have the smaller producer begging to have their taxes raised in order to help with the shortfall and the large producer fighting against it saying the small producers will be hurt by it the most. She’s just trying to protect the donations the big oil companies give her for her reelection campaigns. She must not think people are very smart.
In regards to the economic calamity that we may face, this has been a long time coming. Our elected officials have ignored the signs for decades. Similar to the prison system they know the problem is there, but they just want to keep kicking the can down the road. All indications are that Representative Osborn wants to close the hole in our budget off the backs of those that work for a living. Tax increases and fee increases are all they have been talking about. Rely on the oil industry to see us through these tough times. What a bunch of backward thinking that is. In fact that is the reason we are in the shape we are.
If you or any member of our legislature wants to ever see the State of Oklahoma become a prosperous self-sufficient state again, there are a few things that must be done. The first should be, even if by special session, the cancellation of the arcane law that created the Oklahoma Turnpike Authority. Once that law is terminated, all funds collected by the existing turnpikes should be used to pay off existing bonds on the turnpike. Once the bonds are paid off, the roads will be converted to a toll free road and responsibility turned over to the Oklahoma Department of Transportation. Businesses won’t relocate here because they don’t want to pay tolls every time they need to go from point a to point b. It is well known that the same people keep funding these bonds year after year and that they are driving businesses away from the state.
It is apparent that she feels that as a State Representative she feels she is above the law. Doing a routine records check we found this In 2014 she was quite busy it seems as she appeared to be quite pressed for time as evidenced by an arrest for  speeding at 112 miles per hour in a 70 mph zone by the Oklahoma Highway Patrol. We can’t help but wonder how many times she wasn’t caught.
The next article we found highlights what these tax and spend liberals in our government won’t tell you.
Tax increases can slow Oklahoma's economic growth | News OK. This article was dated May 2, 2017. We urge you to open the link and read it for yourself. We already are near the top in the leading tax collection states in the country. These proposals would put us over the top. Every single tax they approve is a job lost to an Oklahoman. No company is going to want to relocate to a state that they have to pay the highest taxes in the nation in.
Our state is doing a bang up job of recruiting and keeping businesses in Oklahoma. They’ve done such a good job that our federal House of Representatives has gone from six to five (sarcasm and irony alert). You can see that information here Oklahoma's 6th congressional district - Wikipedia. That is not doing a very good job at bringing in new diverse sources of employment into the state. In fact the only thing they are doing is a good job of sending our youngest and brightest out of state to seek suitable employment. How much longer will it be before we are down to four seats? One could surmise that the Governor’s slush fund and the Quality Jobs Act aren’t working very well.
Through everything we have been able to find there has been one item that has been missing. That item is a part of the Republican Party platform and something Representative Osborn and many of her colleagues apparently don’t believe in. Not once have we seen any mention of the possibility of a reduction in force for the various departments within the State of Oklahoma. In fact all we’ve seen is the creation of fifty new jobs. We want to know if you ran as Republicans because you knew you wouldn’t get elected any other way, or are you planning on switching party loyalty?
In conclusion we can only say that we have a politician who knows how to play the game well. She campaigns as a Conservative but votes as a progressive. She has failed in her duties to her district and to the state. She is undeserving of the position she holds and there are indications that she holds it for the price of a vote. She is living proof of why the State of Oklahoma needs a law that enables a recall of our elected officials. She is part of the problem not part of the solution. She would be doing us all a favor if she were to resign. Other members of the legislature have for the same reason.
April 5th 2017 special edition newsletter
Billions in New Taxes to be Voted on Tomorrow
We Need YOU to Act Now!
We seldom put out a special edition newsletter but this is one of those crucial moments in the legislative session and if you have ever emailed or called a legislator now is the time to do it again and if you haven't now is the time to do it for the first time.
Tomorrow House Leadership is going to try to ramm a couple of Rep. Leslie Osborn's bills through the House.  Both went through committee and both are scheduled to be heard tomorrow.  Both will ad billions of new taxes and increased taxes upon Oklahoma taxpayers.  Both need to be stopped.
The first bill freezes your standard deduction to current levels when you file your Oklahoma taxes.   Traditionally the state has used the Federal standard deduction.  If this bill passes the amount will NOT go up as the Federal standard deduction goes up, inflation be damned, the state wants more of your money.   You would have to fill out the LONG state tax form or pay an accountant to do that for you if you want to take full deductions.
