Animal Holidays for January

Walk Your Pet Month.
Jan. 2 National Pet Travel Safety Day
Jan. 22 National Answer Your Cat’s Question Day
Jan. 24 Change a Pet’s Life Day

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January 7, 2018

Hello and welcome to 2018!
I hope you had a wonderful holiday season and are on track to enjoy a great new year! I look forward to bringing you more information and tips for the coming year.
On a personal note, I need to let you know why this issue of the Kitty Times is a short one. Due to the fact that I recently lost my husband, I expect to be rather busy closing some accounts, changing details on others, cleaning the house, going through shared possessions and disposing of some, paying bills and making arrangements for services.

During the coming year, I will sell our property and move to another state. I also have plans to open a feline behavior consulting service in my new location. For anyone who has not already asked, I will take all the cats here (plus the dog) with me. I will never let them down by giving them away, abandoning them, taking them to a shelter, or adopting or selling them to "just anybody." It won't be easy, but they are my family and will get the respect any beloved family member deserves. 

Health and Behavior Issues
The 10 Most Common Poisons That Affect Cats
by Dr. Lorie Huston, DVM
What are the most common cat poisons—do you know? Back in 2006, an article published in Veterinary Medicine reported "The 10 most common toxicoses in cats" based on the 10 most common feline poisons reported.
 Do You Think This is Funny?

The link below shows a cat in an uncomfortable predicament, but the narrator thinks it's funny. Please take a look, enjoy it if you like, but please be advised that this is not a fun experience for the cat. She is not in "ecstasy" as they think. As a newly minted feline behaviorist, I can tell you, this is a touchy situation. The cat is clearly frustrated as she tries to make the discomfort stop. She is well socialized with her humans, which will likely prevent an attack, unless they refuse to quit. If they can't give it up and do get bitten or scratched, they may be surprised, angry, or even decide to punish the cat. Please learn to recognize your cats' signs of discomfort and respect their need to "make it stop."

I've also noticed this website tends to use so-called funny cat videos to get traffic to their site. Unfortunately, and possibly unintentionally, they are promoting a form of cruelty to cats, under the guise of humor, exploiting cats' normal reactions to stress and teaching people that it's funny. Cats do not understand "teasing." 

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