"Kat Bytes"
January 25, 2018
We're interrupting our normal publishing schedule to bring you a very special edition of "Kat Bytes"! Because today we're introducing TWO new products and a brand spanking new social media outlet, so scroll down to see the latest big things happening at StudioKat Designs!
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It's FINALLY Here! - The Go-Go Compact pattern
The Go-Go Compact pattern and webpage is finally ready for release to the public!
This little cutie can be worn shoulder or cross-body style & is sized just right for traveling, shopping, spectating & other activites where going light-weight & handsfree is a BIG advantage! For more details and to see more pictures just click HERE.
And since we know that it's you... our Kat Bytes subscribers and our brand new StudioKat Designs FaceBook Group who are our most loyal & responsive
customers, we want to make sure that YOU all are aware of its availablility before the general public!  PLUS--- If you use this discount code - GOGOSEW18 - you'll get $2.50 off the retail price of either the Go-Go Compact pattern -OR- the "Pattern + Build-a-Notions Kit"!  BUT DON'T DELAY!!!! This coupon will expire at midnight on 1/28/18... before we release it to the general public on the 29th!
Our NEW Zipper Style!
Our new black zippers with the shiny silver teeth and adorable zipper pull bauble were a MONSTER hit at Road2Ca! As a matter of fact, we actually sold out of the 22" size in less that 2 days!
But here's the deal.... NOW the new design is available in the 20" closed bottom style which is perfect for our new Go-Go Compact pattern!
Just click HERE for more info on all of our zippers in general as well as this new style in specific, now available in the following sizes (w/more to come)
  • 10" closed bottom zip
  • 20" closed bottom zip
  • 22" purse zip
The StudioKat Designs Group page (on FaceBook)
So.... we've started a private FaceBook page for our customers and I guess the obvious question is.... why? And there's more than one answer to this question, so here goes....
1- Facebook has once again changed their algorithym. What does that mean? Well... even though I am by no means an expert on this topic, here's the explanation as I understand it.
In response to a lot of the controversy generated during the election last year, FaceBook is making it much less likely that you will see posts created by businesses.... like us. And because it takes quite a bit of effort on our part to maintain the presence that we do on FaceBook, it's quite disappointing to think that it may all fall thru the cracks. So... we have created a closed and private group for customers who follow us. This means that only those who are granted access to our group will see our posts, BUT, because our members have joined our group by choice, they will automatically see ALL of our posts.

2- YOU get the opportunity to post pictures, comments or questions on this page! How cool is that, right?
Maybe you've just completed a bag and just want to share it with someone! You could show it to your hubby or your neighbor, but let's face it, they very likely don't understand the work or the love you've put into it! But what if you could upload a picture and voila... could get immediate accolades? Would that be awesome?
Or what if you are in the midst of sewing and have a question about a step or a supply item? You could email me, but it might be after hours, or I could be away from home or out of the country and unavailable to answer the question! But what if you could pose the question to this group and get an almost immediate answer to your question since there's bound to be someone in this group who has already made the bag in question? Wouldn't that be great?
So... does this mean we're abandoning our old FaceBook page? Not at all!         How could we ever turn our back on 196,000+ loyal followers? But out of necessity we do feel its time to change some of our emphasis to a platform where we can be sure our message is actually heard! We'll continue to post on our FaceBook business page... though perhaps not as often as we once did. Our Wednesday videos will still be there and we'll still post announcements & specials there, but if you want to be sure to actually SEE all of those things, I would suggest you give our new FaceBook group page a try! 

So... are you ready to give it a whirl?
Just click HERE to give our new group a try. You'll need to answer two quick questions for me (to prove you're netiher a bot or a stalker) but I promise I'll approve your request as soon as possible! And thanks in advance for your understanding! 
Please feel free to email us with any questions you might have at info@studiokatdesigns.com
Come See Us at a SHOW!
Our Upcoming Show Schedule is as follows:

Mid-Atlantic Quilt Festival - Feb 22-25, 2018 - Hampton, VA
AQS Quiltweek Paducah - Apr 18-21, 2018 - Paducah, KY
AQS Quiltweek Virginia Beach- Oct 3-6, 2018 - Virginia Beach , VA
International Fall Quilt Market- Nov 3-5, 2018 - Houston, TX (note later date)
International Fall Quilt Market- Nov 8-11, 2018- Houston, TX (note later date)
 Road to California 2019 - Jan 24-27, 2019  - Ontario, CA
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