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EFT for Pets

Tip of the Month 

All animals, domestic and wild, have a strong survival instinct.  Their biggest concern is feeling SAFE in their environment.  If they don't feel safe, their health will suffer. 

Animals in the wild instinctively fight or flee when they don't feel safe.  Your pets don't usually have that option.  They are confined to a house, yard or stables and if they fight, they're scolded for being bad.

By releasing your pets' fears via surrogate EFT, you can help your animals feel safe and loved. 

If you incorporate some of the below fears into setup statements and use them in EFT routines, you can release your pets' fears and enhance their feelings of safety which leads to beter health.

Common situations that cause animals to feel unsafe:

  • New animals or humans are introduced into the environment
  • An animal or human they loved has left them
  • Humans moved them to a new home
  • Strange new noises or smells inside and outside their home
  • Their human caregiver is afraid or stressed out

Remember to tap on yourself as if you were the animal, imagining what they are thinking and feeling about the currently frightening situation.  You may even FEEL your animal's anxiety in your torso or see pictures in your mind of what frightens your pet.  Use this information to accurately aim the EFT and banish those fears!


Have you used EFT on yourself and not received the results you wanted?

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DISCLAIMER: EFT is gentle acupressure and has produced remarkable results in relieving emotional and physical distress. 


If you apply this newsletter's techniques to yourself or others, you are agreeing to take full responsibility for any side effects and/or outcomes.

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    Every disease is a result of stress.  --Dr. Norman Shealy


The fourth letter of my RICH acronym in Relax and Grow RICH is H for Health. 

The majority of my clients request help with health issues for themselves or their pets, often after having tried numerous conventional healthcare remedies.  When conventional medicine can't find a cure, negative emotions are often blocking the healing of the physical ailments.  The body is crying for help via the "dis-ease".   Having worked with people and pets on five continents, I can attest to the fact that humans may speak many different languages but their bodies speak only ONE:  the language of metaphors. 

Our shoulders and backs ache when our lives' burdens are painful to carry.  Our necks, throats, mouths or teeth hurt may hurt or become infected when congested with unspoken communication issues.  Lumps, moles, rashes and acne erupt on our skin when someone invades our boundaries and "gets under our skin".

Tapping Your Way to Perfect Health

Do you have some physical conditions you'd like to heal but aren't sure how to identify and tap away the fears blocking the body's healing?  You might find the below ideas helpful. 

  • ALWAYS consult your doctor about physical health issues but remember that your treatment is YOUR CHOICE and healthy alternatives (like EFT!) to drugs and surgeries exist if you want to experiment.

  •  Consult the books by Louise L. Hay which list common human "dis-eases" and their emotional causes, then use EFT to release the associated fear.

  • Another great reference book on this mind-body topic is "Your Body Speaks Your Mind" by Deb Shapiro, which comes with a CD to play to help you connect and communicate with your body.  Once you've identified the fears, tap them away with EFT!

  • Dowsing via a pendulum or using self-applied muscle testing are great ways to identify blocks to healing, then ensuring you tapped them down to level zero.

  • Sit quietly and ask your body what fears it is storing in the afflicted area.  You may want to mentally scan your body for any emotions locked inside the skin or other organs, then use EFT, then re-scan to be sure the emotions are gone. 

  • STOP ALL NEGATIVE AFFIRMATIONS that you may be saying to yourself or others, such as "I don’t think I'll ever heal.", "I don't know how to get rid of this condition and it's driving me crazy."

  • Does the idea of being healthy scare you a bit?  Maybe the payoff for being ill gets you more attention, more sympathy or love?  Maybe you've been ill so long that you've identified with being a victim of ill-health and don't know if you'd like a new identity?  Tap away all this mental and emotional garbage!

Live a life of HEALTH and ENERGY and help uplift the planet and the Universe with your heightened awareness!


 Create a joyful, healthy month...

... and keep on tapping! 

--Colleen Flanagan, EFT-ADV

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