The second bill is illegal and unconstitutional as hell, it is log rolling, the inclusion of multiple issues in one bill.   What the bastards are doing is coupling the killing of the old Gross Production tax rate deal that has set the rates at 2%, down from 7% in the past, while all the surrounding states still kept the 7 or 7/5% rate.  This was corporate welfare at its worst and killing this old tax credit/reduction is a good thing BUT House Leadership has bundled that billions of dollars in cigarette tax increase with a gas tax increase of 6 cents per gallon.   So they are killing a tax credit and increasing two taxes, pure log rolling at its worst.
Legally and constitutionaly each measure should stand alone and be judged on its own merits.   This can still be done regardless of what House Leadership says or anyone says, they can alway suspend rules or just ignore the rules and the constitution like they are doing in this case.
Read it for yourself so no one can lie to you about it.
Another wooly bugger that will come up soon is a bill that will allow companies with unused tax credits (used to offset or pay their existing tax bill) to convert them into cash by presenting the tax credit to the state and geting a check for 50% of the total.   This does three very bad things. 
First it clears out a huge backlog of existing tax credits that the brokers have been selling for as little as 25 cents on the dollars.  There are so many of surplus tax credits out there that their value has plummeted the last few years. Now the value will instantly double and the brokers and tax credit owners will clean up.   These folks will be presenting the state with a demand for payment for hundreds of millions of dolars as soon as this bill becomes law.
Second, it establishes a floor for the value of the existing tax credits at 50% of face value.  The free market won't set their price, the legislators will have just doubled the value of the existing un converted tax credits and it will never again be less than 50%.
Third, if this bill passes there WILL be another BILLION dollar hole in the 2018 state budget, guaranteed.....  the tax credit owners and the brokers will have made a fortune off this one peice of legislation.
Now here is how these bastards have set this up.  They need 71 votes to pass a tax increase or new tax.  They have that many Republican votes but ten to fifteen Republicans will not vote for any tax increases this year, period.
That means that House Leadership is going to sell the farm to the Democrats in order to get the 25 Democrat votes, or enough of them to offset the real Republican House members that vote against the tax increases.  The Democrats will have a blank check to stop any abortion bills, pass crazy libera legislation, or just go shopping with their liberal wish list of crazy legislation.
What YOU need to do is to start calling AND emailing tonight and keep it up till this time tomorrow night. Visit this link if you aren't sure who your State Representative is.
Visit this link to find your legislator's contact info, you can email directly from this page and their phone numbers are there too.  Call at night, in the early morning, their answering machines will catch the calls.  Email several times or get your spouse and kids and friends to email or call.
Flood these bastards with phone calls in the next 12 hours and keep it up no matter what they say or do.  And cover all the bases, tell them in polite but rock hard language;  NO TAX INCREASES, NO FEE INCREASES, NO NEW TAXES, NO NEW REVENUE PERIOD!
The conservative Republicans have laid out a plan to fill the budget gap by eliminating corporate welfare tax credits, by cutting school administration costs and increasing class sizes enough to cut some education spending AND give a small raise to teachers.  Then there is a plan to bring in around 40 million dollars a year by diverting forfeited bail bond directly to the state instead of the local court clerks.  The Mental Health Department can be line itemed, forcing Terri White to actually spend money on the insane and less on wealthy DHS contractors.   There are dozens and dozens of ways to cut ten million here and five million there and fill the budget gap IF the crooks' hands can be taken out of the politician's butts where they have been playing meat puppet.
Here is a list of their phone numbers and names.  Be sure and say that you are a constituent in their district and give your address or zip code.  Be ready to be lied to, there are billions of your dollars at stake here and the donor class wants that money.
