Nicky Charles Newsletter – October 2018
Hello Readers!
I have exciting news about several projects I’ve been working on!
Woohoo!  The next LotL book is in the final stages of editing and will be available on December 10, 2018!  Mark your calendars so you have plenty of reading time available!







*Amazon preorders are not currently available .  They will likely appear closer to release day - sorry!

Here is the blurb:
Patience is a virtue, but inaction can lead to losing the one you love. It was a lesson bear shifter, Armand St. John, had learned the hard way. Now getting a second chance at love, he’s determined not to make the same mistake again. But will his demand for a commitment have his love running into his arms or drive her away? And will the woman of his dreams avoid danger long enough to realize they were meant to be together? A veil of lies surrounds the star-crossed couple in this ninth instalment of the Law of the Lycans.
And here’s an excerpt:
A few hours later, Armand strolled down the road that led into town. After discussing possible upgrades to the security system and sharing a few drinks with his friends, he was heading home. Ryne had offered him a ride, but he preferred to walk, the night air clearing the alcohol from his head.
The breeze had faded, not a leaf moved. Moonlight illuminated the path he travelled, the gravel on the side of the road crunching under his feet. As he passed by the cemetery he paused as he always did, his eyes drawn to a well-maintained grave.
Lucy’s grave.
At its base, he could see the shadowy outline of the bouquet of sunflowers he’d placed there a few days ago. They were drooping, the brightness of their petals already dimming. Like the woman in the grave, their cheeriness had been destined to fade.
His heart ached at the harsh reality and he paused, hands shoved into his pockets, as he stared at the cold slab of stone that was supposed to remind the world of Lucy’s existence. Her name, date of birth and death. Stark facts that conveyed nothing of her essence. What of her beauty and laughter? Her wisdom and kindness? Her generous heart?
Erased from the face of the earth by a criminal act. She’d been a lovely flower plucked in her prime. While her energy no doubt survived in some new form, it was a cruel twist of fate that she’d been taken so young.
As it often did, darkness filled him at such thoughts and he quickened his pace, wanting…no, needing to exercise those feelings before they dragged him down into a pit too deep to escape.
He unlocked the back door of the bar and climbed the stairs to his private rooms. Passing through the bedroom and small sitting area with its sturdy wooden furnishings, he entered his art studio and put a fresh canvas on his easel and grabbed his paints and brushes.
Dark blues, purples and black, hard-edged shapes that spoke of his grief and torment, bold strokes that spattered paint on his forearms and shirt. He vented his feelings through his brush, unaware of the passage of time, his whole being focused on the creation before him. There was no beauty in the piece, no hope or light, just rage and sorrow and darkness.

For those of you who enjoy audio books, I’m sure you’ll be excited to learn that I’ve been working through the process of turning The Mating into an audio book.  I’m 95% sure I have the narrator pinned down and am now waiting for a 15 minute sample.  If it passes muster, I’ll give her the go-ahead to start production.  I’m hoping it will be ready for Christmas but am not sure.  I will keep you updated!

It seems too soon to be thinking of Christmas but the season is creeping up and I’ve been getting inquiries from readers who are hoping to purchase paperback and hardcover copies of my books as presents.
The books are available in both formats.  Some local book stores will special order them if you ask.  As well, you can purchase them from  online retailers such as B&N  ( or  Amazon* (
*A word of warning if you use Amazon:  Watch out for some odd prices and/or claims that the books are out of stock, out of print or will take 2 months to deliver.  None of this is true, but ever since Amazon merged their paperback printing division (Createspace) with their Kindle Direct division the information listed on their site has been a shambles.  Cross check what Amazon says with the B&N listings to be sure you are getting the best deal!
Unfortunately, I can't personally sign the books.  That would involve having them shipped to Canada and then forwarded to you which could easily triple the cost.  However, I can send you signed bookplates to place inside if you contact me directly.
That’s it for now!  Until next time, happy reading!
~ Nicky Charles!
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