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We’re half way, and we just got a $2,000 matching grant, effectively doubling your contribution right now. If you’ve been thinking about supporting Courage to Resist, now is the time! We only have 15 days to reach our $20,000 goal, but we're feeling grateful and hopeful.  To bring you up to speed on our efforts, here's our January 2020 PDF newsletter.

camillo bica podcastPodcast: “What did I do that you’re thanking me for?” – Camillo Bica

In today's Courage to Resist podcast produced in collaboration with the Vietnam Full Disclosure effort of Veterans For Peace, we talk to Dr. Camillo Bica, a former Marine Corps officer and Vietnam War veteran.

"I didn’t do anything that should be remembered. I did things that I have to make retribution for and live with. ... And that’s another important problem with mythology, I think, is that we would certainly rather think ourselves heroes rather than murderers or dupes." Listen to Camillo's story here.

With your support, we've been able to produce and release nearly 30 of these historic, professionally produced, first-hand accounts of GI resistance to the US war in Vietnam. If we don't tell our history, we can't assume others will do it for us.      

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