Babinec, Greg 33 R (405) 557-7304
Baker, Rhonda 60 R (405) 557-7311
Bennett, Forrest 92 D (405) 557-7404
Bennett, John 2 R (405) 557-7315
Biggs, Scott 51 R (405) 557-7405
Blancett, Meloyde 78 D (405) 557-7334
Bush, Carol 70 R (405) 557-7359
Caldwell, Chad 40 R (405) 557-7317
Calvey, Kevin 82 R (405) 557-7357
Cannaday, Ed 15 D (405) 557-7375
Casey, Dennis 35 R (405) 557-7344
Cleveland, Bobby 20 R (405) 557-7308
Cockroft, Josh 27 R (405) 557-7349
Condit, Donnie 18 D (405) 557-7376
Coody, Jeff 63 R (405) 557-7307
Derby, Dale 74 R (405) 557-7377
District 28 28   (405) 557-7372
District 75 75   (405) 557-7356
District 76 76   (405) 557-7347
Dollens, Mickey 93 D (405) 557-7371
Downing, Tim 42 R (405) 557-7365
Dunlap, Travis 10 R (405) 557-7402
Dunnington, Jason 88 D (405) 557-7396
Echols, Jon 90 R (405) 557-7354
Enns, John 41 R (405) 557-7321
Faught, George 14 R (405) 557-7310
Fetgatter, Scott 16 R (405) 557-7373
Ford, Roger 95 R (405) 557-7314
Fourkiller, William 86 D (405) 557-7394
Frix, Avery 13 R (405) 557-7302
Gann, Tom 8 R (405) 557-7364
Goodwin, Regina 73 D (405) 557-7406
Griffith, Claudia 45 D (405) 557-7386
Hall, Elise 100 R (405) 557-7403
Hardin, Tommy 49 R (405) 557-7383
Henke, Katie 71 R (405) 557-7361
Hilbert, Kyle 29 R (405) 557-7353
Hoskin, Chuck 6 D (405) 557-7319
Humphrey, Justin 19 R (405) 557-7382
Inman, Scott 94 D (405) 557-7370
Jordan, John Paul 43 R (405) 557-7352
Kannady, Chris 91 R (405) 557-7337
Kerbs, Dell 26 R (405) 557-7345
Kouplen, Steve 24 D (405) 557-7306
Lawson, Mark 30 R (405) 557-7414
Lepak, Mark 9 R (405) 557-7380
Loring, Ben 7 D (405) 557-7399
Lowe, Jason 97 D (405) 557-7367
Martin, Scott 46 R (405) 557-7329
Martinez, Ryan 39 R (405) 557-7342
McBride, Mark 53 R (405) 557-7346
McCall, Charles 22 R (405) 557-7412
McDaniel, Randy 83 R (405) 557-7409
McDugle, Kevin 12 R (405) 557-7388
McEachin, Scott 67 R (405) 557-7341
McEntire, Marcus 50 R (405) 557-7327
Meredith, Matt 4 D (405) 557-7408
Montgomery, John 62 R (405) 557-7374
Moore, Lewis 96 R (405) 557-7400
Mulready, Glen 68 R (405) 557-7340
Munson, Cyndi 85 D (405) 557-7392
Murdock, Casey 61 R (405) 557-7384
Murphey, Jason 31 R (405) 557-7350
Newton, Carl 58 R (405) 557-7339
Nichols, Monroe 72 D (405) 557-7391
Nollan, Jadine 66 R (405) 557-7390
O'Donnell, Terry 23 R (405) 557-7379
Ortega, Charles 52 R (405) 557-7369
Osborn, Leslie 47 R (405) 557-7333
Osburn, Mike 81 R (405) 557-7360
Ownbey, Pat 48 R (405) 557-7326
Park, Scooter 65 R (405) 557-7305
Perryman, David 56 D (405) 557-7401
Pfeiffer, John 38 R (405) 557-7332
Proctor, Eric 77 D (405) 557-7410
Renegar, Brian 17 D (405) 557-7381
Ritze, Mike 80 R (405) 557-7338
Roberts, Dustin 21 R (405) 557-7366
Roberts, Sean 36 R (405) 557-7322
Rogers, Michael 98 R (405) 557-7362
Russ, Todd 55 R (405) 557-7312
Sanders, Mike 59 R (405) 557-7407
Sears, Earl 11 R (405) 557-7358
Stone, Shane 89 D (405) 557-7397
Strohm, Chuck 69 R (405) 557-7331
Tadlock, Johnny 1 D (405) 557-7363
Teague, Tess 101 R (405) 557-7395
Thomsen, Todd 25 R (405) 557-7336
Vaughan, Steve 37 R (405) 557-7355
Virgin, Emily 44 D (405) 557-7323
Walke, Collin 87 D (405) 557-7335
Wallace, Kevin 32 R (405) 557-7368
Watson, Weldon 79 R (405) 557-7330
West, Josh 5 R (405) 557-7415
West, Kevin 54 R (405) 557-7343
West, Rick 3 R (405) 557-7413
West, Tammy 84 R (405) 557-7348
Williams, Cory 34 D (405) 557-7411
Worthen, Rande 64 R (405) 557-7398
Wright, Harold 57 R (405) 557-7325
Young, George 99 D (405) 557-7393