Do you need to get decapping?
If you enjoyed using Epicentre’s Tobacco Acid Pyrophosphatase (TAP) and are looking for an alternative then you might like to consider CellScript’s Cap-Clip as a new replacement now available from Cambio. Cap-Clip can be used unit for unit, with the same buffers and any application previously used for TAP.
Cap-Clip™ Acid Pyrophosphatase is a plant-derived enzyme that hydrolyzes pyrophosphate bonds in:
  • 5'-terminal m7GpppG "cap" of eukaryotic messenger RNAs
  • 5' cap structures on many small nuclear RNAs (snRNAs), heterogeneous nuclear RNAs (hnRNAs) and some viral RNAs.
  • Oligos can be ligated to decapped RNAs using T4 RNA ligase after Cap-Clip treatment for cloning of full-length cDNAs and rapid amplification of cDNA ends (RACE) or your application of choice.
  • RNA 5′-End Conversion - In addition to decapping capped mRNA, Cap-Clip can also be used to convert 5′-triphosphate RNA into 5′-monophosphate RNA.
  • Radiolabeling RNA - Following removal of the cap structure with Cap-Clip and treatment with heat-labile alkaline phosphatase, RNA can be end-labeled with  radioactive γ-[32P]-ATP using T4 Polynucleotide Kinase and used for sequencing or as a hybridization probe.
Key advantages:
Cap-Clip™ Acid Pyrophosphatase has optimal activity at acidic pH.  Therefore, it is easy to inactivate the enzyme by addition of alkali in a similar manner to tobacco acid pyrophosphatase making reaction products immediately suitable for downstream applications.
In contrast, pyrophosphatases produced in E. coli need to be inactivated by acidic pH necessitating an additional clean-up step for downstream applications making plant-derived Cap-Clip™ Acid Pyrophosphatase the enzyme of choice for many protocols.
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