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A warm welcome to everyone who recently joined our e-newsletter list! Just in time to hear about people of faith taking to the streets in large numbers for the People’s Climate March!
We’re now headed into the last lap before the COP21 climate talks, and grassroots networks around the world are galvanising to let the world’s leaders know that we expect climate action. Peaceful, powerful People’s Climate Marches are planned across the globe, and faith communities with their extensive constituencies are throwing their weight behind them.
See here for details of the March and faith contact person for your State. In general, people of faith are encouraged to wear purple on the day. Some groups are meeting before the start of the March at another location so, if you want to join the gathering beforehand, check with the faith contact person in your State.
You can also register through the central website, and be included when information goes out:
If you haven’t already, add your name to the list of signatories to the interfaith global call for climate action. For more about the issues which need resolving at the COP21 negotiations, see further below.
Good work, ARRCC!
Well done all the leaders affiliated with ARRCC who signed the No New Coal Mines open letter which was published on page 9 of the Sydney Morning Herald on Tuesday! They include Hindu Nihal Agar, Catholic Anne Lanyon, Quaker Julian Robertson, Buddhist Colin Butler and Anglican Bishops George Browning and Stephen Pickard. Here’s how our common stand was reported.
If you’d like to sign on as an individual or as an organization, go to:
It was heartening to see people of faith (some of them ARRCC members) featured in the film, “Black Hole”, which is showing in a number of locations. It documents ordinary Australians’ resistance to the building of a new coal mine which destroyed a large part of the ecologically sensitive Leard State Forest, against the will of the Gomeroi Traditional Custodians. If you’re not sure how destructive coal mining is in Australia, this film will fire you up! Find the documentary at a location near you, here or on Facebook, or organise your own screening. Tugg makes it easy.

Lots happening near you
Organised by On the second anniversary of Haiyan, join us to send a message to the biggest fossil fuel companies: Your pollution devastates people. See here for details of vigils to be held November 5 – 11th in Fremantle, Perth, Brisbane, Adelaide, Sydney, Melbourne and Launceston.
GreenFaith/ARRCC meeting: For people in Melbourne, come and meet like-minded people of faith at the next GreenFaith/ARRCC meeting is on the early evening of Sunday, November 22nd in Hawthorn.
Harvest Festival against the Shenhua Coal Mine, Nov 6 – 8, Breeza: The resistance to the proposed Shenhua coal mine is led this time by the farming community on the Liverpool Plains. Here they invite you to their Harvest Festival, a fun family-friendly weekend, bringing people together from far and wide to protect our food bowl and cultural heritage from the coal mine. If you’re interested in training for peaceful non-violent direct action, there will be opportunities here. Here is the website:
Light The Way Christian Conference, Sat, Nov 14, Broadway: This is a joint conference for Christians in lead up to People's Climate March. At Light The Way, we will listen to personal stories of people already impacted by climate change, learn about the latest climate science, and explore the theology of climate justice. RSVP to attend Light The Way
This Changes Everything, the movie documentary, is being screened at numerous locations around the country. See where there’s a screening near you and/or how you can host a screening on 
People’s Climate March
Let’s make our faith presence strong and visible! Here are the times, places and faith contact persons for the capital city mobilisations:
Melbourne: starting at the State Library 5.30pm Friday 27 November: Julie Macken,
Brisbane: starting at Queen’s Park 9.30am Saturday 28 Nov:
Cairns: starting at Cairns Environment Centre 8am, Saturday 28 Nov. 
Adelaide: starting at Torrens Parade Ground, 11am Sunday 29 Nov: & Ingo,
Canberra: starting at Parliament House 12pm Sunday 29 Nov: Gill King,
Sydney: starting at the Domain 1pm Sunday 29 Nov: Julie Macken,
Perth: starting at Wellington Square 1pm Sunday 29 Nov: Nigel Hayward
Hobart: starting at Parliament Lawns 1pm Sunday 29 Nov: Terry Sussmilch,
Please spread the word in your communities! Electronic faith-specific flyers are available from the State-based contact persons. The Marches are also a chance to build connections with new supporters, thus creating a wider constituency calling for more ambitious national climate legislation during 2016.
Walk for Water
In the spirit of Yeb Sano and the People’s Pilgrimage, people are walking from Sydney to Wollongong during the Paris climate talks from November 30th to December 5th, in large part to highlight the world’s need for water over mining.  You can join us for a day, or more. Have a look at and also
Ever more reasons to eat less meat
ARRCC encourages people to eat less meat because of meat’s contribution to greenhouse gases in the atmosphere, but non-violence towards animals is probably the top reason for vegans. November is World Vegan Month and November 1st is World Vegan Day. See the basics here. Coincidentally, the SMH reported the outcomes of World Health Organisation research on meat consumption, linking processed and red meat with colorectal cancer.

Key debates leading in to Paris
ARRCC and many others want a binding treaty which will keep warming to under 1.5° C, and provide meaningful assistance for developing countries. The negotiations are much better advanced than they were this far out from the Copenhagen talks, but observers estimate that current pledges will still lead to at least 3° C. Elements crucial to an improved agreement would be requiring countries to increase climate ambition every five years, starting before 2020, and setting a long term goal to completely phase out fossil fuels and switch to 100 per cent renewables over the coming decades.
Governments may be at the negotiating table but there is a growing awareness that it has been corporate influence which has undermined climate policy progress behind the scenes. What is really needed is organised people to challenge the power of organised money. Corporate Accountability International is calling for an end to fossil fuel corporate sponsorship and inappropriate lobbying at the climate talks. Please support the petition: Kick Big Polluters out of climate policy.
People of faith have a distinct role in calling for action to assist our brothers and sisters in the developing world, suffering the brunt of climate impacts. Climate Finance above all remains a sticking point: developing nations want more clarity on the $100 billion promised annually by developed countries for adaptation and mitigation, and on boosting it after 2020.
Loss and Damage is a relatively new concept in the negotiations. It refers to the cost of climate-related disasters over and above the adaptation and mitigation costs which Climate Finance is meant to cover. Developed countries object to including Loss and Damage in the Paris Agreement largely because they don’t want to pay for it. So a Carbon Levy has been proposed, that is, a levy on the extraction of fossil fuels, direct from the entities who caused the problem, which may help to overcome developed country concerns.
The Carbon Levy Project has released a new report Making a Killing: Who pays the real cost of big oil, coal and gas? It shows how big oil, coal and gas continue to make outrageous profits, while they outsource the true cost of their product upon the poor who are paying with their lives. 
The events of this next month and a half will be crucial for the world's future, so please pray for a meaningful outcome. Then, in the new year, let's roll up our sleeves and put some serious pressure on our recalcitrant political leaders.
Ever onwards!

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