I believe that the firmware update of SGU1 was successful. There will be ~70-minutes of lost static data between 23:00 GMT June 30 2012 and ~00:30 GMT July 1 2012.
The broadcast coordinates for SGU1 have not been modified.
There have been some questions about broadcast coordinates vs. NGS coordinates for SGU1. Here are some short notes:
The current coordinates have been in use, unchanged, since January 2004:
37 06 47.48102 N 113 34 13.02300 W 895.589 m NAD83
If we had updated the position a couple months ago we would have changed to:
37 06 47.48115 N 113 34 13.02321 W 895.565 m  NAD83_CORS96(EPOCH 2002.0)  
which is a change of 0.007 M (7 mm) horz; -0.024 M (24 mm) vertical .
However, NGS computed new coordinates on May 1 2012 using absolute antenna calibrations and the new frame 'NAD83 2011 (EPOCH 2010.0)':
37 06 47.48151 N 113 34 13.02335 W 895.634 m NAD83_2011(EPOCH 2010.0)
which is a change of 0.017 M (17 mm) horz; 0.045 M (45 mm) vertical. (Please note that these are ellipsoid elevations, not orthometric.)
As NAD83_CORS96 coordinates are obsolete (or fast approaching), when we make the change in a month, we will move to NAD83 2011 (EPOCH 2010.0):
[ For more details on the new frame: http://geodesy.noaa.gov/CORS/coords.shtml ]
Complicating the adoption of new broadcast coordinates, there is currently not a GEOID that is compatible with NAD83_2011. I am hopeful that NGS will have released a new GEOID, compatible with the 2011 adjustment by the time we make the switch. 
By delaying the modification the broadcast coordinates, we will only have to change them once AND a matching geoid model will/may be available for use with the new frame.
Hopefully you agree that this is the correct course, however Todd and I absolutely will take any input that you might offer. In addtion, we will ultimately defer to any input from William Stone.
We will give you plenty of advance notice when the radio narrow-banding will occur. We still plan to have burgers in the park to make sure everyone's receivers are 'good to go' with the required new protocols.
Again, have a great 4th of July!
Mark Silver