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Wings Scholarship Update 2011
LCEF’s Wings Scholarship Program Expands to Include University!
Here at LCEF we are incredibly grateful for the support of our current sponsors who have made it possible to expand the Wings Scholarship program to include University students.  This year marks the first year LCEF has administered two Wings scholarships at the University level.
This program is for La Manzanilla youth who have made it to University and are in need of economic support to be able to continue studying and to expand their future opportunities. The Wings University Scholarship follows the same structure as the Wings High School and Wings Middle School Scholarships, including the requirements that students maintain a certain GPA, participate in community service hours, and take on extra learning activities.
We are currently looking for one more Wings University Scholarship sponsor! For more information please contact Julie Catton at or Dean Klompas at or see our website.

The Graduates Just Keep on Coming...

In 2007, two of our founders, Victor Amezcua and Julie Catton, had a dream to reduce the stunning rate of high school dropouts and to help the children of La Manzanilla stay in middle school. With the help of Volunteer Associate Director Dean Klompas and the generous sponsors of the Wing’s Scholarship program, in just four years LCEF's scholarship program has grown rapidly.  It currently has 13 active students continuing their education and getting closer to achieving their dreams.
Every year the program becomes more successful as we see children graduating and opening up more opportunities for their futures. This year is no exception as we are looking forward to Yessica's graduation from middle school. Yessica is a unique 20 year old who has been taking care of her grandparents for the last five years. Thanks to her sponsors, Larry and Judy Buttress, Yessica has had her best academic year ever and will finally graduate from middle school.  Before the Wings scholarship was available, this is something she believed was impossible to achieve.
Next year will be another special year for the Wings Scholarship program as we have three scholarship recipients from high school and two from middle school working toward graduation.  Please read on below to find out how you can sponsor a student like Yessica.

 10 Students Need Help to Continue Their Education
This year LCEF is looking for sponsors for the following students who do not have the financial means to continue on to middle school or to high school.

As a sponsor, you have a unique opportunity to make a difference in a child´s life and also to make a lifelong friend along the way. To find out more about sponsoring one of these middle school or high school students, please contact uJulie Catton at or Dean Klompas at or see our websiteour website.

High School Scholarship Candidates:

Name: Maria del Rosario

Age: 17

Grade Point Average: 9.5/10

Career Aspirations: Preschool Teacher or Nurse

Details: Maria's father is 73 years old and her mother is 63 years old. Maria`s mother works part time cleaning houses and her father is no longer working.  Maria has been forced to miss two years of school in order to work and help support her parents. Currently Maria is on track to finish middle school and would love to continue onto high school but this will only be possible with financial help. 

Name: Yadira

Age: 15

Grade Point Average: 9.7/10

Career Aspirations: Airline Manager or Professional Translator

Details: Yadira consistently ranks among the top three in her class and is very committed to fulfilling her dream of graduating from University. Yadira currently lives with her father, grandmother and sister and the family is unable to send Yadira to high school. No one in Yadira`s family has ever graduated from high school and we would love to see Yadira be the first.

 Name: Diana

Age: 15

Grade Point Average: 9.8/10

Career Aspirations: Architect

Details: Since elementary school Diane has always been in the top three of her class. Diana’s mother works in a laundromat in Melaque and her father works part time in construction and part time raising sheep.  We feel this is so important for Diana because she wants to be an independent success and show her family that education is worth the world to her.
 Name: Emily

Age: 15

Grade Point Average: 9.7/10

Career Aspirations: Forensic Doctor

Details: Emily always does her best in class and is exceptionally respectful to those around her. She constantly excels in all subjects and she is highly recommended by all her teachers. Emily’s father was a construction worker who is now injured and unable to work. Emily’s mother is currently unemployed and so the family cannot pay for high school. She would love the opportunity to continue her studies, but requires financial assistance for this to be possible.
 Name: Jacobo

Age: 15

Grade Point Average: 8.9/10

Career Aspirations: Lawyer/Bank Manager

Details:  Over the last year Jacobo has completely turned his academic career around and all the teachers would like to see him continue his studies. Unfortunately Jacobo comes from a family of five and the only income earner in the family is his father. Jacobo’s father works as a fisherman and these last years have been very difficult for the fishing industry in La Manzanilla which has left the family unable to pay for high school. A scholarship would allow Jacobo to acheive his dreams.

Middle School Scholarship Candidates:

Name: Jose Alberto

Age: 13

Grade Point Average: 9/10

Career Aspirations: Lawyer

Details: Jose’s family lives in a small shack in Boca de Iguanas with no power or running water. Jose has three siblings and his mother is awaiting another child. The message Jose has received from his parents is “get ready to work because we don’t have the money for school”. Jose needs to find financial support because he would like to pursue his education until he graduates from University. Jose has worked very hard this year and achieved well above the class average.   

 Name: Luis Angel

Age: 12

Grade Point Average: 8.9/10

Career Aspirations: Veterinarian

Details: Luis Angel has been coming to the foundation’s extra classes since grade 2 and it's hard to believe he is ready to enter middle school.  Luis wants to be the first person in his immediate family to graduate from high school and has high hopes of winning a scholarship to help pay for his education. Luis is a hard worker and a very honest and polite child.

Name: Javier

Age: 12

Grade Point Average: 9.5/10

Career Aspirations: Culinary Chef

Details: Javier has had to endure a lot at a young age. Javier’s family was broken apart three years ago in a difficult split up. Since that time, he has been living with his mother in the house of another family member.  His sister has also been in and out of his life since the breakup of his parents.  Despite all of the hardship, Javier has always achieved great things at school. He is currently in the top three of his class and attends the foundation’s programs on a regular basis.

Name: Jorge

Age: 12

Grade Point Average: 9.5/10

Career Aspirations: Teacher

Details: Jorge is a very talented young student who excels in both sports and academics. We know Jorge very well because two of his sisters are currently scholarship recipients.  Jorge comes from a family of 11 and currently is one of four siblings who live at home with their mother. Jorge’s mother supports the family cleaning houses and has always stressed the importance of education and hard work.

Name: Pedro

Age: 14

Grade Point Average: 9.8/10

Career Aspirations: Business Professional

Details: Pedro is a very bright and disciplined student that has always shown commitment to learning. Although he is the youngest of four brothers and no other sibling has ever graduated from high school, Pedro dreams of attending University.  Pedro’s father is a fisherman and Pedro’s mother sells tacos on the weekend and sells food in the middle school during the week.  Pedro has always impressed us with his excellent grades and his attendance at our Adult English Classes.  He is clearly committed to improving his life through education.

Thank You to Our Wings Scholarship Sponsors!
The Wings Scholarship program is only possible because of the truly special people who sponsor it.  Thank you to our Wings Scholarship sponsors - Universidad de Londres, Ann & Tim Edwards and family, William Albritton, Duane and Cheryl Chaves, Larry and Judy Buttress, Sylvia Brock & Paul Voelker, and Stephanie Wunner, Charlie, Barbara Vooys, Donna & Bret, and other volunteers from the Helping Hands Bookstore.
To sponsor a student for the upcoming school year, please contact  
Dean Klompas at or

La Catalina Educational Foundation, the schools and the children of La Manzanilla say, “Gracias!”